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Planet Mobius, Northamer. In northern-most parts of Mobius the city of New Mobotropolis was doing alright. As it always had been since its creation, many years had passed and the fighting had pretty much stayed the same. Eggman attacked, and they defended. Intelligence battles between other factions never ended, and their disagreements with their own allies persisted. What had changed were the Freedom Fighters, they were no longer teenagers fighting against tyranny. They were now in their late teens, young adults, still fighting the never-ending war.

The biggest change in them was; besides Bunnie and Antoine, none of them were involved in a relationship. All the charm of courtship was quickly washed away as they grew older. With real life revealing all the ugly challenges of an actual relationship, they had all begun rethinking their stance on them. Showing how little they had in common, with each other and those they had sought out. So they retreated back into close friendships, caring less about such things as they grew older. Realizing that they were maturing, that things that they had deemed and thought were important, were not and just over blown nostalgia; with love being the most overrated. They were becoming more comfortable with their selves; they were becoming adults.

Sonic the Hedgehog, sitting in the towns square was fighting another day of tedium. It was getting late in the evening, and the sun was getting ready to set. The bench Sonic sat on was uncomfortable, but he didn't care to move. Slumping on the bench he let out a large groan; making citizens within the area that walked pass him stare in confusion. He sat back up on the bench caught up in thoughts, thinking of something he could do, so he wouldn't be sitting around like he had been lately; and since he got older. Oh sure the battles still happened but that was the problem. They just didn't happen often anymore….the fights against Eggman…only occasionally now. Sonic got up from the bench and headed straight to Castle Acorn, hoping that maybe Sally had got news of some trouble or just some menial errand, just so he wouldn't be sitting around.

In a few minutes, he had made his way to Castle Acorn and made his way inside. Everyone around him ignored him; busy doing something around the castle. He started searching for Sally on the main floor. While he looked around his bored mind began wandering again. Eggman hadn't pulled anything lately and Sonic was itching for some action. Unfortunately, the only action he got was waking up in the morning and going for a walk.

He looked around for Sally for a minute or two longer, but she wasn't anywhere on the first floor; just castle employees. So he headed to the control room on the second floor. As he walked up the stairs, he thought of going to hang with Tails or Amy if Sally or Nicole didn't have anything. Quickly, he made his way to the second floor and found Sally talking to Nicole from the big computer screen. Rotor was also in the control room; sitting behind a computer not too far away busily typing away. The rest of the control room was completely empty though.

Sonic walked right in "Yo." he said with a neutral expression.

He got both Sally and Rotors attention "Hey." Sally said smiling.

Rotor turned his attention back to his computer screen "Hey Sonic."

Sally grabbed Nicole's hand held form from the desk she was standing next to "Are you ready to go Nicole?" she asked the big computer screen.

"Yes, my work has just-completed Sally." Then Nicole spoke from her hand-held form "I am ready." Sally held her up in acknowledgement.

"So what brings you by Sonic?" Sally asked curiously, letting her arm fall to her side.

"Did you find out if anything was going on?" Sonic asked her impatiently.

Which made Sally laugh a bit "No and I'm not looking anymore; everything is…fine today…" she said not even believing herself.

"But it hasn't been just today; this has been going on for months." Sonic whined.

Which spurred Sally to giggle again "I know you like to be on the move but there's nothing going on today. Just…you know…relax…" Sally couldn't suppress her laugh at how irritated Sonic looked.

Sonic began to look grumpier "Well is there anything else I can do? Deliver some papers or something?" Sonic asked looking desperate.

Sally crossed her arms amused "Well…" she teased.

Sonic's face brightened as she continued "….You could take me out to dinner…."

Sonic's face dropped, and Sally burst into laughter briefly patting Sonic on the shoulder as she made her way out of the room; she giggled "I'm sorry for teasing you. Just relax Sonic, enjoy this free time while you can."

Sonic turned to look at her go with a small glare, responding in defeat "I'll see you later Sal…"

Sally smiled brightly back at him once more before she disappeared from his sight. Sonic sighed and walked over to the telephone on the desk near Rotor. Rotor glanced at him as he dialed two numbers and got no response from either.

Sonic looked to Rotor "Rotor? Have you seen Tails?" he said raising an eyebrow.

Rotor kept his eyes on the screen "Not today…its…been slow…" he said distractedly.

Sonic groaned "Well, I'll just go and see what they're up to." Sonic said with more enthusiasm.

Rotor remained quiet as Sonic ignored him; without saying another word he dashed out of the control room. Rotor did chuckle; Sonic was so impatient today he was losing it. However, Rotor was so engrossed with his computer, he didn't even notice that an hour had passed when Sonic returned to the control room looking just annoyed as he did when he left.

To which Rotor responded by glancing at him with his stoic expression "No luck huh?"

Sonic grumbled and grabbed a chair with wheels from another desk and pushed himself back over to Rotor "Tails wasn't home…" Sonic said as he began spinning in the chair with his brows knotted in annoyance.

"I noticed you called someone else." Rotor said still distracted.

"Amy wasn't available either…" Sonic pushed himself around in random directions.

"You must be really bored to go looking for Amy." Rotor joked never tearing his eyes away from the computer screen.

This time Sonic remained quiet as he spun around Rotor in his chair. He had looked all over for Amy and Tails, and they were no were to be found. The Tornado was gone so he guessed that might be were Tails was. Amy was probably out shopping; she was usually easy to get in contact with. Sonic groaned out loud in the empty control room, and his voice echoed off the walls.

Sally and he had broken up some time ago, and though she never entered another relationship with another suitor. She and Monkey Khan had been doing things together over the years. Sally and himself just had too many disagreements on his position in life. Sally still wanted him to come out of the field and stop fighting since they were getting older. Going even so far to suggest becoming royalty to stand by her. He declined and thing's kind of went downhill from there.

Sonic pushed himself across the room again and back next to Rotor still wondering if he had made the right choice. He just couldn't be tied down to a life of rules, he hated just the idea of it. Though Sally was still the same, she was such a tease that he almost felt sorry for Khan. She had been stringing him along for some time now…he still felt a bit jealous about Kahn though.

Sonic then pushed his chair directly next to Rotor, taking a look at what Rotor was doing. Sonic raised an eyebrow in confusion "What are you doing?"

Rotor spoke distractedly "It's a game…an online game..."

Rotor took a second to glance at Sonic's annoyed face; he chuckled "Everyone has something to do but me…"

Rotor laughed feeling sorry for Sonic "You know what, I actually have some leftover business that has just been sitting around."

Sonic instantly brightened and Rotor closed his game and opened a folder on the desktop. It contained many long, and to Sonic, boring documents. As Rotor began to read through them, Sonic's boredom increased again. The documents held a lot of diplomatic business which Sonic knew nothing about and smaller things like getting small businesses to sign some documents. Sonic was just about to get up and leave when Rotor mentioned something that had nothing to do with the latter that he had been talking about.

"Here's something that's a bit off topic. New Mobotropolis scientist with the help of Nicole found a cure for N.I.D.S. a few years ago. New Mobotropolis has treated the disease in fifty two patients in the last few years. People come from all around Mobious to get the treatment." Rotor paused reading over the documents as Sonic lazily was slipping off his chair "All of the treatment specifications are actually in this document…well that's not really work for you to do Sonic..." Rotor said closing the document.

Sonic sat back up in his chair "Hey…doesn't...uhh...whats her face have that…" Sonic said in a disinterested tone; a bored look on his face.

"I don't know anyone who has N.I.D.S." Rotor said confused.

"Open that thing you just closed…you know…Bunnie's Anti..." Sonic said spinning in his chair yet again.

Rotor blinked after thinking for a moment "Yeah, your right. I totally forgot about her...what are you suggesting Sonic?" he said finally turning around to Sonic.

Sonic stopped spinning and shrugged "I don't know, maybe I could take her the cure…it's something to do."

Rotor looked skeptical "I don't know Sonic; she's evil; literally."

"You know I probably forgot to mention this, but…it's kind of my fault she developed it." Sonic said in a sheepish manner.

Rotor looked shocked "How'd you do that?"

"I threw her and Princess Alicia into some kind of sludged up lake when I saved Antoine from the Antis. The Doc filled me in on the details but what I remember is kind of murky." Sonic frowned at Rotors look of surprise "I was saving Antoine, plus it was an accident. I didn't know that would happen." Sonic sighed completely bored at this point.

Rotor then shrugged "I guess she was asking for it." he said dismissively "And she did help us last time we saw her…." Rotor paused looking Sonic seriously in the eyes "Your call Sonic."

"I'll take her the stuff, anything to get me moving again." Sonic said wheeling his chair next to Rotor again.

Rotor nodded and his face became neutral "Alright, I need to talk to Sally and get authorization to use the star post. I also have to call Dr. Kintobor and let him know what's going on." Rotor said looking back to the computer screen.

Sonic then smiled brightly, jumping up from his seat "Alright! Let's do this!" he exclaimed in a happy tone.

Rotor looked at him with an eyebrow raised in confusion as he restarted his game "What? Now?"

Sonic spoke in a subdued tone and the smile slowly fell from his face to a look of nervousness "…yeah…" he said knowing what Rotor was about to say.

"It's late, tomorrow Sonic." Rotor grinned merrily turning his attention back to the computer.

Sonic tugged on his ears with a distressed face. The sound of his voice could be heard throughout the entire castle as he yelled in boredom at the top of his lungs; making people in the castle stop in confusion at the strange noise. All the while, Rotor began explaining to him the specifics of his online game; since Sonic had nothing else to do.

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