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Chapter 1

Kagome walked around the elegant two story country house slowly, not really seeing anything around her. She had been living here for about three years after all, and had gotten fairly use to the beautiful works of art littered on the walls, the beautiful oak wood flooring, the different expensive furniture that were set in each room, cool refreshing pool in the backyard. It was all normal.

The house didn't feel any different after being away from it for two weeks. The kitchen was still one of her favorite places, her studio was still organized and her camera was tucked into its case just like she had left it.

Placing her bags by the stairs to the upper level she climbed the stairs and walked into the bedroom expecting and dreading at the same time for Oharu to be there sitting on the bed reading a book or working on his laptop. But he wasn't.

With a heavy heart and a smile plastered onto her face she walked to the nursery across the hall. It was time to face her demons, she had been to the counseling sessions and they thought she was ready. She could do this. Wiping her sweaty palms onto her Levi jeans and pulling at her white T-shirt collar in an effort to circulate the air, she walked into the nursery. Her eyes glanced at the freshly painted green walls and the teddy bears and stuffed animals in one corner, the baby cot that was still in its box just waiting to be put together. Her heart constricted painfully in her chest but she didn't break, not yet. She had to find out if it was true first.

She smiled a watery smile at the room and went to go search for Oharu when she spotted a note on top of the dresser in the nursery. She picked it up and read the only two words on the paper.

I'm Sorry.

That's it. Those two stupid words were all the bastard could find to say, and it wasn't even to her face.

For Kagome it all happened at once. The pounding in her head, the ringing in her ears, the shortness of breath, her mask of peacefulness dropping, her kicking the dresser, throwing the stuffed animals about, slamming out of the messy nursery with rage and her screaming very, very loud.


Screaming felt so good right now, for all of the hurt, the insecurities, and the killed happiness. She just screamed.

She won't be the same again, and it's all. HIS. fault!

Tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.

I glanced over at the stupid clock on the wall. It told me that I have been here sitting by the nursery door staring at nothing for over an hour. I was alone and hurting with no one to comfort me. I felt like dying right now, just a slit to my wrist, but my stupid soul forbade it, after all I didn't believe in committing suicide. If what I feel now- the emptiness, guilt, helplessness, bitter anger, the desperate need to end it all, is how the people who have committed suicide feel before they take their life then, I get you.

I couldn't take being alone much longer so I walked my lazy ass over to the telephone in my bedroom and dialed, hoping that he hasn't changed his number over the years.

"Hello?" he answered, his smooth drawl still the same after all the time that has passed.

It had been four years since I heard his voice and it still gave me goose bumps. "I need you here with me." I said no emotion in my voice. Then I hung up.

Looking over at the clock I saw that it was just gone on one in the afternoon. Tiredness washed over me and I shed my jeans and t-shirt then got into bed. I yawned and got comfortable; I'd wait for him here, when and if he came.

I woke up sometime later with a heavy pounding in my head and with a groan I turned to get out of the bed, silently cursing myself for giving myself a headache from all the screaming I did earlier. As I got out standing beside the bed I noticed the bedside clock and it read 10:32 pm. Wow I must have been really tired. I looked around the dark room back to the bed to see if he had come, but the bed was empty on the other side.

Of their own accord my eyes watered and stupid tears fell down my face. Angry at myself for crying I walked blindly toward the bathroom for some stupid pills and would have done it too if I hadn't got my foot caught up in the sheet and fell on my face.

"Fuck!" I yelled. Why can't things go my way today?

"Such language."

I picked my face up off the floor quickly. Was it him? "Inu?" I called out hesitantly.

The light clicked on in the room and I watched as black shoes walked around my bed to stand in front of me.

"Are you expecting someone else?" he asked quietly as he detangled the sheet from my ankle and picked me up, setting me on the bed.

"No, I wasn't sure if you'd come." I answered truthfully and looked at him for the first time in four years. He was even more handsome than I remembered then. He had grown taller, his hair longer, his eyes were the same gold but less innocent, his mouth was sinfully seductive and there were hard lines around his mouth. My Inuyasha had grown over the years and It seemed like all of the years weren't good to him.

"You wouldn't have called if you didn't really want me here." He replied.

I just nodded.

"You look a mess." He said a minute later as he stood up. "What were you trying to do for you to have fallen on your face?"

I laughed pathetically. "Headache." I pointed to my head.

He nodded. "Ah."

Two seconds later he came back to the bed with two pills and a glass of water and handed them to me. "What were the tears for?" he asked when I had finished.

I scrubbed at my eyes in embarrassment. "I'm okay."

He looked at me with his mouth pressed into a line, and then set the glass back in the bathroom. He saw right through my lie, but I hope he didn't press it, not tonight.

I watched him and noticed that he was still in his business suit, a ten in the evening. He must have just got in. "what time did you get here?"

He walked back into the room and went over to the door. "I got here around four. Have you eaten?"

"I'm not hungry." I replied with a sigh.

He glared at me and snapped. "You will eat."

I threw on my blue dressing gown and met him at the door. I was too tired to argue. "Okay."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at me. "You have learned to listen. That's good."

I walked past him. "on occasion." I called over my shoulder.

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