Hey guys. sorry about this only being an author's note and i hate the fact that it is but its the only way i have to let you know that i do plan on continuing this story. I have no excuse for why i haven't updated in so long other than that life kicked my ass and im finally starting to recover. I plan on getting on my way with the next chapter as soon as possible but please feel free to remind me every now and then. I have a very big problem with getting distracted. I will do my best to expand on details but i'm not the best at that.

I have to thank Black Ace 0 who took it upon himself/herself(not exactly sure which) to send me a PM which i just got around to checking. I will get at least one chapter out soon but then i have to get back around to watching all the seasons of Stargate sg:1 so that i can decide at what point i want to start this at. i will take your opinions into consideration about where you think a good point would be. I am most likely to pair daniel/percy with Sam because i am personally attracted to her but i will take opinions about that into consideration as well. Do you think i should start from the beginning? or later on in the series? if later on then at what season do you think is a good point? Also I am thinking about making daniel ascend sooner than in the show what is your opinion on this?

I am grateful for every opinion i get as it helps me better shape the way my story goes. this does not mean i will change everything just because someone doesn't like it but it does help me know what you like.

Once again I apologize for only having an authors note after all this time.

This is Tanis19. that's all folks...wait sorry wrong one. until next time I await your reviews and i promise not to have such a long absence