Darkness rising after thoughts

Hey everyone guess what I'M NOT DEAD YAY. This is my first story in a while lost interest in my big story at the mo. This maybe a bit late in the series…ok really late but I just watched the darkness rising part 5 and thought why is Arcee hurt more then prime even though he was thrown like a rag doll and sliced with a sword. I didn't get it. So this is a dedication to the episode it may be like the episode in the first part but I do change it near the end, anyway I'm rambling on with the show.

I don't own anything all rights belong hate to say it Hasbro they are fools sometimes and let the Autobots win something good soon. Any way enjoy.

This is mostly one sided so it's mostly Prime thinking.



'After I jumped though the ground bridge, I couldn't help but think of Arcee. She looked so helpless and dead. I prayed to Primus that she will be alright. But I know deep in my spark that she will survive this ordeal. She is a strong and capable worrier and somehow captured my spark when I first saw her.'

'As I looked at my own wounds I wonder how she was worse off, I mean I should be the one who should be like that, not her. She doesn't deserve that one bit. As I look around I see the human children looking upset as Arcee has not woken up yet, as we wait I wonder if she will wake up.'

'Then I heard Ratchet say "By Primus we lost one this week, don't let it be two." Then the human boy which is called Jack walked up to her and put his hand on hers, and I felt a little bit of jealousy. But why I wondered. I didn't quite get wt he said then I heard Arcee say something to him back, I smiled a little to see her awake and alive. And couldn't help but chuckle at her statement about "There being other bikes out there." I was happy that we didn't loose her and I hope we don't see is a valuable asset to us and she helps lighten up the base.'

'Then Ratchet turned towards me and said "And Megatron..?" Then I said in return "Not even he could of survived ground zero." Then fowler said "PRIME, I didn't get to thank you bots for the save I owe you one…we all do." Bumblebee then put Arcee down gently from his servos'

''The human I think was called Miko came up to me and asked "So is this the part where you say goodbye and tell us to forget we ever saw you?" I said "No. As the Decepticons know who you are and will use you to get to us as I said a few days earlier."

'Ratchet scanned Arcee and said "She will recover, with plenty of recharge and energon." I was delighted to hear that. I am pleased that my Autobots are well and happy, I was happy in fact I forgot about my wounds like the cut on my abdomen and now that the adrenaline has worn off I felt the pain in my circuits and managed to suppress a groan. I saw some of my energon leaking out and as the human girl was closet to me she said "hey optimus are you alright, you seem to be leaking something." I tired to cover it up with my hands as energon can be deadly to humans.'

'This caught everyone's attention, I said in a reassuring way that I was fine. But my body said otherwise little sparks started to appear on my body and I went down on one knee thankfully I still had my face mask on. My wound was leaking a little bit more now. Primus it hurt. But it could have been worse megatron could of killed me if it weren't for Starscream. But none the less as Ratchet helped me up and walked me to the med-berth, I sat down and my joints creaked I hate it when they do that it makes me feel old.'

'Ratchet scanned me; everyone was waiting on the verdict on what Ratchet found, he said. "Why didn't my scanners pick up your wounds when you entered the base?" I honestly didn't know I think it might have been all the focus was on Arcee but I didn't say anything out loud. So as not to make her feel bad. He then said "Well at least the wounds aren't too bad, nothing but a bit of welding, some recharge and a bit of energon to replace what you lost. But I want both you and Arcee to sleep in the med bay so I can monitor both of you. Do I make my self clear?" I nodded and so did she.'

'As it was getting late Bumblebee and Bulkhead took the kids home, Ratchet left to do something in the lab, then it was just me and Arcee. We looked at each other and I looked away. How can one bot make me feel so, so weird and wonderful at the same time? I mean look at those curves and her chassis, it was like she was born an angel. Especially with those winglets on her back. But now I think about the size difference could be a problem. Does she even think the same about me?' and I also love her firery personality.

'I don't know how long we were in silence for, I just couldn't think of anything to say to her, afraid I might embarrass my self in front of her which would not be very good I assume. So we continued to not say anything to each other. How much longer till the silence breaks I don't know but if it's not broken soon I might just have to say something. And risk embarrassing my self.'

'Another minute passed then she spoke. "So we're alone huh." I responded "So it seems." Another minute silence then she spoke again "How are your wounds?" "Fine. How about yours?" I said, she responded "Good." Then another awkward silence. "Why didn't you say something about your wounds earlier?" she said. "Because your welfare was more important then mine at the time." I said calmly to her.'

"Really? I thought all our welfare is important not just mine or bulks but yours as well." She said sarcastically and with some anger.

"I am Prime. It is my-"Don't start with the I am Prime speech cos I'm not buying again. You matter and much as any of us, properly more then us, we need you, you're our leader so of cause you are important. To us and to me-" She covered her mouth with her hand before she could say anything else.

"I didn't know. You all cared this much." I looked down and felt guilty and ashamed I wasn't thinking clearly, she's right.

"Thank you Arcee." "For what Optimus?" "For making me see." "Okay. Thanks for listening."

'All of a sudden I felt really tired and I think she noticed this, as my optics were dim and my shoulders were sagging. Then I saw her yawning and her optics were dim as well'

"Maybe you should get some recharge Optimus. It's been a long day. Between me getting shot and disarming the space bridge and you fighting Megatron, we've had a long, stressful, tiring day."

"I know Arcee, I think you're tired too. And you're right it has been a long day for us both."

'So with that said between us we both lied back down on our respected berths next to each other and went into recharge, I watched her for a while and went myself letting my systems repair my body. And I didn't hear Ratchet come in and say "about time." I didn't really care as I was near Arcee and I was happy for once. This might be the start of something, I sure hope so and with that last thought I went into a deep well needed recharge dreaming of the war finishing and me and Arcee with our little sparkling's running around.'

The end or not the end that is the question?

Should I continue this or leave it as a one shot up to you.

Should something develop between these two or not again up to you.

Leave an answer and decide soon. Until next time. Til all are one. Ninjabot out.