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Prologue: Rose

The fact that Mr. Malfoy does not explode into ashes every time he steps into sunlight never fails to amaze me. He is so pale, just like Scorpius. As a matter of fact, I am positive that this is what Scorpius will look like when he gets older, minus the slightly receding hairline and pale grey eyes. Scorpius once told me that he has his mother's eyes – a light blue mixture of hues that looks stunning with his light blond hair. It makes him look stereotypically Swedish and like he should be named Björn Overström. Instead he's named Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Hyperion! It cracks me up every time.

I step off the Hogwarts Express and onto the platform trying my best to see Mum and Dad. The steam is rolling in through heavy waves and for a moment the only person I see is Mr. Malfoy walking under the skylight, the afternoon sun lighting up his dangerously close to Albino features, and then he is gone as the steam shifts and blocks him from view. I stop as the steam blocks all vision and Scorpius walks right into me as he disembarks.

"Still searching for ways to touch me, Scorpius?"

"Yes, I've been planning that one for months. Finally my life has meaning, Froggy." He says drily. I hate that nickname! You have one accident in potions and you're nicknamed for life! I turn to give him my best glare. Surprisingly he doesn't melt into a puddle of skin and blood with my acidic stare, but is instead looking off into the distance. "Oh oh," he says and I turn to see what he's talking about.

Oh oh, indeed. I see my Mum standing on the left side of a column and Scorpius' dad is standing on the other side, completely oblivious to my Mum's presence. They're both looking around for us, trying hard to see past the fog of white steam. We know as soon as they see us they'd walk forward and...well, I have no idea what would happen. Anyone who knows the barest of the Second Wizarding War knows that Hermione Weasley nee Granger did not get along with Draco Malfoy, to put it nicely. But that was ages ago and they haven't spoken to each other since. Scorpius and I both stand stock still unsure of what our next move should be, when suddenly I am pushed forward by Scorpius, again, after Al walks straight into him.

"What the heck are you doing? Who stands at the bottom of the stairs in front of the door?" He grumbles, but stops short when he realizes that it was Scorpius Malfoy that he just walked into. Scorpius gives him a look of exasperated annoyance that he does not spare for long before he turns his attention back to his father who by now has spotted us. Al mumbles some sort of awkward apology before he tries to squeeze past us, but just ends up pressing up against Scorpius which then forces him to press up against me. We all turn to briefly glare at Al, whose face is now red like his Mum's hair. Mr. Malfoy walks forward and so too does Mum. They both reach us at about the same time. I hear Al's grunt of pain from when Scorpius quietly elbows him away and whispers,

"Back off."

"What are you doing just standing there?" Mum and Mr. Malfoy say simultaneously and the look on their faces has got to be the funniest thing that I've seen all year. They both seem to think that they invented those particular words and look affronted that someone else would dare use them. Their eyebrows shoot in the air in surprise when recognition hits. There's a loud grating noise and no, it's not the Express' brakes. Rather, it's a sound akin to the scraping of nails on a chalkboard and I can barely believe that the awkwardness between my Mum and Mr. Malfoy is almost audible.



They've officially run out of things to say to each other and they move on from incredibly awkward and extremely weird as they turn their attentions to their respective offspring. Mum says to me,

"Move away from the doorway. You're causing a pile-up." She tugs me away from the doorway and for the first time notices Scorpius behind me. She stops and gives him a sad smile.

"Hi, Scorpius,"

"Hi, Mrs. Weasley," From the corner of our eyes we all see Mr. Malfoy pause. I chance a look at him and he looks like he wants to say something but has decided against it.

"So this is the famous Scorpius Malfoy. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you." Why did she have to stress on the 'so'? My face goes red when Scorpius gives me a look and a smirk before he says,

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person too."

I want to disappear into a puff of white smoke, sink into the ground, morph into the background of the train, anything to avoid the smug look on Scorpius pale, pointy face. But then, Mr. Malfoy speaks.

"Oh, Granger you couldn't possibly have had it as bad as me. When he first met your daughter in first year, I threatened to cut off my ears and mail it to young Ms. Weasley here so I could hear her speak about herself instead."

Now the look on Scorpius' face is priceless. I officially think that Mr. Malfoy could not be that bad. Mum lets out a snort of laughter, looks shocked at herself and tries to cover it up with a cough. Mr. Malfoy looks mildly confused and slightly amused. Scorpius looks like he's seriously contemplating whether he'll end up in Azkaban for murdering his father. Mum clears her throat and refocuses her attention on Al and me.

"Hey Al darling,"

"Hi, Aunty Hermione."

"Sweetie, I saw your Mum not long ago," She looks up to the right and squints and we all do the same unconsciously. "I think I see her. I don't know if Harry is here too, though." She mutters and that seems to spur Mr. Malfoy into action.

"Let me take your trunk, Scorpius. We have to go."

"No, I can do it myself." And Scorpius tries to walk off, but Mr. Malfoy is already grabbing the trunk. There's a small tug of war as they walk off.

"Where's your brother, Rose?" She asks and scans the crowd for the top of his auburn hair.

"He's probably with Lily."

"What do you mean 'probably'?"

"We don't run in the same circles, Mum. He's a first year."

"You and Al hang out with a Slytherin, but you draw the line at your brother?" She shakes her head in amused exasperation. "Just find your brother and meet me back here. I took the car, but the roads are in a mess. It's Friday you know and it's a week before Christmas. You know how the roads get."

"I'll go find him Aunty." Al says and runs off before Mum can answer. She looks at me and smiles.

"Miss me?"

"Of course, Mum! What kind of silly question is that?"

"Well, I don't know. You don't hang out with your brother. I just thought that you had written off the rest of your family members."

I roll my eyes and give her a hug.

"Where's Dad?" I ask as I pull away.

"Working, I assume." She mutters the last part and I'm about to ask her what does she mean by 'I assume', when my eyes catch on Scorpius. He seems to be in the midst of some sort of heated diatribe; the trunk lying forgotten between him and his father. Mr. Malfoy looks like it's taking him everything not to take out his wand and obliterate Scorpius as he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes to no doubt calm himself, and I completely identify with him. For the last four months Scorpius could be used as stand in for one of the gargoyles that sit atop Hogwarts or maybe even sub for a Dementor at Azkaban. He has been that cheerful. But then the reason why he's been like that hits me with full force and I feel bad for it. It's only natural that he acts that way since his mother's suicide over the summer.

I look at him a bit more from this distance and I can clearly see that he and Mr. Malfoy resemble each other in more ways than just the pale hair and pointy chins. There's an aura of sadness draping over them like a blanket, their shoulders drooped and their eyes heavy with the weight. I look up and notice that Mum's watching the scene as well. She has an odd expression on her face. She looks confused and sad, but she also looks like she's trying to not let her expression show. After a moment she purses her lips and refocuses her attention to somewhere else. I wonder what she was thinking...

I pull away from her and go up to Scorpius, only semi-conscious of what I am doing.

"Scorpius," I call out and catch the tail end of him telling his father that he wishes he didn't have to go through this. They both look up at me. "I wanted to know if you would come over to our house for lunch on Boxing Day. Every Boxing Day there's a big family lunch and this year it's at our house. It's usually really fun. We have a Quidditch match afterwards and we watch movies. Remember I was telling you about movies?"

He stares at me as if I just told him that I think he should start wearing pink lipstick or something equally absurd.

"You're invited too, of course, Mr. Malfoy."

"Invited to what?" Mum asks as she comes up behind me.

"Your daughter here has so graciously invited us to spend Boxing Day with you and your family." I have no idea whether Mr. Malfoy is supportive of the idea or not. He speaks with a drawl that makes anything he says sound condescending and you automatically feel just a tad bit stupid. I wonder if Scorpius knows that he sounds just like the father that he hates so much.

Mum's eyebrows shoot up in the air and she looks like she's torn between looking horrified and faking politeness.

"I would love to come." Scorpius says and throws a surreptitious dirty look at his father.

"Great! Mr. Malfoy can come too, right Mum?"

Everyone looks at me and I know they all want to put a Silencing Charm on me. Is it sinful how much pleasure I'm taking in this?

"Uhh…Well, I'm sure Malfoy is busy. I wouldn't want to intrude..." She trails off.

"It's Christmas. No one works for Christmas." I remind them. I'm surprised that I haven't collapsed from Scorpius' look of burning hatred. "It's just that...I don't want you guys to be alone for Christmas."

Mum just barely stifles a groan. Mr. Malfoy's eyebrows are in danger of never coming back down from his hairline. Scorpius glares. He's amazingly good at it. Mr. Malfoy recovers quickly, however.

"Well, that sounds . . . I'll let you know. We'll see how it goes. Scorpius, pick up your trunk, let's go." And he turns on his heel quickly, hurrying out of there as if he thought that I'd next invite him to come live with us or something.

I turn to Mum fully expecting a lecture of some sort, but she's staring after Mr. Malfoy and Scorpius, confusion clearly marked upon her face.


"Hmmph. That was not the answer I was expecting."

"You were expecting him to say yes?"

"No. I expected to see the veins in his neck explode at such an insult as breaking bread with someone the likes of me." She answers dazedly.

"People change."

"Do they?"

"Anyway, he said 'we'll see'. That's like a 95% chance that he's not coming."

"It's the 5% that I'm worried about."

"People change, Mum." I repeat. She snorts.

"Where's Dad, by the way?"

"He left for a case early. You know how it is sometimes, love." She's still staring off into the distance as Mr. Malfoy disappears in a veil of white steam.

"A case? Now? But Uncle Harry's his boss. I'm sure he wouldn't have assigned Dad a case when he knows that Dad has to meet us at the station today. I'm sure that Uncle Harry is here. That's so unfair."

Mum mumbles something or the other, I didn't quite catch it and I'm about to ask her to repeat when Hugo runs up and hugs her from behind.


She turns and smiles and looks like she forgot all about Dad. I don't though.

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