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Rumor Has It

Aphrodite's Assassins

Gods in Training

Truth about Alaska

House of Sisterhood


After I regained my vision I was simply to say, shocked. I was sat on a luxurious rose-coloured loveseat in a large and specious room covered in swirling floral pattern, beneath my feet there was a soft and lush white carpet. Opposite me mounted on the wall was the largest TV I had ever seen. It took up an entire wall. The TV was directly above a just as big ornate marble fireplace crackling with hot pink flames.

After seeing the strange flames realisation dawned in my mind that I was, for some bizarre reason, inside my mother's temple on Olympus. "The flames of love" a rich and creamy voice called from outside the door, startled and fearing it was a monster trap, I flung my head round, to my surprise instead of a monster it was something just as bad my mother herself floated in followed by the scent of roses and vanilla.

Today she had long platinum blonde hair that swished around and crystal blue eyes, just like Jason, with a deep pang in my heart I remembered her appearance often resembled the one you love, so she resembled Jason. I knew I wasn't over him, the arrogant prat. As I resolved my mental struggle I realised her appearance was changing dramatically again. Now she had bouncy deep brown almost black corkscrew curls, tanned skin and deep chocolate eyes, I know why she had changed but it wasn't really a matter of importance. "Hello, honey" she cooed at me in a tone that reminded me strongly of Drew Tanaka, the hypocrite who had destroyed all my stuff and chucked it out the cabin window, because mom doesn't like cheaters and sluts. If I hadn't been upset about my stuff I would have retorted, but I didn't and everyone else had seen that as a free pass to ruin me.

I quickly withdrew from the horrible memory as my mother started speaking again "Piper, are you all right? I know things haven't been easy so I have decided to help you. You are going to be the star of Olympus TV's next hit reality TV show" Wait WHAT! Whatever I had been expecting my mother to do for me it wasn't that. A makeover maybe or a heart to heart chat but not a reality TV shows. "The show will be called Rumour Has It" she continued as though she hadn't seen the horrified look on my face. "And will detail your plan to get revenge on Jason and Camp Half Blood for their treatment of you, now I have footage of various nasty incidents that they did to you so the audience can sympathize" that little spark ignited all the pent up fury and worry and hurt inside me and before I even knew it myself I was screaming, crying "YOU KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING YOU'VE GOT IT RECORDED BUT THE ONLY TIME YOU ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING IS FOR THE SAKE OF A STUPID REALITY TV SHOW. WELL MOTHER I WON'T DO IT, I WON'T, JUST LET ME DIE" All the anger was gone replaced by hurt and betrayal, exhaustedly I sunk down onto the loveseat with tears still streaming down my face like streams of ice extinguishing fire "just let me die". "Shhhhhh, go to sleep, it's been a long day" I heard my mother whisper softly. I vaguely felt some blankets before I retreated to the welcome oblivion.

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