Another story for my Jason cheats on Piper story series, this one's called Rumour Has It (after the Adele song), and it is also partially rewritten so hopefully it's a bit better. I'm going to try and rewrite all of my stories at some point because they're short and awfully written.


Piper's POV

I don't want to live anymore, my dad got a really good job far away and I offered to stay at 'school' until he was ready to come back or I graduated. I thought it would be fun staying with my best friends but that all changed yesterday.

Flashback (yesterday)

"Hey Leo do you know where Jason is" Leo started to itch the back of his neck awkwardly "I think he's on the beach he'll be back soon "he said almost nervously, something was up and I was determined to find out what, quickly and quietly I crept down to the beach. Hiding behind a tree I gasped, there making out with some slut rolling around in the sand, was my BOYFRIEND, Jason Grace. Being an Aphrodite girl I was highly protective of those I loved meaning being cheated on was the second worst thing that could ever happen to me topped only by a loved one dying. "You disgusting person, Jason Grace" I ran out from my hiding place screaming "Pipes, ummm well it's not what it looks like" desperately trying to excuse himself, and desperately failing. Leo didn't want me to see them together; he was trying to help him. My only friends gone. Poof! There was nothing left for me anymore, I had to leave. As I sprinted off, I never turned back once.

End of flashback

Now I'm all alone in the amphitheatre with my suicide note in my pocket, I can't take it anymore. I know I probably sounded like one of the whiny teenagers of the soap operas I hate so much, but life is just too much. My only friends had spread a rumour around camp that I had cheated on Jason first, so everyone kept glaring at me and calling me a slut, even the people that I thought were my closest friends had ditched me and joined in the torment. My dad probably wouldn't realise I was gone until it was in the gossip magazines. I'd rather be dead than live like this, bullied and belittled by the people I used to call friends. With that determined thought buried deep in my mind, I grabbed Katropis and prepared to stab. Suddenly the wind picked up and I could smell faint notes of rose and pine needle as the floated away in a flash of silver and pink.

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