Magical Origins

Author Notes: So I've been reading many reviews where people think Harry and Lily are Brother-Sister. They are not. Their destinies were intertwined early on, but I won't get into it till much later.

Second of all, during Tom Riddle's memory-lane, even though no Horcruxes left, it's still important to learn your enemies' habits and psychology. This train of thought hasn't been lost to me, and Dumbledore knows there are no more Horcruxes left. His curse hand happened before Voldemort made that deal with the 'devil.'

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Year 6: A Simple Talk

Harry received a note from Professor Slughorn, who was throwing one of his most laborious party. Harry and Lily would be going, knowing it would be smart to stay on Professor Slughorn's good side.

Artemis would be attending as well, given her popularity and skills as a Healer.

Samuel told Harry these parties Slughorn threw was a way for promising witches and wizards to find promising connections outside of Hogwarts. A good way to build connections, even if he didn't like to attend.

Harry didn't even have to guess why he was invited. He was the most promising wizard of the age. He's never been in the spotlight before, but there wasn't a witch or wizard who didn't know his name.

Harry's story may have been known, but he's never been in the public eye before.

Many rumors were surrounding Harry, but no one knew who he was, only his achievements.

Harry wasn't one for the spotlight.

Still, acquiring these connections could be useful later on in life.

Harry could finally understand why learning of Voldemort's past was important. His habits and ideas weren't something known, and Harry knew the Art of War, knowing the enemy was only half the battle.

It felt strange knowing that in the first memory of Voldemort's mother, uncle, and grandfather, the Ring and Locket kept being seen by Harry and Lily. The Ring was currently in Dumbledore's possession. While the locket, no matter how hard they tried to place their memory, knew they had seen the locket somewhere.

Harry dresses in some of his best robes and heads towards the exclusive dinner hosted by Slughorn.

There were to be a couple of guests, but some Hogwarts Students would be in attendance.

Harry knew Dumbledore didn't bring Slughorn to Hogwarts simply to teach. Harry got the sense that Dumbledore was after something from Slughorn, something Slughorn refused to share with Dumbledore.

Harry enters the chambers Slughorn was using for his party.

Harry sees a dining table in the room with several other students.

Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis, Cormac McLaggen, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Melinda Bobbin, Lily, Cho Chang, Ernest MacMillian, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, and Padma Patil.

There were others whose name Harry didn't know sitting around the table.

Harry sits down and sees the dinner was an early Halloween dinner.

Harry sits down and looks at Professor Slughorn with a smoking goblet in his hands.

"Harry! Welcome!" said Professor Slughorn beaming upon Harry.

"Today is a social dinner! Something to get away from the Great Hall given all the stress that's been going on lately," said Slughorn smiling at everyone present.

The dinner was an actually pleasant change of pace.

Everyone was connected in some ways to someone important or had strong connections.

"So Harry," said Professor Slughorn.

"I've been talking to Eldred Worple, who is interesting in writing a biography on your life at Hogwarts."

Eldred Worple was an author who specializes in vampire society.

"I'm still in school. Is that really a priority?" said Harry.

"I'm not saying right now, Harry, my boy. But it is something to think about," said Professor Slughorn happily.

"It is a good idea, though. Your story is most fascinating. People have heard your story, but who really knows your story," said Professor Slughorn.

"It would be most interesting. Everyone knows about that dreadful Halloween night, but we don't know your story. I can tell you right now, many children… people are dying to know your story," said Eldred Worple.

Harry grabs his pumpkin juice and drinks before setting it down.

"I can understand that. But there are many things I like about my personal life. I like to keep personal," said Harry.

"That is understandable. Not even Albus like to share his personal information," said Professor Slughorn.

"I've always wondered why Professor Dumbledore remains here at Hogwarts as the Headmaster. He denied his eighth nomination to be the Minister of Magic," said Eldred Worple.

"I imagine a lot of parents sleep easier knowing Dumbledore is protecting their children," said Hannah Abbott.

"Doesn't Professor Dumbledore deny the nomination to be Minister of Magic every decade?" said Lily.

"It does feel that way," said Slughorn.

"I wonder why," said Ernie.

"He probably doesn't like politics," said Harry.

Lily returns to Gryffindor Tower for the first time to see Ron Weasley sitting by the fire, pretending to read a book.

Lily knew he wasn't reading at once, as he never read anything unless it was about Quidditch Promos.

Ron slams his book shuts and glares at Lily.

"Where were you?" demand Ron.

Lily raises an eyebrow at Ron's attitude.

"I was at Slughorn's dinner party," replies Lily coolly.

"What were you doing hanging with Potter?" demanded Ron.

"That's none of your concern," said Lily.

"Potter is a Dark Lord! You shouldn't be seen around him!" shouted Ron.

Lily knew the true reason behind Ron's reason. Jealously. Ron's lived in the shadows of his brothers. While his older brothers were considered great, he was not.

Bill Weasley was a Curse Breaker who got to travel inter-regionally, studying and breaking Ancient Wizarding Society Runes.

Charlie Weasley was a great Quidditch Player who was currently working with Dragons.

Percy was the youngest Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic. A rising young politician who was firmly in the elites of the Ministry.

Fred and George have left school and were already proving themselves to be incredibly intelligent and brilliant inventors and business management. They had more Galleons than the rest of the Weasley Family would have seen in a hundred lifetime.

Ron wanted to be the best friend to the Boy-Who-Lived now named 'The Chosen One' and have the fame and fortune that Harry had.

Two problems emerge in Ron's selfish plan.

One, Harry Potter rejected Ron's friendship due to his rudeness.

Two, Ron was extremely prejudiced against anyone in the House of Slytherin, believing them to be Dark Wizards.

"Where have you been since we've been back? Hermione and Ginny said you haven't slept in the Girls Dorms at all," demanded Ron.

"For your information, I sleep in the Prefects Dorms. Second, you are not my father and have no authority over me. So you have no right to integrate me and ask me questions, as I have no intentions of asking. So you can report tomorrow at Filch's office for you week detention you'll be serving. Now goodnight and go to bed," said Lily.

Ron didn't do as Lily instructed and stands up furiously, knocking over the book and the table as he does so.

"You don't want to be hanging around Potter this year, Lily! He's deranged as he is dangerous! I'm not the only one who thinks so. Others won't bow before Lord Potter," Ron spat at Lily.

"I'll inform Professor McGonagall that you'll be serving a month's detention for trying to intimidate me. Now go to bed, Weasley," hissed Lily.

Ron looked angry, but Lily's eyes flashed orange as the fireplace burns a bit brighter.

Ron wanted to continue and make his point at Lily, but the danger signs of her unleashing hell upon him was written on her face. He's seen what happen to Malfoy when he pissed her off to the point she released her fire elements.

Ron heard a noise and sees Lily's Giant Salamander coming out of the Prefects Dorm. It flicks its tongue as he stares at Ron patiently, hungrily. As if begging Ron to do something to give it a reason to attack him.

Ron turns and walks up the stairs without bother to clean up the mess he left behind as he storms up the boy's dormancy.

Lily waves her wand, magically putting everything back in place before walking into the Prefects Dorms and closing the door.

The one place she was safe from Hermione and Ginny and the rest of the girls in her dorm was in the Prefect Dorms, where they were not allowed.

Lily crashes on her bed, thinking about what the sorting hat said in her first year.

'Or perhaps in Slytherin, You'll make your real friends'

Lily couldn't deny her friendship with Harry had shifted into something she never expected.

It was common knowledge that Fire and Ice could never get along, yet they could get along.

In the past two years, her friendship with Harry had deepened. While her relations with Ron and Hermione was evaporating.

Lily wasn't close to Ron and Hermione as she was with Harry. With Harry, she told him far more about herself than to any other of her friends.

It took until their fourth year until Harry began to open up with Lily telling much of his past. Including his lack of trust in others.

Lily didn't blame him, as she understood why he wasn't so open with others. Not even his own housemates, Blaise, Daphne, and Tracy, didn't know him very well.

Harry wore a masquerade mask, unwilling for others to see his true feelings. He plays the part of being nothing more than a student, unwilling to let others see who he really is underneath.

Harry didn't grow up with any friends. His relatives refused to allow him to interact with any other children. Even his own cousin in fear his magic or 'abnormality' would affect others.

So Harry grew up alone, learning to trust no one.

Lily was different. She never knew it at the time, but her gifts made other children wary of her. Sure she had people she spoke to, but no one before coming to Hogwarts whom she could call a friend.

Lily disappears into ashes as she reappears in the Room of Requirements. Where Harry was already sleeping with Artemis, who was cuddling with him as they've always been.

Lily said nothing as she undresses and gets in bed with Harry holding her, grateful for her friendship with Harry.

During these dark times, friendships were being questioned as people asked who sided they were on.

Hogwarts Dungeons

Several figures wearing black robes and masks stood in the dungeon with only a few candle lights illuminating the dark dungeon.

Their identities remain unknown even to themselves as they stood in the circle.

"Any luck on tracking Potter?" said First.

"None. He continues to elude being seen within the general school," said Second.

"We know he has an invisibility cloak that allows him to elude teachers," said Third.

"The Dark Lord's orders were clear. No one is to harm Potter," said First.

"What of the Mudblood? Morris?" said Fourth.

"She's elusive as well," said Fifth.

"Isn't she sleeping in Gryffindor Tower?" said Sixth.

"She's sleeping in the Preferts Quarters. No longer in the Common Rooms," said Fifth.

"Who can access her dorm?" said Second.

"That's a bad idea. Her giant Salamander guards her room and will attack intruders on sight," said Fifth.

"What of Snape?" said Sixth.

"Nothing to report as of yet," said Fourth.

"Why are we watching Professor Snape?" said Seventh speaking for the first time.

"Horvath has doubts regarding Snape's true allegiances. He believes Dumbledore's ideas have been rubbing off Snape. Horvath wants eyes on Snape in case the worse should happen," said Fifth.

"Sounds like every question, Professor Snape, because of how good he is. Bellatrix is vouching for him. That should be enough if the Dark Lord vouches for him as well," said Seventh.

First holds his hands up, silencing the room.

"I know Professor Snape has come through with your family in the past many times. The Will of the Dark Lord is what matters here. Our service will shape the Crusade for years to come," said First.

"We can address Snape when the time comes. Until there is something to report, we'll continue to watch his movements and activities very closely. How are the rest of your assignments coming along?" said Second.

"Morris has been a problem. The Aurors are also sealing off areas, so it's becoming harder to operate," said Fourth.

"The Dark Lord will not forgive failure. Finish your assignments before the school year ends, or suffer the consequences," said First.

In saying that, everyone left the room one by one, leaving Seventh alone in the dark.

Seventh walks towards the second-floor bathroom. Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and removes his facemask, revealing a cold sweat and disturbed Draco Malfoy.

Draco taps his wand, conjuring water before splashing his face.

He grabs the sink and breathes heavily.

His task wasn't going to be as simple as he thought.

Kill Albus Dumbledore.

He thought it was simple.

Now the reality was setting in, he found killing the old Headmaster of Hogwarts was a lot harder than he thought. More so, he found he didn't have the stomach to kill.

He had to find another way.

Someone to do the deed for him. Without putting himself in danger.

Draco pulls out the letter and reads it while holding back the tears.

The Dark Lord wanted Albus Dumbledore dead. If Draco failed to kill Albus Dumbledore, then his family would die as a result.

"Trouble, Draco?" said Harry.

Draco turns to see Harry standing in the doorway.

"How did you?" stuttered Draco.

"I've been following you since the semester started," said Harry.

Draco quickly grabs his wand and points it at Harry.

He stops when he felt the water on his face tighten dangerous.

Draco remembers what happened to Dolores Umbridge last year when she underestimates Potter's strength.

That fear alone caused Draco to relax his wand and give up without a fight.

"What do you want?" said Draco.

"Not doing well in your assignment to kill Dumbledore," said Harry.

"How do you know about…" said Draco.

"You're slipping, Draco. You're becoming far too easy to read," said Harry.

"You don't understand. I have to kill him. I have to. Or he'll kill my family," said Draco.

"You're not the only one assign to kill Dumbledore, are you?" said Harry.

"I don't know," said Draco.

"If I help you, what will you give me in return?" said Harry.

Draco looks at Harry, seeing the mysterious king of serpents who has ruled the House of Slytherin for the past five years.

"Can you protect my family?" said Draco.

Harry walks up to Draco as he stands beside him without facing him.

"I need a spy within Voldemort's camp," said Harry.

Draco paused as he listens to what Harry was saying.

"You and I have never been friends. In truth, you have sought to overthrow me to rule the House of Slytherin. No one would suspect you're cooperating with me. If you get me intel on the Death Eaters. I'll protect your family from prosecutions and see that your family sits within the Council of Lords once more," said Harry.

"My mother," said Draco.

Harry said nothing as he stares at the wall.

"Sirius Black, my godfather, is the head of House Black. Your mother is the cousin of my godfather. I'll speak to my godfather about granting sanctuary to your mother and father should the time come," said Harry.

Harry raises his hand as Draco moves his hand to accept what Harry was giving him.

"Carry this with you at all times. I'll be able to communicate and speak to you. We should not be seen together," said Harry.

"Can you help my mother?" asked Draco.

"Is she currently being watched? Or is Bellatrix hanging around your mother?" said Harry.

Draco said nothing as he bows his head in response.

"Your mother should be safe for the time being. Bellatrix is going to be dotting her sister on your mission. When we're near the end of the school year that she'll be in danger. I want to know how many of you junior Death Eaters are in the school," said Harry.

"I don't know," said Draco.

Harry looks at Draco out of the corner of his eyes.

Draco, sensing Harry didn't believe him, spoke quickly.

"None of us know who we are. We wear masks around each other and have voice concealment charms to hide our identities. We've had three meetings since the term started. I have no idea who is facility our movements. We only know this person as First. He's the only one who knows our assignments." said Draco.

"I know Ron and Ginny Weasley are members. Is Theodore Nott a member as well?" said Harry.

"I suspect so. I haven't spoken to Nott for some time," said Draco.

"Who else do you suspect?" said Harry.

"Marietta Edgecombe," said Draco.

"The gossip queen? Why would she join?" said Harry.

"Her family is all about 'blood purity.' Not to mention, she hates you. Given the fact she loves to gossip…" said Draco.

"She can acquire information and spread lies around," said Harry.

"There is one person I'm certainly involved. Heidi Royce," said Draco.

Harry knew the girl.

A seventh year Slytherin. Her family was as dark as they came. They were involved in everything illegal possible.

They've never been caught because there has been no evidence to back their alleged crimes. They were smart and used their intellect of the system to avoid punishment.

"Do you have a plan?" said Harry.

"It's hard to track Dumbledore. We suspect he's either lock in his office… or he's not staying at Hogwarts," said Draco.

"You may not need to kill Dumbledore," said Harry.

"What do you mean?" asked Draco looking at Harry.

"You'll know in due time. Keep your head down, and continue as you were. I'll begin preparations to help your family when the time comes," said Harry.

Harry dissolves into water, revealing a doppelganger.

Draco knew the real Harry was somewhere else in the castle.

Draco looks at the small stone with a runic letter carved in the middle.

Draco didn't know what to do. He was caught by both sides and had to do both biddings. The cause was not what he thought it was, and he began to be disgusted at the Death Eaters' methods and ideology.

Draco pockets the stone and returns to Slytherin Common Room.