Hi, I'm Wisteria Allgood. What that Patterson guy wrote is a lie. Whit and I haven't succeeded, yet. The One is still out there, and he's hunting you, your family, anyone who reads this. I can't tell you anything more, but know that your life is in danger, and The One isn't all he's cracked up to be.


I woke up to an early morning sun. I couldn't believe I had that dream again. It's where Wisty is saying we haven't succeeded, which we haven't. Or maybe I should say that I haven't. Wisty disappeared in one of the many realms. I don't know where she is or how to find her. I just hope she's safe in one of those alternate realms.

I got up and snuck out of the current Resistance stronghold. I couldn't let them see me like this. I was the leader this week and I don't need to be discouraging them. It was still early morning when I left. I just planned on walking around a bit, not what came to meet me. I looked around at the loud BAM that I heard. There had been an explosion only a few feet away from me but somehow, I had been unhurt. I saw someone in the explosion. I ran over to them as the flames died, only to see that they had disappeared. Who were they? Somehow, they had saved me.

I turned and went back to the stronghold.


I went over to Althera's room. Althera was a girl I met when I had come here. I still don't know what realm I'm in, only that they love people who can do real magic and not cheap tricks. We had played around with my abilities a bit. When I walked into Althera's room I saw her lying dead in her room. I was so enraged that I burst in to flames. In my blinding rage I saw my surroundings flash to a different area and I saw flames that were about to lick at a boy I knew. I couldn't tell who it was through the flames, but he was vaguely familiar. I absorbed the flames before flashing back to Althera's dimension.

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