I have loved Final Fantasy X as a kid. I was inspired by Alice: Madness Returns to write this fanfic, you see.

Also, please note that Yuna is 18 in this story.

{This is spoken in Sin's telepathy.}

Final Fantasy X belongs to Square Enix, not me!

Standing in a barren wasteland, all she could see was death.

Yuna was gazing at Bevelle, which was now in ruins. She wasn't sure how this came to be, but she was also wondering how she survived.

Then, she suddenly found herself in a place filled with chaos and destruction, where strange black creatures began killing innocent people around her. She wanted to fight the creatures and save the innocent, but how? She then noticed a little girl crying at the sight of her house burning to the ground. Wait, is that her younger self?

Without warning, Yuna found herself near a river of blood as a massive mound of black muck cluttered with doll faces and limbs rose out. She tried to get away, but then she found herself being dragged into the river by the massive creature. As the limbs started to rip her to pieces, she screamed in agony.

But just as it seemed that Yuna was about to die, she soon found herself standing before Sin.

Yuna quickly opened her eyes, and she figured out that what she saw was only a dream.

Well, she has only been experiencing these nightmares since last week. With each one, Yuna has been wondering if all of this was a vision of the future.

"Maybe if I become a summoner…" thought Yuna.

After breakfast, Yuna headed out into the village and took a moment to take in the scenery. It has been ten years since she arrived in Besaid, and she met some friendly faces such as Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri and Chappu, this was also the place where she reunited with her friend Patravi.

Well, she knew that if she became a summoner, she would have to go on a pilgrimage. But then, this would also mean that she would be putting her own life on the line. Then again, she still remembered that incident that happened the night before she was meant to leave before Besaid, which still haunted her. Maybe she can become a summoner just so she can put her past to rest? She soon snapped out of her thoughts as she found Kimahri near the entrance.

"Hey Kimahri," said Yuna, "I have thought of something."

"Yuna?" pondered Kimahri.

"Well, I've decided to become a summoner," continued Yuna, "and I may need some guardians. Maybe you could be one of my guardians?"

"Are you sure you want to be a summoner?" asked Kimahri.

"I'm sure," answered Yuna.

"Even when Sin gave you warnings of danger?"

Yuna nodded.

Without saying anything, Kimahri pulled out a staff, and handed it to Yuna. The only thing that interested her was that the staff had Sin's symbol in the orb.

"Sin asked me to give this to you should you take on dangerous task," explained Kimahri.

"Well, thanks."

Later on in the day, Yuna and Kimahri confronted Patravi, Wakka and Lulu about the decision to go on a pilgrimage. It took quite a while until Wakka, Lulu and Patravi agreed to become her guardians. The following morning, Yuna began her training to become a summoner. Over time, she practiced performing the sending, and she even practiced casting some basic magic skills with supervision from Lulu.

After a few weeks, Yuna, Patravi, Wakka, Lulu and Kimahri entered the Cloister of Trials in the temple. They started in one chamber that seemed to be a dead end. However, Yuna noticed that there was a glyph on the end as she approached it to activate it. It then revealed another glyph on the other wall. When she examined it, it revealed some stairs. This propelled them to descend the stairs and come across a Glyph Sphere along the wall. Patravi removed the sphere from the overhang as Yuna led her guardians to the door. Patravi inserted the sphere into the slot, which opened the door. After that, they meandered through the hallway until they came across a pedestal on one side of the hall and some runes across the pedestal. Kimahri touched the runes, which revealed a glyph, and soon, a hidden chamber was open. Inside, a Besaid Sphere was residing in its recess. Yuna extracted it before placing it onto the pedestal. When that happened, the wall disintegrated. Then, Yuna and Patravi pushed the pedestal further into the hall until it locked into a slot on the floor and sank in.

"I hope you know what you're doing," sighed Patravi.

As an elevator platform was revealed, Yuna and her guardians moved onto it. It wasn't long before it descended into the antechamber, where the Chamber of Fayth awaited. Yuna started ascending the stairs, only to notice that her guardians were staying at the bottom.

"Aren't you coming?" asked Yuna.

"Sorry, Yuna," responded Patravi, "you're on your own on this one."


"We can't go in the chamber with you," explained Wakka, "that's taboo!"

"I see…" sighed Yuna.

It turns out that Yuna had no choice as she entered the chamber on her own. Inside, she came across a vivid spring in the center. As Yuna approached it, the Esper, Valefor, emerged from the spring.

"Yuna," asked Valefor, "is that you?"

Yuna nodded.

"Why do you desire to become a summoner?" Valefor demanded.

"I promised my sister that I would avenge her after she was raped," explained Yuna, "and I figured that since Yevon refused to listen to her, I could become a summoner and bring the culprit to justice myself."

"I see," sighed Valefor, "perhaps Sin was right. You might have the potential to save Spira's future."

Yuna raised her eyebrows in curiosity.

"Forget that I said that," continued Valefor, "if you insist on becoming a summoner, then you might have to accomplish this one trial that Sin has arranged for you."

"Sin?" gasped Yuna.

"Sin requested that I have you face this trial in the event you decide to become a summoner," asked Valefor, "are you ready for it?"

Yuna didn't say anything as she thought over the offer for a moment.

"I'm ready," said Yuna.

"Very well," replied Valefor, "before we begin, you might need this to help you in the trial."

Valefor summoned a turquoise blade and handed it to Yuna. As she examined the blade carefully, she noticed that Valefor's eyes started glowing and she felt a little light-headed.

The next thing she knew, Yuna found herself in a deserted valley. She wandered through the valley, determined to find out the objective of the trial. Without warning, she was ambushed by evil creatures that spawned from the lethal muck scattered throughout the valley. Figuring that the blade in her hand might be useful, Yuna began fighting the monstrous creatures. With each slash of the blade, blood spurted all over the place.

After Yuna managed to eliminate a single horde of these creatures, she noticed that there were a few more hordes to take out. Well, it took a long while for her to finish the job. With all of the hordes of monstrous creatures eliminated, a tunnel was revealed.

Curious of what might be waiting, Yuna ventured through the tunnel until she found herself in some sort of large chamber. Ahead, a massive creature emerged from the ground. Like the creatures she fought in the valley, this one seemed familiar.

"Wait a minute," thought Yuna, "are those the Ruin?"

Yuna now remembered seeing the Ruin back in Bevelle ten years ago. Without hesitation, Yuna charged at the Menacing Ruin, but the small arms made it difficult. Without warning, the Menacing Ruin pulled out a ball of a burning substance and flung it at Yuna, forcing her to dodge it. The Menacing Ruin kept throwing a few more balls of burning substance at Yuna. Without thinking, Yuna pulled out Sin's Eyestaff and deflected one of the balls of burning substance, which destroyed the creature's small arms. Realizing that she has the upper hand against the creature, Yuna cast a Thunder spell which Lulu taught her, which made short work of the creature.

After that, Yuna suddenly found herself in the Chamber of Fayth, standing before Valefor.

"You have passed the trial," said Valefor, "you can now become a summoner. However, there is a chance that Sin might confront you on your decision later."

Valefor then summoned a sphere of energy before disappearing back into the spring. Yuna touched it and it merged with her. Her face lit up as she headed for the door and emerged from the chamber, where Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri and Patravi were waiting.

"I've done it," announced Yuna, "I have become a summoner!"

Soon, Yuna and her guardians came out of the temple, to find that they were greeted by the entire population of the island. She headed out into village square, ready to demonstrate her new abilities.

"You ready?" asked Wakka.

Yuna nodded.

Yuna then performed an intricate dance that soon summoned Valefor, who arrived at the village of Besaid. As Yuna went up to stroke Valefor's beak, she smiled at her; which told her that she knew exactly what she was doing. With a nod, Valefor flew off.

Later that evening, the villagers held a celebration feast. While Yuna received a cup of tea from one of the elderly ladies, Patravi walked up to Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs.

"So," said Patravi, "are you guys going with us?"

"Yeah," replied Letty, "the Blitzball tournament's coming up this year."

"So what's our goal?" asked Patravi.

"To do our best," answered the Aurochs.

"Uh," replied Patravi, "that's not enough. We haven't even won a single tournament for ten years, haven't we?"

"Don't remind me," said Wakka.

"Well," continued Patravi, "I have a better goal. This time, it's victory! This time, we play to win, and beat every opposing team, and bring that Crystal Cup to the island!"

There was a moment of silence as the Aurochs glanced at each other while their smiles lit up at the same time.

"Victory," cheered the Aurochs, "victory, victory, victory, yeah!"

Soon, the village priest arrived and all of the villagers sat down in a circle, including Yuna, Wakka, Patravi, Lulu and Kimahri.

"Good evening, everyone," said the priest, "let us end this feast with the tale passed down by our ancestors."

Everyone gazed at the priest.

"Once in a time when Spira was young," preached the priest, "there lived a mighty god. This god was bestowed with power beyond any mortal. With this power, he maintained the balance of life that existed in Spira. All of life has flourished thanks to this god. But one day, a calamity arrived to Spira within centuries, within millennia, and threatened to destroy all. The mighty god rose to the challenge, and fought the calamity in a dangerous battle. Days went by, and the god has won, but he grew exhausted, so he took to slumber within the earth. In his wake, his loyal servants, the Espers, took his place and continued the god's duty, and the balance of life continued. To this day, the Espers await the time when the mighty God of Balance will return to Spira."

Yuna remembered this tale to heart since coming to Besaid, and she felt happy to hear it again. At the same time, she wondered if she will ever get to meet this god.

After the night celebration, Yuna and her guardians went to bed to rest up for the night.

The following morning, after breakfast, Yuna grabbed the turquoise blade and the Eyestaff before heading out into the village square, knowing that this is the day that she begins her Pilgrimage. She noticed that her guardians were waiting for her, while Wakka gave Patravi a blue sword.

"Uh, Wakka," queried Patravi, "didn't this sword belong to Chappu?"

"Well," answered Wakka, "he never used it."

"Does his death still bother you?" asked Patravi.

Wakka nodded. Yuna then approached Patravi, which caught her attention.

"Oh," chirped Patravi, "hi Yuna. Are you ready to start the pilgrimage?"

"Yes," replied Yuna.

"Awesome!" cheered Patravi.

As Yuna and her guardians left the village, they came across some fiends. One of these was a Dingo, and Patravi slashed at it with her sword.

"Take that!" taunted Patravi.

Soon, a Condor flew in.

"A flyer?" gabbed Wakka, "my kind of customer!"

Wakka whacked the Condor with his Blitzball, killing it. It wasn't long before a Water Flan appeared.

"That looks like trouble…" uttered Wakka.

"I'll handle it," declared Yuna.

"Do you remember the spells that I taught you?" reminded Lulu.

"I do," answered Yuna.

Yuna remembered her magic lessons from Lulu. She learned the basics of the elements and how to use them as she cast a Thunder spell at the Water Flan, which killed it within an instant.

"You know what?" commented Patravi, "you'd make a better black mage than Lulu would!"

"Excuse me?" barked Lulu.

The rest of the journey to the beach was pretty much a frazzle. Soon, Kimahri joined up with the group as they arrived at the beach.

"There you are, Kimahri," demanded Patravi, "where were you this morning?"

Kimahri didn't answer. Yuna and her guardians continued towards the boat, and most of the villagers were standing before the dock.

"We'll miss Lady Yuna," said a little girl, "come back soon, ok?"

"Don't worry," replied Patravi, "we'll be back soon enough!"

After saying goodbye to the villagers, Yuna and her guardians boarded the S.S. Liki, and the Aurochs came along as well. It wasn't long before the boat pulled away from the dock as Yuna performed the prayer of Yevon before the villagers.