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July 2014

It was pure chaos. Bullets riddled the air, and explosions blasted from all directions. Emily Prentiss could do nothing but run and pray that she didn't get hit. She made her way through the madness, willing herself not to focus on the bodies littering the ground. She had already seen six of them, and she knew that the image was forever ingrained into her mind. The image of the lifeless bodies of Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, Kevin Lynch, Erin Strauss, David Rossi and Aaron Hotchner. They had fallen at the beginning of this hellhole, slain by a person they believed to be their friend. Betrayed by someone they trusted.

Shaking her head to clear it, Emily focused on her two tasks. Stay alive, and find the rest of her team mates. She sprinted through the destroyed halls of the BAU, praying to whatever deity out there that she wouldn't find the bodies of Jennifer Jareau and Spencer Reid,. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man that had caused this destruction, and she charged at him. He was taken by surprise as she tackled him. As they struggled, he laughed.

"You trying to get the best of me, Emily?"

"You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!"

"No." He said, as he pulled his gun and shot her. "I will kill you."

As darkness closed in on Emily's eyesight, she heard two people screaming.

Her last thought was

Thank god they're still alive.

JJ watched in horror as Emily was shot point blank in the chest. Her screams were only rivaled by those of the man strapped next to her.

The traitor got up off of the floor, smirked at Emily's prone body, and made his way to where he had tied the two remaining agents earlier.

"Finally, I get to do what I came for!" the man snarled.

"And what would that be, Jason?" Reid snarled right back.

"To kill you, of course. Why else would I strap you to a bomb?" Jason Gideon asked incredulously.

"Why are you doing this Gideon?" JJ asked with tears in her eyes "We trusted you!"

"I'm doing this because I had to." Gideon replied "I was always meant to do this."'

"Do what? Murder innocent people?" asked Reid


"What are you talking about?"JJ asked

"I changed your entire lives. I manipulated everything so that I would be in control. I organized every single victim that we couldn't save. I organized your love lives. JJ, you were never supposed to be with Will. I changed that. I organized all of the agents that have been killed in action. I. Controlled. Everything."

"You bastard!" JJ screamed, all composure forgotten. "How dare you!"

"It's all moot point now. You are all going to die." with that, Jason Gideon pressed the timer on the bomb strapped to his former colleagues and walked out the door.

The timer started to count down.







"Yeah, JJ?"

"I love you. I just thought you should know that."

"I love you too."

They both had tears running down their faces, and neither of them cared. This was the end.






As the timer hit zero, the bomb went off, and the BAU was no more.

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