Lines in italics are the ones I took directly from the movie.


Harry might have laughed when he heard. Apparently the appearance of Thor's Mjolnir had been the talk lately. It had even made the news with people comparing it to the story of Arthur and the sword in the stone. He might have laughed because they would have heard about its appearance a lot sooner if Harry hadn't been magical and kept up with the muggle world.

He might have laughed if it hadn't been for what they'd found when they'd gone to the location the people in the diner had given Thor. As it was, Harry had taken one look at the way the area had been blocked off by what looked like the military and tried to pull Thor away immediately. Thor, of course, fought against that decision.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, frustration in his voice. "You're not just going to walk in there."

"I am," Thor argued, straightening to his full height and smiling like he didn't see the problem with that plan. "Mjolnir is there. I must."

"You won't get anywhere near it if you just bust in there. You'll just get yourself arrested."

"Do you have another suggestion?"

Harry tilted his head as he thought about it. "Of course I do."


"So?" Harry held up the invisibility cloak with a bright smile and Thor simply stared.

"What is this?"

"It's…something we can use." He studied Thor speculatively for a moment. "Well, I don't know about you. You're kind of huge but it'll work for me. I can cast a few spells on you that will keep them from seeing you unless you're screaming in their faces."

"How can we use a simple cloak?"

Harry's grin widened and then he threw it around himself momentarily. "That is very impressive," he said reaching out to catch the material between his fingers after Harry had taken it off again.

"I know. Hey, I got it when I was eleven. I lived without magic when I was a child so all this was pretty astounding. I'm also working it out. I can't risk exposing magic but I think it'll be alright if we're careful."


Harry nodded, chewed his lip a moment. "So…what'll happen after?"


"I mean, you said you'd get your power back if you got it back, right? Does that mean you'll leave? Go…home?"

"I suppose I will be able to," Thor said with a slight frown. "I will need to settle matters with my father."

"Right." Harry looked away and then started around him, going to get his wand from the table. Thor stopped him, however, with a hand on his arm and turned him back.

"If I leave..." He traced his fingertips across Harry's cheek bone. "…I will return."

Harry's smile returned and he pulled the big man down into a short, fierce kiss.


It wasn't hard breaking in. Easy enough that Harry wondered if Thor's original plan of barreling his way inside would have worked. In any event, it wasn't long after they'd set the plan in motion that he was watching a nearly invisible Thor walk towards a hammer.

Nobody would see him unless they specifically knew where he was and Harry braced himself as he watched Thor reach for the hammer. His insides clenched even. He'd heard what Thor had said earlier, but it wasn't as if they'd known each other for years or something. Why would he come back? He didn't have to worry, however.

Nothing happened.

Thor grasped the hammer, and nothing happened. It didn't budge from its spot. Not when he first tried to lift it and not when he wrapped both his hands around the handle. It took Harry a moment to realize how much worse this was.

The scream that escaped Thor when he was unable to lift it, a mix of rage and despair….the expression on his face. Harry was frozen for several seconds under his cloak, his own stomach turning before he surged forward, grabbed Thor's arm and apparated them both back to the safe house.


"Are you alright?" Harry stood in front of Thor, unsure of what to do. He'd sat down in the chair facing left wall of the house and hadn't moved since. Harry was unsure of how to comfort him, of what he could say.

"Thor?" Harry reached for him, put his hands on the side of Thor's neck and the man finally looked up at him, and then straight past him.


Harry dropped his hands and spun, and then his mouth dropped open in surprise at the sight before him. There was a man, tall with dark hair and wearing strange clothes. He'd appeared out of nowhere.

"How'd you…?" Harry trailed off, blinking and when Thor grabbed a hold of his arm and moved him so that he was standing beside the chair the big man was still sitting in, Harry stumbled along with it, still in shock.

"I had to see you," the dark hair man stated, completely ignoring Harry's reaction to the sight of him. But Harry's mind was racing. Nobody should have been able to enter the house without his express permission.

The wards were strong. Strong enough that they should have been able to keep anyone out. Well, no ward was unbreakable but Harry was sure that it would take quite some time to break down these ones.

"What's happened? Tell me, is it the Jotunheim?" Thor, on the other hand, seemed not so surprised that his brother had appeared the way he had. "If I could explain to Father-"

"Father is dead," the statement was blunt and it stopped Thor cold. Harry blinked himself and stopped trying to figure out how Loki had gotten in. Instead, he reached for Thor, his gut churning.

"What?" The one word that escaped Thor's mouth was choked stunned and Harry squeezed his shoulder.

"Your banishment, the threat of a new war. It was too much for him to bear. You must not blame yourself. I know that you loved him. It tried to tell him so but he wouldn't listen. It was so cruel to put the hammer within your reach knowing that you could never lift it. The burden of the throne has fallen to me now."

"Can I come home?"

Harry's grip on Thor tightened at that question and his chest ached. He didn't say anything, however. He wouldn't.

"The truce with the Jotunheim is conditional upon your exile."

"Couldn't we find a way-"

"Mother has forbidden your return. This is good-bye, brother. I am so sorry."

The man really did look sorry and Harry suddenly felt like he was intruding something that he shouldn't be seeing but Thor had reached for him at these words and he was unwilling to leave at the moment, not at the look on the big man's face, not at the tears.

"No. I am sorry. Thank you for coming here."

Finally, Loki turned his dark eyes on Harry. "You will take care of him?"

Harry nodded a little numbly. "Of course."

Loki was gone just as fast as he'd appeared. Harry immediate stepped back in front of Thor afterwards. Several tears had escaped and there was an anguished look on his face. Harry had a moment of indecision before he stepped forward and then settled himself in Thor's lap, wrapping his arms tightly around the man's neck.

Thor was still for several moments then he wrapped his arms tightly around Harry as well, burying his face in Harry's shoulder. They sat like that for a long while. Neither of them spoke.


Harry woke on half on top of Thor. His head was resting on the man's chest. For a moment, Harry lay still, smiling a bit. He definitely liked the feeling of waking up like that. Then he remembered the day before and a frown formed on his face.

Thor had been mostly silent after the visit from his brother and Harry had been very worried. He didn't really know what to think about Loki as the visit had been short and the man had barely spoken to him but he knew that what Thor thought of him. And the fact that, according to Loki, Thor was stuck on Earth…

Okay, so Harry had been a little bit scared when Loki had first shown up, scared that he'd come to take Thor back with him. And he'd felt horribly guilty when he felt that tiny shot of relief that that hadn't been the case, especially when Loki had told Thor that their father was dead.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts when Thor shifted and stirred. Harry lifted his head. "Hey," he said when the man opened his eyes.

Thor placed his hands on either side of Harry's face and brought him close for a kiss. "I wish to thank you."

"Why?" Harry asked with a frown.

"You have made my time here seem very easy." There was still some of that sadness in his eyes from the night before but he still brought Harry back down for a deeper kiss, one that lasted longer.

Harry shifted so that he was completely on top of the man, his legs straddling Thor's hips and. After a minute, Thor turned them so that he was hovering over Harry.

"It would seem that I am stuck here indefinitely," he said softly.

"I know. I'm sorry." Harry chewed his lip, something twisting in his chest. As much as he wanted to keep Thor, as much as he loved having the man there with him, he hadn't wanted at the cost Thor had paid.

"I would like to stay with you for the time I am here. Would that be acceptable?"

Harry grinned. "More than." Then he wrapped his arms around Thor's neck and brought him down for another kiss. It lasted longer than the last one and Thor pressed his body as close as he could. Harry's hands found their way under the man's shirt and he trailed his finger tips over the muscles of Thor's abdomen.

When Thor gripped his waist in one hand, his thumb brushing over the skin there where Harry's shirt had ridden up, he had a momentary thought that they were about to take things a lot further than they had before.

Then someone knocked on his door, loudly.

Thor pulled back immediately and Harry groaned, sitting up and looking down at himself. Thor stood, holding out a hand for him to take. Whoever it was at the door was persistent, still knocking and Harry grumbled as Thor pulled him to his feet.

"We will have time later," Thor said, seemingly amused at the expression on Harry's face. Still, Harry couldn't help but to jerk the door open with a little more force than necessary.


"Hey, Harry." Ron's gaze drifted briefly to Thor, standing behind Harry but a head taller. Ron nodded to him as well.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked, even as he let his friend inside.

"I'm here because of Malfoy, actually." Ron grimaced.

"Malfoy? You guys find out what was supposedly controlling him?"

"Not exactly." He gave Harry an apologetic look. "He wants to talk to you. In fact, he's refusing to talk to anyone but you at this point."

"What? Why?"

Ron shrugged. "But I got sent over here for this. They want you to talk to him."

Harry sighed, crossed his arms. "…alright."

"Harry…" One large hand landed on his shoulder and he glanced up at Thor's worried expression.

"It'll be fine," Harry stated. "He's being held at the ministry, surrounded by aurors. Sides, if I can get out of him who was behind this maybe we can go back home soon."


Harry hesitated briefly outside of the room they were keeping Malfoy in. He'd convinced Thor to let him come alone; convinced him that going to the ministry would only cause them both all sorts of problems.

Malfoy was sitting at the far end of the table in the room when he entered. "Malfoy," Harry greeted, taking the other seat.

"Potter." Malfoy's lips twitched, almost into that old familiar smirk.

"Never thought I'd be your one phone call."


Harry only rolled his eyes. "What do you want?"

"It wasn't me," Malfoy finally blurted out. "Well, it was but it wasn't."

"I already heard that part. You know who it was?"

"Not exactly. But I do know it wasn't a wizard."

Harry blinked, frowned. "What?"

"Look, Potter, I don't know who you've been hanging out with lately but this guy didn't send me to kill you. This wasn't even really about you. I remember that much." He paused and pulled a piece of folded parchment out of the pocket of his robes. "I do remember what he looked like now."

Harry unfolded it. It was a drawing. A drawing of a man. A man he recognized from the one time he'd seen him. Harry stood slowly, dread forming in his chest.

"You know who that is don't you?"

Harry didn't answer the question. Instead he bolted from the room, sprinting towards the apparition point, cursing the whole way.