The Sea Witch was furious as Ariel did her best to get out of her grip.

"If I'm yours then why haven't I changed back?" Ariel demanded.

"You little fool," she snapped in return, "contract or no I'll-"

She was cut off when Ariel stomped down with her heal again. Slipping through, Eric grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

"Are you okay?" He demanded.

She'd just begun to say she was fine when the Witch waved her hand and what felt like lava began shooting through her legs. She couldn't help the scream that escaped. Her face was twisted against the pain, when suddenly it stopped and she collapsed against Eric's chest. She glanced down to find she still had legs.

"No!" Ursula snapped, hitting her again.

Eric watched in horror as she froze again and screamed in pain, only to have it end as before.

"Stop it!" The Prince demanded.

"It can't be!" Again and again she hit her with the same bolt. Ariel twisted and cried in pain each time, but her legs never changed.

When she was finally able to speak, she asked him, "How? You had to say you'd marry me."

Suddenly, one of the eels who had regain consciousness tackled Eric away from Ariel and they scrapped on the ground. Each time Ariel felt the unbearable pain she was certain it would kill her, but each time it faded and was renewed.

"This can't be! He never finished it!" Ursula insisted.

"He did!" Grim finally ran forward and put an arm around Ariel's sweat soaked shoulders, "The Prince told me he would marry her the first night she arrived."

Only a small smile formed on Ariel's face as she shook from exhaustion. Her body couldn't take another being forced to change against its will. Finally Eric head butted the eel he was fighting and shoved him back into the water.

"She fulfilled her half. Now get out of here!" He shouted.

The Sea Witch was furious, and now the full weight of her anger was toward the prince. Ariel took Grim's hand and did her best to stand on shaking legs. As the sea witch raised her arms, ready to kill Eric.

"No!" Ariel had nothing to fight back with. In a split second she yanked off her shoe and with all her might, slammed the heel of it through the Sea Witches eye.

The last burst of energy was all she had left, and she collapsed. Eric caught her just before she hit the ground, covering her head and the sea witch screamed in pain. Power radiated uncontrollably and finally she fell backwards into the water.