~ Time Travel ~

Warnings: AU, OOC-ness, one own OC, Yaoi. Centered around Fubuki x OC.

Italic = thoughts

Chapter One: Intro!

Normal P.O.V.

It was late in the afternoon. Ten eighteen-year-old boys were seen playing soccer by a riverbank. The sky had turned orange and the sun was setting.

''Bring it!'' A brown haired boy with an orange headband shouted, while he clapped his hands.

''You asked for it!'' A fierce, platinum blonde boy replied with a smirk.

He jumped up in the air, while he spun around and flames surrounded him.

''Shin Bakunetsu Screw!'' He shouted.

''God Catch!'' The keeper shouted, while a big golden hand appeared.

''Ah. Those are old techniques.'' A goggled boy said grinning.

''Reminds me of the time we were eighteen year old.'' A teal-net boy said.

''Can't believe we actually graduated from high school last year.'' A boy with an eye-patch said.

''We're getting old.'' A boy with green hair in a ponytail replied.

''Come on. We're only eighteen.'' A redhead said to the boy with a smile.

''Still. I can't believe how fast time past by.'' A boy with two black stripes underneath his eyes said.

''Can't believe we actually have to go to college.'' A boy, which hair was whipped to the side, said.

One boy just stayed quiet and smiled. The silver-blue haired ice boy wasn't much of a talker. Still, he developed himself to be one of the boys' strongest players. The four years that had past by since he had met them, were filled with though practices and long training schedules. But Fubuki Shirou could happily state that he was no longer a weak boy with just a cute appearance. No, he was so much more than that. His kicks got powerful, his body muscled. In fact, he became quite popular with the girls. But he wasn't interested in one of them. He wanted to wait till faith brought him the perfect girl.

''Fubuki! Shouldn't you join us?'' The goalkeeper, Endou Mamoru shouted.

''Nah. I'm taking a break.'' He replied.

The goggled boy, Kidou Yuuto, grinned.

''Slacking off?'' He asked.

''Of course not. I just want to watch you guys for a while. That's all.'' The snow boy replied.

''Watch out, or Gouenji might surpass you.'' The teal net, Kazemaru Ichirouta, said smirking.

The platinum blonde, Gouenji Shuuya, smirked too.

''In your dreams.'' Fubuki replied grinning.

''But guys, maybe we all should take a break.'' The greenette, Midorikawa Ryuuji, said.

The others agreed and everybody grabbed a water bottle.

''It's still warm for this time of the day.'' The boy with the eye-patch, Sakuma Jirou, stated.

''You're right.'' The redhead, Kiyama Hiroto, replied.

''Maybe we should call it a day.'' The boy with black stripes underneath his eyes, Burn, said.

''Tired already, Burn?'' The boy with hair whipped to the side, Gazel, said smirking.

''What? No!'' Burn replied.

''U-hu.'' Gazel replied teasingly.

Burn sighed, rolled his eyes and pressed a kiss on his boyfriends' lips. Gazel smirked against Burns' lips and kissed back.

''Get a room you two.'' Gouenji said grinning.

''Don't be jealous.'' Burn replied. ''I can't help it that you're single.''

Gouenji laughed.

''Two words. Ayasumi Mamera. 'Nuff said.'' He replied.

Burn grinned.

''I thought that was over?'' He said.

''Nope.'' Gouenji replied.

''Well, you and Fubuki are the two only persons who aren't into guys.'' Hiroto noticed, while he wrapped his arms around the waist of his boyfriend, Midorikawa.

Fubuki shrugged his shoulders.

''I like girls better.'' He said.

''Anyway, let's all go home. It's been a long day.'' Endou suggested.

He and Kazemaru grabbed their sporting bags and walked off in the same directions.

''Do it safely.'' Burn shouted with a grin.

''Shut up, idiot.'' Gazel hissed to him, while he gave Burn an elbow.

''Ow, geez.'' He replied.

Kidou rolled his eyes and looked at his boyfriend, Sakuma.

''Let's go too.'' He said.

Sakuma nodded. The two said goodbye and walked off too. Every couple left, until it was just Gouenji and Fubuki.

''I'll be going too. Mamera is coming over for dinner and I still need to do grocery shopping.'' He said.

Fubuki smiled.

''Sure. Have fun.'' He replied.

''Thanks, bud. Catch up with you later.'' Gouenji said.

Then, he waved and walked off, leaving Fubuki on the bench at the riverbank on his own. The snow boy sighed and stared in the distance. Suddenly, he saw a weird blue star in the sky. It was shining really bright.

''Weird… What's that?'' Fubuki asked out loud.

The star became brighter and brighter and it seemed to approach him.

''What in the- AAAH!'' Fubuki shouted, while he suddenly got blinded by light.

A loud 'whoosh' was heard, and suddenly, everything turned dark. Fubuki heard total silence. He couldn't open his eyes. He fought against the pressure he felt on his body. His head hurt and his body felt like it was floating. Fubuki still struggled to open his eyes. In the distance, he could hear voices. It sounded really vague, like he was underwater or something. What in the world is going on?

~ End of chapter ~

Mamera: Hi guys! This is the intro of my new story 'Time Travel'. I know it's short, but I just wanted to give you guys a sneak peak for what's about to come. I finish 'Inazuma Latte' first and then I'll start writing the second chapter for this story. I hope you guys will check it out! This story is OC X Fubuki centered and is AU, which means Alternative Universe (I guess. I'm not sure.) Anyway, what I mean with that is that it isn't about soccer. I hope you guys will still read it anyway. First, I'll finish 'Inazuma Latte' though. For the people who red this, but didn't red 'Inazuma Latte', please do! I would really appreciate it! Let me know what you think of this. This chapter might be a little but boring, but I promise that the next chapters will be better. This was just the start. More action is about to come! Please, leave a review! It would make me so happy! Until next time! Lots of love! xoxo