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Among the staff of the SGC Daniel Jackson was known as a linguist and archeologist and one of the members of SG-1 the team that was usually sent on first contact missions because they had such a high success rate and because they were specially suited to almost any situation and had a knack for surviving just about anything that had happened to them so far.

What they didn't know though was that Daniel Jackson was not his true name. He had changed his name along with his looks years ago just as he was becoming an adult because he didn't want to remember all that had happened to him over the years. He wanted to start fresh where people only knew who he was because of his own merit.

So he had gone to college and become an archeologist and linguist because anyone who knew the old him would never guess that he was smarter than what they thought. He had done what he had to do to get away from the heartache that was caused by the love of his life rejecting him when he was at his most vulnerable.

And so he had become one of the leading Egyptian archeologists before he posted his assumptions about the pyramids of Egypt and his credibility among the other archeologists took a sharp dive.

But in all almost no one knew that Daniel Jackson used to be the one and only Percy Jackson.

Author's Note: I got this idea for a story when I was looking in the crossover section and realized that both Percy and Daniel had the same last name and that it could be easily turned into a crossover. I apologize for how short this was and hope to be able to make it longer as time goes on. I hope you enjoyed reading this and will review it. Come on just press the shiny highlighted blue button. You know you want too!