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Sherlock wasn't sure if he should be wary or compliant at how easy Bill and John fit into his life. It was like they had always lived at Baker Street. When they had returned to the flat, Bill had patched John up for his wounds before crashing. Sherlock only remembered getting his pajama pants on before falling face first into the bed. He rolled on to his back as he woke, staring bleary eyed at the ceiling. Last night was more stressful than he thought. He heard the bed creak upstairs and figured Bill was still asleep.

Sherlock was even surprised that he had fallen asleep. He checked his mobile for the time as he grabbed his dressing gown. It was ten am. He really had slept much longer than he had expected. Sleeping until seven was his usual schedule if he slept at all. Since he was already up, he could check on Bill and John. It wasn't that he was worried or something silly like that. He was just going to observe their sleeping patterns.

Making up his mind, Sherlock headed for the staircase. He did make a small detour to hang up his coat, making a mental note to see if the feather wasn't crushed. He then walked carefully up the stairs, avoiding the creaky seventh step to stand outside the bedroom. Bill hasn't bothered to close the door like usual, betraying his tiredness. Yesterday's clothes were on the floor, leading a trail to the bed. At least he had made it under the covers in his own bed. Bill had only managed to strip down to his pants (which were a surprising shade of purple), sleeping on his face.

One of his arms hung of the side and the fringe of his hair blew up slightly as he snored softly. John had draped himself over Bill, his head nestled in the middle of his back. The sandman had his coils extended, half off the bed since he was too long to fit. A few tentacles wrapped around Bill's waist but it didn't seem to disturb his sleep. They made quite the picture. Sherlock could easily deduce how they missed each other (resting together in same space) to how they interacted with each other (touching and closeness was normal) in the few seconds he stood there. It was probably why he was startled when John opened his eyes and stared at him. A curious look was thrown his way as if to ask why he was standing there.

"Sherlock, right? Bill isn't going to wake up anytime soon. Did you need something?" John asked, settling onto his side to get comfortable.

His words seemed to snap the detective out some kind of daze. He gave a small smile as Sherlock denied he needed anything. John had been alive long enough to know Sherlock was probably just curious of him. He did wonder if he and Bill were close but last night had showed him they were just close friends. He was probably just worried for him. Plus, Sherlock looked like he could use a few more hours of sleep. John pulled his coils closer to his body to make space on the other side of the bed.

"Sleep here. I know you're curious but I'm still sleepy. We could all use some sleep." John said, nuzzling Bill's back.

Sherlock was stunned by the nonchalant gesture. Not many could stun him. Not even Mycroft could do that. He was unusually hesitant but he acquiesced once John patted the empty side of the bed. He slid under the covers and got comfortable. He couldn't help but jump as John draped some of his lower half over his legs. John only smiled and raised one of his tentacles to wave at Sherlock.

Sherlock's lips twitched slightly but he fought down a smile. That only made John laugh, shifting Bill slightly. The sleeping man's opened his eyes half way at the noise, making the two go silent. He shifted his head to see Sherlock and narrowed his eyes at him. Grumbling slightly, Bill gave him one of the pillows under his head. He was too comfortable to get under the covers.

"Glad you two are bonding. Just don't snore." he said, voice thick with sleep.

"Why are you squinting?" Sherlock couldn't help but ask.

"I don't have my contacts in, git. Far sighted. Eyesight is shit close up. Now go to sleep. You're making breakfast when we get up."


"Sleep, Sherlock. And no more antics, John."

Sherlock rolled his eyes at the thought of cooking but tried to go to sleep. John muttered something to Bill that Sherlock couldn't catch but Bill only muttered something into the pillow. He was already sleeping again. Leftover military habits probably had a hand in that. The last thing Sherlock caught before he closed his eyes was John giving him a cheeky wink. The second time he woke; he was alone and still in Bill's bed. He could hear the television on downstairs and moving around.

He really hoped that Bill was kidding about breakfast. He still had the mold cultures in one of the cupboards that he was experimenting on. Sherlock made his way downstairs to demand tea when he walked in a domestic sight. Bill had indeed made tea (and put on his pajamas), invading the sofa with John and was watching the news. Apparently he wasn't kidding about the breakfast. He had left out bread, eggs, milk and all kinds of things Sherlock didn't even realized he owned to make food. He stood in the doorway, watching the two sitting content on the couch.

He couldn't even be too annoyed as his own cup had been left steaming on the counter.

"I sterilized everything because your kitchen is a biohazard. Surprise me with your cooking skills." Bill said, his eyes not leaving the telly.

John took that time to lift his head from Bill's shoulder. "Also, I want pancakes."

Sherlock glared at the two before staring at the ingredients. He could cook (his grand mere taught him) but it was tedious. Still, he could treat it as an experiment to see what John ate. If Bill happened to get any, it would be the ruined batches that would have to go into the garbage. He focused on cooking instead, the science of it all occupying his brain.

"I believe I should get something in return for this tedious domesticity." Sherlock said as he filled a pan with pancake batter.

"And what would that be?" Bill asked as John changed the channel to some cooking show.

"How you and John met. You kept repeating how John needs to be present and now he is. So I believe I'm owed an explanation." he said.

Bill looked at John with a small frown, not sure if he wanted to say anything. John looked thoughtful but nodded. Only some of the soldiers in Bill's platoon and a few higher ups knew their story. It wouldn't hurt to tell Sherlock. He seemed like a caring it not eccentric man. He leaned on Bill as he gathered his thoughts.

"I had lost my family during the trip to my original caves in Kandahar. The trip had taken months but I returned to see you humans had built on top of it. The entrances that had been dug were gone and long-buried by the sands. I was busy digging another entrance when some of those soldiers disturbed me." John muttered with a frown.

It really was an unpleasant memory. It still gave him nightmares and a very frustrating tremor in his hand. He was usually optimistic but humans were always quick to destroy before observing. He saw the questioning look on Sherlock's face once he said they disturbed him.

"They thought I was an injured man but once they realized I wasn't, they pointed those guns at me. So I attacked them and got shot. All I remember after that unimaginable pain." John said.

Bill couldn't help but wince as he remembered he first saw John. It had been a mess. "Right well, the squad had shot John in a panic. He had attacked one of them, nearly ripped the poor lad's face off. Frankly, the lads were pissing scared they had killed an endangered species."

"Idiots. Clearly John is not an endangered species." Sherlock grumbled as he started on the bacon.

No one used their brains anymore. It was one of the stupidest things he had ever heard. That was saying a lot since Anderson was the stupidest person he could think of. Bill gave Sherlock a shrug and asked if he could continue.

"I'll admit I freaked out a bit at my first sight of John. He was much tanner and had blue blood leaking out of him like a spout. He was half dead on the table but I couldn't let him die. Especially after he was only protecting himself from what he perceived as a threat. Unfortunately, it was my knowledge and his different body structure that the best treatment couldn't be given. To make a real long story short, John woke up and thanked me. He told me what was going on, I told the general and he had to call back here. Truthfully, John's labeled under the Official Secrets Act for being a help to the country." he added.

John gave a somewhat bashful smile at being praised. He punched Bill playfully in the shoulder. "You forgot that you taught me what you know about human medicine since I'm a healer too." he laughed.

Sherlock stared at the two, ignored in favor of complimenting each other. He finished cooking breakfast and was nice enough to give both a plate full of food. John dug in right away like he hadn't eaten in a day (which was probably the truth). Bill gave Sherlock a smile but still looked over his food as if he would have poisoned him. If Bill was telling the truth, then Mycroft had to know. Of course he would keep it away from Sherlock. It was the biggest mystery he could ever encounter. If he saw him, he would make sure to give him the biggest migraine before he was done.

Though as if in a horrifying plague, his brother appeared in his doorway. He wasn't alone for once. Lestrade was there with him and seemed to be a little stressed. It looked like he didn't go home last night by the state of his clothes. He seemed very annoyed too but that didn't faze Sherlock. Too much time with Mycroft could do that. He could see Lestrade glaring at both him and Bill.

It was probably for ditching him last night without giving their statements. Didn't he get that last night was draining? That didn't stop him from glaring daggers at them. The DI barely spared at glance at John which was telling. He was probably very used to sight of such strange things since last night.

"You knew about this all along, didn't you?"

The most telling thing that confirmed Mycroft knew was how he reacted to John. He gave him the same polite nod as Bill but otherwise ignored them. Sherlock wanted to throttle him. Mycroft raised an eyebrow at Sherlock and stayed standing. At least it was reassuring that he was lingering.

"Of course. The government would have continued to be the only one knowing until your spectacle at the docks. The warehouse footage was released onto the Internet and has gone viral. Also, various creatures have been spotted internationally going to their countries of dwelling. My phone has not stopped ringing and your security clearance had to be upgraded. Again." Mycroft said with slight exasperation.

His brother was the only one he knew that could cause a huge mess in one night. The whole situation couldn't even be covered up. Mycroft had only been lucky enough to stop it from the news stations but the papers were making headline news. Sherlock rolled his eyes and sat in his armchair, grabbing his violin. He plucked the strings with a glare in Mycroft's direction. He was cross and annoyed that Mycroft of all people knew something that he didn't.

"Fine. Now get out." Sherlock snapped.

"In addition, Lestrade will be the one announcing to the world with Anthea that what is being seen is real. He also being reassigned into the head of a police mythological agency that you will participate in." Mycroft gave Sherlock a stern look, ignoring how Sherlock scoffed.

No wonder Lestrade looked so annoyed. He was getting another job (ignoring the higher pay) but he would be answering directly to Mycroft. But, he would be dealing with Sherlock on a daily basis. He was sure that he would be investing in a stress relief regimens to save his health. He muttered something about controlling Holmeses but otherwise kept silent.

"Mr. Murray, I would like to offer you a permanent job in the newest department as head doctor with your friend, John. Also, you would the official keeper and documenter of all mythological creatures. "Mycroft said calmly.

Sherlock was practically seething now. Bill was his friend, not Mycroft's lackey. He didn't even care if he had to help Lestrade. The only upside would hopefully that crimes would be more interesting. Bill had a considering look on his face. He already did both those jobs. John would also benefit since he was pretty proficient in medicine already. He leaned back so he could look Mycroft in eye. He had to admit, the resemblance between him and Sherlock was startling.

"Give me a week to think about it. I have to discuss some things with my flat mate and John." he said, chuckling at the surprised look on Sherlock's face.

He got a half smile in return which told him that Sherlock was more than happy. There was no way he was going to leave Sherlock now. There was too much fun to be had. Plus, it was more exciting to discover new creatures together than alone. Mycroft nodded and turned to get prepared to leave. Lestrade had already left and was probably waiting patiently in the car. As he set his foot out the door, he wasn't surprised that Sherlock had to have the last word.

"You wouldn't know anyone by the name Moriarty?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"They are behind the smuggling operation." Sherlock said.

Mycroft nodded but didn't say a word as he left. Sherlock waited until the door closed before turning to look at Bill. He didn't think the man would want to stay with him. Sherlock knew that he wasn't the easiest person to live with. Even before meeting Bill, he had run off a good amount people. They hadn't lasted a week. Bill was still here and was staying after the case. He wasn't sure what that said about Bill but it would an interesting experiment to see how he would last.

"Flat mate?" Sherlock said as he plucked the strings of his violin.

"Sure. My house's paid off and we can use it as a vacation home. Besides, you can't be left alone and we're friends right?" Bill said, giving Sherlock a look.

Sherlock hesitated at the word. He never had a friend before but Bill just took everything in stride. He was very laid back. Even upstairs, the man didn't shout for him leave, he didn't mind at all. He hadn't had a person that he could be so calm around. He nodded and plucked a sharp note from the instrument. He could see Bill grinning at his nod.

"Great! And you'll get to know John too. I'm sure that we'll all be good friends. I can help you find this Moriarty person too." Bill said, getting back to his breakfast.

Sherlock thought of the name and how fearful the smugglers were about messing up. He thought about how intricate a puzzle the crime had been. Working from no knowledge to the amount he gained from Bill and books had been a challenge. He still wanted to know all he could the mythological creatures he could encounter. How did one even start to look into something so staggering illogical as a myth Whoever this Moriarty person was, Sherlock was looking forward to see what else they would come up with.