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Chapter 1: A Day in the Life

Another boring day at work, another rent payment. Yay.

As I left the office building, she ran out to meet me...the miss queen bitch of the universe...at least in my mind.

"Daniel! Daniel, wait up!" she shouted. Had I not hated her with every fiber of my being, I might have been a gentleman and stopped.

That wasn't me today.

I kept walking until I felt her hand on my arm, which caused me to stop. I let out a little growl and turned to look at her, my green eyes shining in the sun. "What do you want, Kristen? Unless the world is coming to an end, we don't have anything to talk about. Wait, we still wouldn't have anything to talk about."

She huffed and released my arm. "Are you still going to hold that against me? Seriously? It's been almost a year."

I glared at her and dropped my bag. "Yeah, I'm going to hold it against you. You set up that party Tina went to, and as a matter of fact, you were fucking there with her!"

"Hey, you cheated on her!" the redhead – no scratch that, ginger – shouted.

I ground my teeth and growled out, "Yeah, once...and it was because she stopped responding to my texts and calls for over a week. I don't know what world you come from, but when I get purposefully ignored, that constitutes as a breakup in my book...and I know damn well she didn't lose her phone or anything, because she posts on facebook and shit all the damn time. That and the fact she cheated on me multiple times." Before she could speak again, I stepped forward, using the foot of height I had on her to my advantage. "No, shut the fuck up. I'm not going to play into the whole feminist society bullshit that if a woman cheats, it's because she's being neglected...where if a man cheats, it's because he's a horny shitbag that doesn't appreciate what he has. No, fuck that...it's backwards in this case. I was away on business for only a month and she has a gangbang with six dudes. So fuck you, fuck her, and fuck anyone that thinks like you. Both of your gene pools need to be sterilized so that your decrepit spawn can never plague the Earth. Good day, ma'am." Before she could say anything more, I picked up my bag, hopped in my van, and drove away.

I was a repair technician for computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, heating units, and even tv's. It was mindless work most of the time, but it kept me busy and paid my bills very well, along with allowing me to put money away for a retirement fund.

And here I always wanted to be a fireman.

Still, when I got home, things were always winding down so I could chill out for whatever jobs I would have the next day. My career choice didn't leave much room for any type of relationship or anything, but at the moment I could care less. If you caught any of that conversation between me and that dumb bitch of a redhead, you know why. Oh...of course you did, my bad.

Anyway, I took a quick shower and picked up my house before turning on my stereo system with Pandora and turning on my computer. You see, I had a bit of a guilty pleasure...and it was called DigiWorld. It was a fan-made social networking game sort of thing that allowed you to be a person in the digital world of Digimon. Yes I know it's kinda weird for a twenty-six year old guy to be playing around with kid games and such, but fuck you. I find it fun and it keeps me from stabbing people, so all's well.

Basically the layout of the site was unlike anything I'd seen before. You could choose to be either a tamer or a digimon partner. It was a unique spin to the universe of digimon, and I have to say that so far, it's worked pretty well. I had chosen to be a tamer, and not a week after I had created an account, a Relemon had chosen to be my partner digimon. The thing that I found most odd was that whoever this person was, they fully immersed themselves in it. Now I had always made fun of those role-playing gamers who got like completely into the game, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't found it to be a lot of fun. So after the first week or so of this, I stopped thinking of Relemon as a person playing a character.

Instead, it was an actual digimon to me.

The game was much more than just social networking of course, and you could wander with your partner and battle AI controlled digimon to make your digimon partner stronger. I did this for quite some time, and at startling speed, Relemon had digivolved to become a Viximon. Even now I remember thinking about how stupid I must have seemed at the moment, clapping my hands in excitement in the quiet of my home because of this, but I didn't care.

Like I said, it keeps me from stabbing people.

So anyway, today was like most days for me. Viximon and I were walking around the wilds of the digital world fighting rogue digimon here and there, while I allowed her to absorb the leftover data to become stronger. By what her "level" gauge read, she should be digivolving again anytime now, and I was honestly very excited again. After all, Renamon was my favorite digimon. Now I know that some of the more distasteful people out there are all like, "Dude, that fox is so hot! I'd bang the shit out of her!" Well to those people, I pity them. First of all, there is nothing saying that all Renamon were female. Secondly, it's a cartoon. Seriously...even if I were into that, it's not like it could ever happen. It's just one of those things that are separated by reality and fantasy. No, instead I was excited because it was a fighting fox with awesome markings and powerful muscles. I mean, there were all sorts of stories of Renamon being able to move faster than eighty miles per hour, jump over buildings as easy as if they were ant hills, and yet be quiet enough to sneak up and assassinate nearly any digimon it needed to.

Sure, most of these were from fan-fictions I'd caught here and there, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Anyhow, we were in the middle of a battle right now with a rogue Agumon. The small dinosaur-like being was fighting valiantly, but even with being a level above Viximon, my card skills and Viximon's fighting prowess won out in the end, though Viximon was very tired.

Even with text coming up on the screen, I envisioned Viximon's voice in my head. Now I know I just said that no digimon had to be male or female, but it was pretty clear to me that the person playing the Viximon was a woman...either that or a really good male actor. Does that make me gay? I don't know...random thought.

"Daniel, thank you for that. Had it not been for you, I might not have-" Viximon began to say, before being interrupted as its body began to glow a bright white.

I watched the screen in awe as her form began to change, becoming much taller and more defined. The shape alone no longer looked like a little plush fox stuffed animal, it was instead very tall, humanoid, and...curvy? Okay...I now know for a fact that a dude must have designed this game. The hips of the digimon were wider than the rest of the torso, the thighs were strong and powerful, and it had two large and deadly clawed hands with three fingers each. There were lavender markings under the eyes, as well as on the thighs, and the only pieces of clothing it wore were two cloth forearm pieces, also lavender with the yin and yang symbol on it. The eyes were not white like "normal" eyes would be, instead they were solid black with blue irises and pupils.

I couldn't stop staring at the Renamon. I mean, I'd heard a lot about them, but it was entirely different to actually see one on the screen, moving. See, the game engine allowed for many things, most notably the little subtle movements that a real living thing does, such as ear twitches, the soft rise and fall of the chest from breathing, as well as shifting posture and even twiddling fingers in nervousness. The thing was literally limitless, and I honestly didn't know how it worked.

All I know is that it looked amazing in high definition.

Now I know what most of you are thinking. You're thinking, "Dude, you're such a loser. It's just a game." No, good sir, it's not just a game. A perfect reason why would be what happened next.

Renamon were known for their very reserved personalities and were often aloof to strangers, but were utterly devoted to their tamers. Renamon looked directly at the screen – right at me – and gave the smallest of smiles.

"Thank you, Daniel. It's because of you that I've been able to reach this level." she said (texted).

I typed back, "You're very welcome, Renamon. I wasn't the one actually fighting though, so don't sell yourself short."

Renamon nodded and gave the smallest of grins again. "True. All the same, thank you." I then saw the character sigh and close its eyes. "I wish I could thank you in person, but it appears that cannot be. After all, I am just a digimon and I'm stuck in the digital world."

This would be the first time that my partner had slightly broken character, referring to me – the real me. I decided to play along, so I typed back, "If you one day find a way, I'm always available."

Renamon nodded with a stoic expression. "Perhaps soon there will be a way."

"Perhaps." I typed back. "Well, it's late so I'm going to go ahead and hit the hay."

As per the mechanics of the game, I went to my "house" and lay down on my bed to "sleep". As I did so, I noticed Renamon taking a place in the corner of the room to watch over me – or my avatar anyway – and I couldn't help but smile.

She then looked away from my avatar and back to the real me again. "Sleep well, Daniel."

I then hit the logoff button and stood up, allowing my computer to go into sleep mode. "Weird."

I changed into my pajamas and lay down on my bed, an honest smile on my face. Today hadn't been too bad, all things considered. I mean sure, that bitch Kristen had tried to start shit with me, but work had been easy and well-paying – as usual – and the DigiWorld had been fun too. So, I lay my head on my pillow and promptly fell asleep, enjoying the fact that tomorrow would be a day off.

3rd Person PoV

As Daniel fell asleep, he failed to notice his computer had awakened itself, and was running a strange string of different codes and runtimes. Small bits of electricity began sparking around it, but this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Outside, things were far more dire. Unknown to the citizens of the town of Shawnee Mission, a large grid had formed around the entirety of Daniel's house.

Energy began to gather and a faint humming accompanied it, and then with a bright flash of light, the entire house vanished off the face of the Earth.