Whit POV

I went through the portal, only to see a flash of red and then a flash of blonde. The two people were running away from something. Then I heard the sound of the Lost Ones. Celia ran to them. Next thing I knew, she was sending them away.

"WHIT!" she called.

"What?" I asked as I walked up to her. I saw Wisty with a boy about her age, "WISTY! I was wondering what happened to you!"

"I'm only here to help Alteron. Otherwise, I would still be in his dimension," she said.

"Wisty? Alteron?" someone said from behind me.

"ALTHERA!" Wisty and the boy (whom I assume was Alteron) shouted.

"What are you doing here?" Althera asked.

"We were sent to get some more of that resource sti-styg-what's it called?" Alteron asked.

"Stygian. Stygian is the correct word for it. Anyways, come with me. I'll help you find it since I know where the deposits are."

They left with me on their heels. I don't know how I would get Wisty to come back, she clearly loved it with Alteron and his buddies.