Whew! Another story down. I hope you readers enjoyed the epilogue cause I think it certainly feels like closure. I didn't want to leave the final chapter as I did and I certainly felt the epilogue ended the story completely. I hope you didn't find it to be boring because it wasn't as epic as other parts of the story. And that's partly to do with Buns not being such an epic character herself. Not having any powers and being regular was difficult to write. But as I have in previous stories I wanted to give my readers a little more clarity and detail to understand the story better before you part.

So first the reason why the story is titled Nothing in Return is because of a few reasons actually. Over the course of writing this story more than one general theme evolved and took place. This story is a rewrite of my original and very first story I ever wrote on this site with a somewhat similar name.

But the original theme of the story revolved around Buns and her character having nothing. And other themes like her desperation came into play as I wrote it but, following her circumstances in the comic of being sick and whatever. Being betrayed by her team and all, I felt a good story could be formed around this character being abandoned and betrayed. Also because I thought Buns and Sonic could have chemistry. One could assume she had nothing because of what happened to her in the comic.

But the main reason and what the story is about Buns having nothing. Nothing to give in return when Sonic unintentionally helped her. Nothing to lose or to gain. Just a character who was a void of emptiness. You get it? Buns had Nothing in Return for the help she received; nothing to give. Nothing in her life because of all the bad choices she made. Powerless to even give or take because had nothing. That's what it's mostly about.

Others themes like her desperation played well with this and just fell into place. Her desperate act in seeking out Sonic because she had nothing. Another theme was boredom and how sometimes we take things for granted. You don't know how good something is till it's gone. Like in the beginning Sonic was bored but when he got in trouble with Buns he wished he was bored again. And when Buns thought about wanting peace and quiet after traumatic events she'd been through. You might be bored sometimes but take a moment to look at what you have and appreciate it. It could be a lot worse. Or something worse could happen and you could get in trouble, or get into a horrible situation. Then you would wish for peace and not to be in trouble anymore and wish you were safe and bored.

Another theme about Nothing in Return was looking at it in the opposite direction. Giving without wanting or wanting more. Not being greedy.

I think there was some other stuff but I think it was minor; the above is mainly what the story was about. Also Buns character in general was fun to write with her being such a naughty personality. I tried to emulate a lot of what I had originally written her as in my original story. One more thing, I really didn't like many peoples portrayal of Buns in the limited bits I'd seen.

I tried my best to keep her in the characterization that I chose. Because every version I've seen portrayed this character as a moralless slob. Where she's just overly promiscuous and exaggerated in all aspects of her character. Even I'm guilty of that in my original writing. I thought it was silly to characterize her as being so moralless when the other antis aren't. So the many people making her so overly exaggerated in her promiscuity I felt was horrible writing of this character. I characterized Buns just like the other antis in the Suppression Squad in the comic. Because if they aren't portrayed as so over the top chances are Buns isn't either. Even though they never interacted much because Buns got sick, the bad characterization of Buns kinda ruined her character. I hope I made her more…dignified I could say…

She had great chemistry with Sonic too IMO. I'll leave this off by saying I had a lot of twist and turns writing this story. There are other things I could talk about with the story but I won't bore you and I don't think anyone cares.

Especially since I'm writing about such an obscure character. I did it again…wrote a 100,000 word story on a character that appeared in just a few pages of a comic book with talking animals. Yep, I still feel silly writing this stuff. But at least for this story I am more proud that I finished my first original plot and story that I ever conceived. And it came out pretty good. Too bad many people won't care and or laugh at this if they see it. But hey, I hoped those of you who did enjoy it had fun reading. I'll see you around; I still have a few things left to finish. Later.