This takes place several years after Harry defeated Voldemort and is an AU of Thor, where he landed somewhere else rather than New Mexico. It will be slash.

I don't own Harry Potter or Thor.

"Happy Birthday!"

Harry grinned at the yell that came from the dozen or so occupants in the room and accepted the glass Ron passed him. He suppressed a grimace at the burn of firewhiskey.

"Ron…" Hermione looked mildly disapproving.

"What? It's his birthday, Hermione. We can loosen up a little bit."

"Right," Harry said, draining the rest of his drink and smiling genuinely at his friends. Somehow, Hermione had managed to keep this little surprise party between friends. He glanced around the room and stopped short when he spotted one person in particular.

"Hermione." His tone was frustrated and he caught Ron's guilty look before he turned quickly away.

"What?" Hermione was trying way too hard to look innocent and Harry glared at her.

"What is he doing here?" He asked, staring at the man across the room.

"Oh, well. I just thought…we could all use more friends, right?" She said with a shrug.

"Right," Harry grumbled when he saw that the guy was making his way over to them. "That's why you invited him."

The man's name was Aiden and he worked in the ministry. Harry had made the mistake of telling Hermione a week ago that he thought the guy was cute, which apparently meant that she just had to set them up.

"Hi, Harry," Aiden stopped in front of him, smiling.

"Hi." Harry saw Hermione dragging Ron away out of the corner of his eye.


An hour later, Harry had decided that he was never going to tell Hermione anything ever again. While Aiden was a good looking guy, Harry had come to the conclusion a mere twenty minutes after starting a conversation with him, that he was more arrogant than Draco Malfoy.

"So, what do you think?"

"Huh?" Harry tuned back in at the question. He hadn't exactly been paying attention, zoning out while the man rambled about what he did for the ministry.

"The date? You'll be there, of course?" There was nothing but confidence in his expression and he seemed not to notice that Harry hadn't even heard him ask for a date. He was acting like it was a given, like it wasn't possible for Harry to disagree.

"You know, how about I get back to you on that," Harry said, glancing around for an out. "I think I'm going to go say hello to a few people." Harry practically ran from the man, not seeing the outraged expression that he received.

"You are not allowed to set me up ever again," Harry whispered fiercely to Hermione as soon as he found the girl.

"What? But he…"

"Not allowed," Harry stated firmly. Hermione frowned but Harry ignored it, instead opting for finding something to drink again.

The rest of the night went rather well. Harry did like most of the people there, after all. He didn't see Aiden again and was hoping the man had given up and gone home. Harry got the feeling he'd never been rejected before.

Harry was feeling pretty good by the time he was ready to go home. He hadn't drunk enough to be drunk but he'd gotten enough to have that pleasant feeling in-between being drunk and sober.

"You should still try harder," Hermione said to him when she hugged him goodbye.

"Hermione." His voice held warning and, knowing her, she wasn't scared by it but she still relented.

"Alright. I will not try to set you up again."

"Thank you." He waved to the people left in the room before heading out, towards his own home.

His home was situated pretty far out. He'd bought it just for that reason. His closest neighbor wasn't even within walking distance. When Harry got off the Knight Bus and started towards the door of his home, it was rather late.

He'd almost gotten inside, even had the front door open, intent on passing out as soon as he reached either his couch or bed when it happened. Light illuminated his house, his yard. The wind picked up a second later, and it was strong. Harry stumbled back a few steps, nearly falling down.

It was too the side of his house and Harry, bracing himself with one hand on the wood, started around. If someone asked later, he would have a hard time describing it. Maybe he'd describe it as a tornado with flashes of lightening.

It stopped as fast as it had started, leaving some sort of round design on the ground and in the center…a man? He wondered a moment if someone had slipped something into his drinks at the party and he squeezed his eyes shut for a second. But when he opened them, the man was still there and Harry went over, leaning over him.

The man's eyes were closed and Harry's gaze trailed up and down the man. Huh. Pretty, was the first thought that entered his mind through the shocked daze. Then the man opened his eyes and, for several seconds, he simply lay there with Harry leaning over him.

Harry was forced to take a couple of steps back when the man abruptly sat up and then got to his feet. Harry stumbled back more when he began yelling at the sky, saying several words that Harry had never heard before.

Well, he did just fall from the sky. Harry blinked. Maybe he was dreaming. He'd had dreams like it before. Only this guy was fully clothed, and he looked closer to punching something rather than pushing Harry against the nearest hard surface and-

"You!" The guy turned to him, cutting off the thought. "What realm is this?"

"Realm?" Harry repeated, finally coming out of the daze and wondering if he should draw his wand from the holster on his wrist. The man fired off several more words that Harry didn't know.

"Uh…are you an alien?" Harry managed to get out finally, the words sounding ridiculous even to him. But the guy had fallen from the sky.

"I am Thor."

"Thor," Harry repeated. He shook his head, some of the shock coming back. "Some birthday."