Well she got what she wanted.

Roxas examined the knife. Covered in blood and a bit duller.

Roxas knew he was insane. He never really wanted to kill her like he wanted to kill others. But...oh well.

A simple game. It was her fault. She even knew Roxas was crazy. But tried to ignore it. Even when he started acting withdrawn like before he killed someone. Even when the body was found. She never feared him.

Roxas was suddenly filled with regret. She was the only one who cared.

"Try to get me!" the dark-haired girl called. She ran down the grassy path. Looking behind her, she saw her best friend running after her. He had been withdrawn and she knew what that meant. So she tried to make him happier. The blonde boy wrapped his arms around her from behind. She giggled. The boy spun her around and kissed her. But then she felt something cold press against her neck. A sharp pain. He was going to kill her! She opened her eyes and looked at him, his face wanting to be the last thing she ever saw.

Roxas fell to his knees jabbing the knife in the ground. Tears ran down his face.


She was his only friend!

His first love!

He looked at the knife.

She could also be his last...

Smiling contently, he slid the knife across his wrist. First the left, then the right. Blood poured out of his wounds but all Roxas felt was happiness. He would get to see her again.

Lastly he cut a long line down his throat.

Suddenly, Roxas felt very tired. He crawled over to Xion's body and collapsed next to her. He reached out and took her hand.

"See you soon, Xion."