~ Time Travel ~

Warnings: AU, OOC-ness, one own OC, Centered around Fubuki x OC, scolding

Italic = thoughts

Chapter Seven: The journey goes on

Normal P.O.V.

Maira woke up around dinner time. Fubuki had stayed beside her bed the whole time.

''Welcome back, sunshine.'' He said with a smile.

Maira smiled back.

''That was a pretty tough battle…'' She replied.

Fubuki nodded.

''Yeah, you were pretty beat afterwards.'' He said.

''How did I end up here?'' Maira asked.

''I carried you.'' Fubuki replied a bit shy.

Maira blushed.

''T-Thank you.'' She said.

''Hey, no problem.'' Fubuki replied.

Maira sat up straight and stretched her arms above her head.

''Are you hungry?'' Fubuki asked.

Maira nodded.

''Yeah, pretty much'' She replied.

Fubuki helped her out of the bed and together, they walked down the stairs. They found the old woman who Fubuki saw earlier.

''I have prepared some food for you two.'' The woman said with a smile.

Maira bowed in return.

''Thanks for taking care of us.'' She replied.

The woman smiled again.

''It's an honor to take care of the two Chosen One's.'' She said.

Then, she beckoned to a table.

''Please, sit down.'' She said.

Fubuki and Maira took place at the table and the old lady both gave them a bowl full of spicy noodles.

''It's my specialty.'' She said with a wink.

Maira and Fubuki took their chopsticks in their hands.

''Itadakimasu.'' They said in union.

Then, they started eating.

''This is delicious!'' Maira praised.

The old woman blushed.

''Well then you, young lady.'' She replied.

''You can call me Maira.'' Maira said with a smile.

Then, she gave a nod to Fubuki.

''And that's Fubuki.'' She added.

The woman smiled. Fubuki was the first one to finish his bowl.

''I was hungry!'' He said.

Maira giggled.

''Didn't you eat after you carried me here?'' She asked.

''Of course not! I stayed by your side the entire time.'' Fubuki replied serious.

Maira blushed.

''Y-You did? Wow… thank you.'' She said.

Fubuki smiled.

''I promised I would take care of you.'' He replied.

Maira could only blush. The old woman smiled and a thought appeared in her head.

''Young love is the strongest.'' She whispered.

''Hmm?'' Maira asked, who didn't understood the old woman.

''It's nothing, my dear.'' The old woman replied with a smile.

She winked at the two young-adults. Fubuki looked puzzled at Maira. She shook her shoulders.

''Anyway, I think we need to travel further.'' Maira said.

''Now? But it's evening.'' The old woman replied.

''I know, but we can't lose time. Everyday, more creatures escape from the Dark Realm. We need to be as fast as possible.'' Maira said serious.

The old woman sighed. She turned towards Fubuki.

''Make sure to keep an eye on her.'' She said worried.

''I will.'' Fubuki replied with a smile.

Maira stood up and bowed once again in front of the old lady.

''I won't forget you.'' She said with a smile.

The old lady smiled back.

''Good luck on your journey. May the Goddix be with you.'' She replied.

Maira smiled thankful. Then, she looked at Fubuki and smiled a cute smile.

''Let's go.'' She said.

Fubuki nodded.

''Un.'' He replied.

He smiled at the old woman.

''Thank you for your generosity. We'll keep Aculis save.'' He said.

''Good luck, young man.'' The woman replied.

Then, Maira and Fubuki left the tavern.

''So, where are heading towards next?'' Fubuki asked, when they stepped into the evening red outside.

It wasn't that cold, since it was summer and the sun was busy going under.

''We're going towards Mystique Lake. There will be the ancient Aqua temple.'' Maira replied.

''Is it far from here?'' Fubuki asked.

''Well, we have to go through a rainforest.'' Maira replied.

Fubuki sighed.

''A long road.'' He concluded.

''It will be most likely that we have to spend the night in the rain forest.'' Maira said.

''Okay… So, where's the beginning of the rainforest?'' Fubuki asked.

Maira pointed behind one of the mountains.

''Behind that mountain.'' She said.

''Why don't you summon Blazebird and fly us to Mystique Lake?'' Fubuki asked.

Maira smiled.

''That would be easy, right? That's not allowed. The two Chosen One's must reach their destination by their own power.'' She said.

''Oh great.'' Fubuki replied, while he rolled with his eyes.

Maira giggled and pushed him a bit.

''Oh, come on. Now, we have more time to spend together.'' She said.

Then, she blushed when she realized what she actually said. It came straight from her heart. Fubuki heard it too and smiled sweetly.

''You're right about that. Well then, let's go.'' He said.

''U-Un.'' Maira replied.

Together, they walked through the other village gate, on the other side of the village and continued their journey. This mountain path went upwards and made a turn to the left. It was a tough climb and when they were finally at the turn, Maira and Fubuki were panting. Maira looked left and started smiling.

''Look, the beginning of the rainforest.'' She said, while she pointed at the high trees and vines.

Fubuki smiled too.

''Let's get going.'' He replied.

Together, they turned left and walked towards the beginning of the forest. Birds were chirping, frogs were heard and all kinds of creatures flew through the sky and sat in the trees. It was damp, humid and warm in the rainforest. Maira and Fubuki had to cut some vines away to clear the path they were walking on.

''I bet it was a long time ago, the last time a person walked on this path.'' Fubuki said, while he had to cut another vine away.

Maira smiled.

''People don't make long travels here. It's too dangerous. And if they have to, they always travel in a big group or use some kind of transportation.'' She replied.

''Isn't it a bit unfair that we're not allowed to do that?'' Fubuki asked.

''It's to make us stronger. We can't do things the easy way on this quest.'' Maira replied.

''Life pretty sucks when you're a Chosen One.'' Fubuki said, without realizing what he actually said.

''Yeah, it does…'' Maira replied gloomy, while she stopped walking.

''I mean, you can't do anything fun, the whole world relies on you and everything is about 'getting stronger', isn't it?'' Fubuki went on.

Then, he stopped when he heard a sob. He turned around. Maira looked to the ground, her bangs covering her eyes, but Fubuki could see the tears streaming down her cheeks. His eyes widened when realization hit him. What have I said?

''Maira, oh my gosh. I'm so sorry.'' Fubuki said, while he quickly walked towards the crying girl and wrapped his arm around her.

Maira slowly shook it off and walked a few passed forward, letting Fubuki face her back.

''You're right… I can't do fun things. My life has already been decided for me. I have to save Aculis and die afterwards. I don't have a future. At the end of this quest, I'll be dead…'' She said.

''Maira… I didn't want to make you feel this way.'' Fubuki replied.

Maira let out another sob and started to dash away.

''Maira, no. WAIT!'' Fubuki shouted, while he tried to chase her.

She was pretty fast and the bushes and vines didn't make it any better. Fubuki struggled forward, but had lost Maira out of his sight. He walked angrily towards a tree and smacked his fist against it.

''DAMMIT!'' He growled. ''Good going, Shirou.''

He sighed and decided to continue looking for Maira. Maira, in the mean time, had dashed off somewhere and halted herself, while she cried.

''Stupid faith! Stupid destiny!'' She shouted angrily.

She sat down on the ground and pulled up her knees, while she kept on sobbing. Suddenly, she felt a warm liquid flowing down over her left shoulder. Maira looked up at her left shoulder. It was drool. Her eyes widened and she slowly turned around. A giant, black, hairy spider from at least five meters tall stood in front of her. Its eight eyes were colored bloody red and drool came out of its mouth, while his jaws were moving. Maira let out a high-pitched scream and crawled back. Fubuki, who was walking somewhere heard it.

''MAIRA!'' He shouted, while he started to dash towards the direction he heard Maira's voice coming from.

Maira backed away more and the spider made a loud growl. He snapped his jaws, as a sign that he was planning to eat Maira. Maira knew she had to fight, but she was too terrified to do something. She couldn't think straight anymore. She just looked with widened eyes at the creature, who was moving closer, still snapping its jaws.

''Let this be a quick death.'' Maira murmured to herself, while she closed her eyes.

Just when the spider was about to jump on her, Maira heard a battle cry, followed by a screech of the spider. She opened her eyes in surprise, just in time to see Fubuki on the spider with his Crossblade stuck into the spider's body.

''Take this!'' He said, while he stuck in the blade even further.

The spider cried another cry and his paws couldn't carry his painful body any more.

''Where's the chip, Maira?'' Fubuki shouted.

Maira closed her eyes and bright light surrounded her.

''In it's fourth paw.'' Maira replied.

''Good!'' Fubuki replied.

He took out his sword of the spider and jumped off it's body with a backwards summersault. He landed on his feet and cut off the fourth paw of the spider. Maira closed her eyes, since it looked kind of gross.

''Maira, destroy it!'' Fubuki shouted.

''Right.'' Maira replied, while she opened her eyes again.

She took out her blade and stabbed it into the paw of the spider.

''EMBARU!'' She shouted, while flames destroyed the chip.

The spider now turned into crystal dust. Maira sighed and let herself fall on her knees.

''Pfew… close call.'' She said with a smile.

Fubuki walked towards her and suddenly, Maira's eyes widened. Fubuki had smacked her in the face.

''GODDAMMIT, Maira! You can't just run off like that! I'm supposed to protect you! How can I protect you when I don't know where you are? And moments ago! You didn't even fight! You were just waiting until the monster would kill you. YOU'RE THE CHOSEN ONE, MAIRA! YOU. CAN'T. DIE!'' Fubuki shouted out all his frustrations.

Maira closed her eyes, letting Fubuki yell at her. Her eyes became teary. She knew he was right.

''I-I'm sorry.'' Maira said.

Then, she felt something wrapping around her body. Fubuki had fell onto his knees and had wrapped his arms around the girl.

''Gosh, never ever do that again, okay?'' He asked.

''Okay.'' Maira whispered back, while some tears escaped her eyes silently.

''I would blame myself forever if something was about to happen to you.'' Fubuki said, while he suddenly felt like crying too.

He, the once soft but now tough Fubuki Shirou, was about to cry. His emotions for this precious girl were going so far.

''Fubuki, I'm really sorry.'' Maira cried in his shoulder.

Fubuki rubbed the girl on her back.

''I know. And I know this is all hard for you. You never asked to die. You can't help this destiny. But we both know you have to fulfill it. And I will stay by your side until the end. That's a promise.'' He said.

''Fubuki…'' Maira replied soft.

The warm feeling in her stomach increased. She never ever wanted to leave his side anymore. Until her final seconds, she would stay with him. Fubuki pulled back and brushed a strand of hair out of Maira's face. Her beautiful, innocent, grey eyes stared at him. She was so beautiful. Fubuki didn't hesitate and lend forward, pressing his lips softly on Maira's. Maira's eyes widened and a major blush appeared on her cheeks. She didn't know how quick she had to wrap her arms around Fubuki's neck and to kiss back. Fubuki smiled in his kiss and asked for entrance. Maira gladly gave it to him and the kiss deepened. They both tried to make it last as long as possible, but after a while they had to gasp for air. Maira smiled, while she panted.

''I love you, Shirou.'' She said.

''I love you too, Maira.'' Fubuki replied.

They quickly kissed again. And again. And again. They kept kissing until it became dark and it was time to sleep. They lay next to each other, Fubuki brushing Maira's cheek with his thumb.

''You're so beautiful.'' Fubuki whispered.

Maira blushed.

''I can't believe this is happening…'' She whispered back.

Fubuki pressed another kiss on Maira's lips.

''Well, believe it.'' He said with a smile.

Maira smiled back.

''Let's go to sleep now. Tomorrow, we'll be reaching Mystique Lake.'' Fubuki said.

Maira nodded. She pressed her body close to Fubuki's, giving him her back. Fubuki wraps his arms around her waist and laid his chin on her head. He took in her sweet scent.

''I love you, Maira.'' He said again.

''I love you too, Shirou. Always.'' Maira replied.

She felt how Fubuki pressed a kiss on her head. She smiled. Then, they both drifted off to sleep.

~ End of chapter ~

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