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Morgan walked up the stairs towards Reid's apartment. He was worried. So many things could go wrong with their plan. If Gideon ever discovered what they were up to... Morgan shuddered. He didn't even want to entertain the possibility. He knew he was going to be haunted by his memories of what had happened on that day nearly ten years in the future. He had been helpless as he saw Penelope and Kevin brutally slaughtered, and Rossi and Hotch slain while trying to protect Strauss. It had all been in vain, though. Jason Gideon was determined to kill anybody he could. And he had succeeded.

Finally, Morgan arrived at Reid's apartment. He let himself in, and saw JJ and Reid asleep on the couch, JJ securely wrapped up in Reid's arms. Morgan could see the dried tear tracks down their faces, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that they had been crying. He didn't blame them in the slightest. From what he could gather, JJ and Reid had been the last two to die. Which meant that they had witnessed the deaths of their entire family. Morgan knew that as bad as his trauma had been, theirs was probably ten times worse. He smiled sadly, grabbed a blanket, and covered them both up. He put the keypads on the floor, and grabbed the small notepad by the phone. He scrawled a quick note, placed it near Reid's head, and left the apartment, being careful to lock the door on his way out.

Emily was wary of her surroundings. She knew that what she planned to do was risky, but she couldn't stand around and let Doyle ruin her life again. She quickly made her way to the payphone, and dialed a familiar number. It rang several times before someone finally answered.


"It's me." Emily spoke softly into the phone.

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise. What can I do for you, Lauren?"

"I need you to get a message to Jennifer Jareau, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid. You should be able to find them easily. Tell them this exactly: the youngling will be safe, as will I. The game has changed. The Easter Bunny will keep you updated."

"And what do I have to keep them updated on?"

"We need to start the final plan now."

"And you want me to tell these people that?"

"They need to be there for the take-down, Clyde. Please trust me on this."

"I'll always trust you, Lauren. But how do you know these three are trustworthy?"

Emily thought for a moment, deciding that a half-truth was better than nothing.

"I've known them for a lifetime, Clyde. I would trust them with my life."

That seemed to placate the Senior Interpol Agent.

"Very well."

"Oh, and Clyde?"


"Be discreet. They have a traitor in their midst." The last thing they needed was Gideon causing trouble. Too much was at stake.

"Lauren, you wound me. Discretion is my middle name."

"If they have a message for me, wait until I contact you again."

"Of course. Goodbye, Lauren."

As she ended the call, Emily sighed in relief. Soon, this nightmarish part of her life would be over. Hopefully, permanently this time around.

Sunlight streaming through the windows woke Reid up. He was surprised to see that he was still on his couch, and was even more surprised at the weight he felt on his chest. He looked down, and smiled as he saw JJ sleeping peacefully. Reid suddenly noticed a piece of white paper near his head. Carefully, as to not wake JJ, he picked up the note and read it in seconds.

Pretty Boy and Pennsylvania,

Got back to find you two sleeping like a cutesy couple. The keypads are on the floor by the door. Call me when you want me to install them. See you at work.


Oh, and so you guys know, I will support your relationship, no matter what happens. It took you way too long to get together last time. I'm happy for you.

"Crap!" Reid said, startling JJ in the process.

"Spence, wha-" then she remembered what day it was, and where she was. She scrambled off the couch, and looked around for her cellphone. "What time is it?"

Reid checked his watch. "Just after 7:30. If we shower here, go get you some fresh clothes, and grab breakfast on the way, we should make it by 8:30."

"I'll shower first." JJ sprinted to the bathroom, leaving Reid to make a very large pot of coffee.

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