I reach my hand out, trying to feel the warmth of my sister, but I find nothing, then I remember. My sister's dead, she died right on front of me. I sit up and look around. It was reaping day, but it wasn't anytime near the actual reaping. Reapings are district 12's worst fear, but since I was born in district 2, I have an advantage. I hear the cries of a cat and I look at a kitten who is smaller then a teacup.

I pick the cat up and hold it close. It was in the rain, I could tell, dirty fur. I put her in the bucket of water I have and wash her off. I call her Daisy, and put a daisy on her head. She was a beautiful cat, orange and has precious green eyes. Kind of reminds me of some girls I've seen. I have long black hair though, with dark blue eyes.

"Tricia…" My mother says my name calmly, her blue eyes sinking into mine. I sigh and walk up to her, "go hunt."

I nod and grab my axe. I use my axe to hunt, my lucky axe. I rush until I get to a fence. It's off limits, but since it's always off, I sneak into the woods. I run into the woods, deeper and deeper checking for something to kill. Just then I see a small muzzle peaking out from a tree. It was a deer, I raise my axe and my eyes tear up. I hate killing animals, it's like killing myself, but I do it anyway. I chuck it at the deer and it hits it's stomach. I clean up all the meat inside and place the rest beside a tree.

I hear a twig break and turn around ready to attack. It was a boy, and I continue standing there.

"It's ok, I won't hurt you." He says, putting his arms up innocently, causing me to laugh.

"Gale, Gale Hawthorne." He speaks quietly and shakes my hand. He was attractive, and looked like the boy lot's of girls would fall for. I'm a obsessive girl, so I try to stay away from guys, but it's hard not to. I look at his arm, it was pretty skinny. He must not get fed that much.

"Tricia, Tricia Everleaf." I speak as he looks at me confused.

"It sounds kind of like my friends name but it's Everleaf, not Everdeen." Gale says laughing at my name and I force myself not to roll my eyes. Who's that anyway?

"Well I'm from district 2." I speak quietly as his eyes go wide. District 1, 2, and 4 are the careers. The capitol's favourites, the strongest tributes out there. I'm from 2...We are the underdogs, the strongest district.

"We should hunt…" Gale says, then I see a girl watching from through the buses. She was about 16 or 17.

"I see you." I say as she walks through the bus and smiles. Is it the girl who Gale was talking about?

"Katniss Everdeen." She speaks in a dark tone.

"Tricia Everleaf." I say shaking her hand.

This is just great…I love a hunter, and this girl is in the way.

Damn Katniss.