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Chapter 14: It's Not Over Yet!

So. Tired.

It was bad...all bad. As I woke late in the morning, I realized two things. First of all, I felt like a limp noodle. The previous day's exhaustion had caught up with me full-force, and it felt like I had run a marathon in full combat gear, while listening to Ben Stein recite the Declaration of Independence repeatedly. Secondly, my brain was fuzzy and disorganized, as if I'd overindulged on drink and couldn't think straight.

I struggled to turn over onto my side to sit up, but my need to relieve myself overpowered my lethargy. I slowly stood and trudged to the restroom across the hall, nearly tripping a few times in the process, but somehow not doing too much damage to myself.

After doing my morning grooming I felt much more awake, but my body still worked against me, pleading with pain for me to stop moving, get back in bed, and never leave again. I denied its request of course, but my nerves and aching body made sure to let me know how much it loathed moving around. Eventually though, I made my way downstairs and fixed myself a simple breakfast of cereal and strawberries, only because I was too tired to do much else.

As I sat at the table eating, I looked out the window to notice it was still dark out, which caused me to look to my clock to see it was only four in the morning ‒ an hour earlier than I normally woke. Normally it wouldn't make sense that I was still awake at such an early hour, but my brain took the incentive to make me think about all the crazy shit that had happened the day before. I mean, I changed into a monster...somehow. I never thought of myself as a science-y guy, but even I knew that a human body wasn't supposed to be able to do that.

The power that came with the change was intoxicating too, and that scared me a little. What scared me the most was the fact that I liked it. I liked the power to be able to smash that bastard Myotismon through a wall like it was nothing. I liked the fact that those steel cables that I couldn't even dream of breaking on my own snapped just from my change alone. At that moment, as the last of my rational mind had ebbed away, I remember everything being sharper. My senses became supercharged, as if my whole life until that point had been spent in a dark box with no smells, and no sounds. It was like being dead until that moment, and suddenly I was given life. I loved that feeling. I wanted more of it.

And that was what scared me.

Lex had told me that a loss of rationale like that can happen to a digimon too if they weren't careful. It made me wonder: was that what what Lex battled with all the time? I mean, it probably wasn't as bad for her, because she'd had such a long time to learn to control it. But that power...fuck, the power. As bad as it made me feel, a part of me could understand why Myotismon would want more of that feeling. It went beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. It was better than sex. No, scratch that, it was better than great sex.

The last thought caused my mind to drift to Lex, and a certain longing entered my mind.

I loved what I had with Lex, but I couldn't ignore certain aspects of my physiology. The fact of the matter was that kissing her, feeling her, and hearing her moan my name would inevitably get me aroused...and her paws could only do so much. Creativity was a strength of hers, but there was always a part of me that wanted to share true lovemaking with her. The problem was, it wasn't even an option. There was no slot A for my peg A to go into...and sometimes, I wouldn't care if the slot was square. To some people, it wouldn't seem like a big deal, but the truth was that it had become difficult to love her so much, and yet not be able to share that intimacy with her.

Thankfully, the depressing thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my bedroom door opening, and the sound of soft padding on the hardwood floors of the second floor. Perhaps it was my heightened senses or perhaps I had just become more alert since having her in my life, but I had come to recognize Lexia's stride by sound, quiet as it was.

A few moments later, she appeared at the bottom of the stairs, her eyes still closed as she found her way through our home by touch and memory. She then slowly made her way over to me before embracing me from behind as I sat at the table, and she nuzzled my cheek affectionately.

"Daniel," she pleaded with a whisper, "come back to bed. We can go without training today..."

I snorted a laugh as I drank the remainder of the milk from my cereal before putting the bowl down. "I wasn't planning on exercising today...I need to rest."

Lexia planted loving butterfly kisses along my cheek and left eye before asking, "Then why are you awake?"

I shrugged, bringing my hand up to rub her arm with a sigh. "Can't sleep. Thinking about yesterday for the most part."

The Renamon brought her head to rest on my shoulder, her face right beside mine as she squeezed me a bit tighter. "Yeah...me too."

I relished the feeling of her strong arms around me and sighed worriedly. "Lex...am I turning into a monster?"

"No." she answered sternly without hesitation, gently tightening her grip on me. "What you experienced is the same thing that every digimon battles with until they learn to control it. That power is yours, and that 'monster' isn't a monster at all...it's still you. Once you learn to overcome the flood of power, you will be able to use it without losing yourself." She then took my chin in her hand and turned my face to look at her. "I'll help with that."

Just like that, the worry that was plaguing me left, replaced by a feeling of security. I smiled as I leaned against her. "Thanks, Lex."

I felt her lips brush against my cheek as she replied, "No problem."

I attempted to stand and put my dish away, but was held down by Lexia. I was about to ask what she was doing when my bowl was pushed away and she hopped onto the table in front of me, taking its place. She then brought her left leg up over my head, leaving me staring at the soft white fur of her stomach.

I brought my eyes to hers and raised my eyebrow as I asked, "What's on your mind, Lex?"

She smirked and brought her hands to cradle my face. "I never did tell you the other reason for why digimon choose the strongest to be their partner, did I?" I shook my head, which only caused her smirk to grow in intensity as she leaned in close, her lips just a few scant inches away from my ear. She then whispered, "It is unbelievably arousing to see a display of strength such as the one you showed yesterday." When she leaned back to look at my growing smile, she added, "It was just a shame you were so exhausted."

At that point, all exhaustion was forgotten as I rose from my seat and forcefully shoved her down flat onto the table, causing my bowl to be pushed off of the surface and clatter to the floor. I didn't care though, as I had a certain beautiful vixen that needed tending to. I felt as her legs wrapped around my waist and locked behind me, preventing me from leaving her unsatisfied. Not that I would want to of course, but it was always good to know she found me as attractive as I found her.

I took in the beauty of Lexia lying in front of me, anxiously waiting for me to fall upon her and ravage her once again. I obliged just a moment later, my mouth targeting the sensitive skin of her throat.

"Ooh...D-Daniel…" she moaned softly, wrapping her arms around the back of my neck as her claws softly kneaded at my skin.

I let my hands do the talking as I brought them up and caressed her, firmly running over her body as I continued to attack her throat with my mouth. After planting a few forceful kisses along her throat, I moved to the bottom of her neck and took a small patch of flesh in my mouth, sucking hard and letting my teeth pinch the skin for a moment before I released. Her breath hitched at this action, and began coming out in short pants as her claws began pressing harder against my neck and back. Her hips rocked against me as she moaned louder, just barely restraining herself from waking our houseguests.

Lexia's right hand left my back as it snaked around between us before undoing my belt pants and unzipping them, leaving me standing at attention in the the boxer-briefs I was wearing. She glanced between us before looking up at me with a smoldering grin. "Well well, it looks like I'm not the only one who was left a little unsatisfied yesterday."

I leaned down to catch her lips with my own, engaging her in a heated kiss before pulling away with a smile of my own. "I can never have enough of you, Lexia. Ever."

Her smile turned from sultry to warm and inviting, and her eyes seemed to glisten a bit as she returned my kiss with the same fiery intensity. After she pulled away from me, she asked, "Would you accept me always, Daniel? Would you accept my bio-bond?"

I wasn't even surprised by her question, even in the haze of lust I felt. I had been expecting it for awhile now, and as such, I didn't even have to think of my answer. "I will be yours always, you mine. Of course I accept your bio-bond, Lex." I had never been more sure of anything in my entire life. I would live or die for her, just as she would do for me. Just as she was promising to give herself completely to me, I wished to give myself in entirety to her. After only a little over a year, I was doubtless in my choice.

She smiled gently as a single tear dropped from her left eye, and she hugged me tight. "I love you, Daniel." She then released me and said, "Let if flow."

I was unsure what she meant for a moment, but then felt the same energy welling up within me that I felt the previous day. The difference was that I felt no hatred that accompanied the energy, nor a loss of conscious thought. Instead, I only felt overwhelming strength flowing through me. I didn't fight it, and instead let if flow, just like Lex had told me.

Her fur began to become more vivid in color, and she smiled gently before pulling me close into another kiss, moaning into it as heat began to invade our bodies. Sensations increased tenfold, and the feeling of her lips on mine was quite possibly better than I could have ever imagined. I simply closed my eyes and gave all of my love to Lexia, just as it should be.

Rika's PoV

I woke to some loud noises in Daniel's home, and no matter how much I tried to roll over and fall back asleep, I couldn't. So, I glanced at the clock on the bedside table and groaned angrily.

"Four-thirty. Someone better have a damn good idea for all this noise." I growled as I stood, throwing on a shirt and pajama bottoms.

I opened the bedroom door and walked out into the hallway, finding that the noises only became louder the closer I got to the living room of the home. When I rounded the corner of the hallway, however, it became quite clear what the noises were.


Being the level-headed woman that I was, I did a quick check of the situation. I knew that I wasn't doing anything that would warrant such noises, and I was pretty sure that neither Takato nor Guilmon were into boys. That was besides the fact that one of the voices was definitely female, so that only left one other option.

Just as I was about to pass out from the embarrassment of what I'd stumbled upon, a very strange sound began to emanate from the living room of the home, gradually bleeding out the more lewd vocalizations. It sounded like the humming of powerful electricity building, only it was layered to several different pitches and was too loud. This worried me a little, so against my better judgement, I ventured down the stairs to see what was happening.

When I reached the living room itself, I was caught by surprise by the sight of something that I couldn't make sense of. A cube of a digital grid covered the entire dining area, blocking my sight of whatever was happening.

"Ugh, what the hell is all the...noise?" I heard the confused voice of Takato from across the room, who was followed by his bleary-eyed partner.

I felt a soft pawing at my leg, and looked down to see Gatomon looking up at me in confusion. "Rika, what's going on?"

I looked back to the digital grid before us and shrugged, nearly shouting, "I have no idea."

After a few moments of watching, I noticed the cube began to pinch in on itself and take a different shape. Two lumps emerged from the top as it began to shrink, and this gave way to the shape of what had to be shoulders.

My years as a tamer kicked in immediately, and I looked to Takato worriedly. "We've got digimon coming in!"

He looked over at me in confusion. "But we're in the digital realm!"

I grit my teeth and replied, "I know! Just get ready!"

He looked ready to argue, but instead nodded and drew his cards from his pocket, stepping back to allow Guilmon to prepare for battle. Gatomon did the same as we waited for whatever was going to happen.

The "pinching" of the grid-shape was slowing down, and after a moment of ceasing all movement, it seemed to explode with a loud bang and flash of light. The sound alone left my ears ringing, and the flash caused me to go completely blind for a few moments.

"Rika! You okay?" was the first thing I heard when some semblance of my hearing returned.

I cleared my throat and replied, "Yeah! I'm okay!"

"Why are you two yelling?" asked the confused voice of who could only be Gatomon.

I blinked my eyes a few times as the spots disappeared, and looked down at the small cat digimon. "Because we couldn't see or hear anything."

She looked up at me with a raised eyebrow before shaking her head and turning back to the dining room. "Humans are flimsy."

I rolled my eyes and turned my gaze back to the dining room, only to find that the digital grid had disappeared completely, replaced with two glowing figures. It was then that I began to recognize the one on the left. The long, flowing hair and the large staff ‒ it was all so familiar to me.

"Sakuyamon?" I mused aloud.

A moment after I mentioned her, Sakuyamon stepped out of the glow that had encompassed her, and stood in front of all of us. The only problem with this was that it didn't make sense to me. The mega form of Lexia was supposed to only be accessible through a biomerge with her tamer, but through the body style it was clear she was completely female.

She then reached up with her free hand and removed her headpiece, showing me what her face looked like for the first time.

Sakuyamon had very soft features for a warrior, looking so graceful and beautiful. She opened her eyes and I found that they were still the same as a Renamon's, though now smaller to fit her face. She smiled at me gently as she stepped forward, and I mirrored her until we stood in front of each other. Even looking so different, I knew it was Lexia, and so felt no fear in approaching.

"W-what happened?" I couldn't help but ask aloud, seeing as how the other three occupants were choosing to be silent.

She smiled gently. "I've reached my pinnacle, Rika. After all these years, I've reached the top."

Her voice was her own, not layered with another's. It was a novel experience, but I focused on the question that would drive me mad if I didn't have an answer. "How?"

She continued smiling, but stood next to me as she turned to look at the other glowing figure before us. The figure moved toward us, the sound of metal plates clanging together being the predominant sound we heard, and from the shape alone it became clear that whatever it was wore armor of some sort. It continued advancing until it stood directly in front of Lexia and I, and she reached out to touch it as the other did the same.

Once their hands touched, the glow vanished, showing something that I had never seen before in all my years.

The thing in front of me was an imposing figure on its own. It was covered in strange armor the likes of which one would expect to see in Europe's middle ages, but also like nothing that had existed. The armor itself was as green as the forests, with gold trimming and a large yellow gem in the center of the chestpiece. The helmet resembled a lion's head, complete with a flowing blonde mane, and it was at that point I realized what this was.

"Daniel?" I asked cautiously.

The figure fumbled a bit as it reached up to the helmet, but once it did the helmet was promptly removed, producing Daniel himself from within the mountain of metal.

He looked around, bewildered, before looking over himself. "What the hell happened?"

Lexia smiled at him as she answered, "My power is yours, and yours, mine. That power is then multiplied tenfold, and shared between us. What you see is the result of that."

He looked up at Lexia and asked, "Is there any way to get rid of it? Not that it's not cool and everything, but it's kinda pointless to have in this environment. We're at home, not on the battlefield."

She looked a little offended at his question, but answered anyway. "Relax and will it away. It should respond to you just fine."

He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing as he did as she instructed, and a moment later the armor seemed to meld into his skin, disappearing altogether. When he opened his eyes, he looked over himself, a little confused. "That was strange." Seemingly realizing what he said, his head shot up to look at Lexia. "I-I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I wasn't expecting a full suit of epic armor when I did this. I was expecting a rush of power, but not that."

Lexia smiled and nodded. "I understand, Daniel. I apologize for not preparing you beforehand, but I had no idea how that would turn out, to be honest."

"How what would turn out?" I asked, determined to get an answer to just what the hell happened.

Lexia looked down at me and smiled gently. "A bio-bond, Rika." She moved to Daniel's side and linked her arm in his, which he took without hesitation. "We are mated for life, Rika."

I scratched the top of my head as I tried to come to terms with what I was hearing. "Bio-bond? I've never heard of any of this."

Lexia smiled gently as she answered, "It is a mating ritual of sorts, but it is irreversible." She looked to Daniel and gazed lovingly into his eyes. "We are to be together for the rest of our lives now."

I cocked my eyebrow up as I asked, "What do you mean?"

Daniel saw fit to answer me this time as he looked over to me with a bit of a pained smile. "Our lives are literally connected, Rika. If something were to happen to one of us, the other would experience that same pain...or death."

I gasped as the reality of what they were telling me hit home. "My God...that's horrible. Why would you do that?"

Daniel's smile brightened a bit at my question, which put me somewhat at ease. "Because now I have the power to protect her just like she would me," he then grew a little nervous as he said, "and...umm, well you see…"

"I lacked the ability to mate with Daniel." Lexia answered bluntly.

My eyes widened a bit as a blush overtook my face, and I then remembered the sounds I had heard during the morning. "O-oh, well...umm…"

A flash of light issued forth from in front of me, and when I looked back, it was to see that Lexia had dedigivolved to a Renamon again. However something seemed off, if what they said was true…

"Wait, something's missing…" Daniel commented as he looked at his mate...damn, that feels strange to think.

I looked over the Renamon in front of me, and noticed that he was right. "You look the same."

Lexia looked down at herself and frowned. "Hmm. I guess it was true what I heard then. It takes some time for the change to fully manifest."

"What do you mean fully manifest?" Daniel asked in annoyance. He used his free hand to motion to Lexia as he said, "Nothing's any different right now. I mean I loved you before and I'll love you after, but I was kinda hoping…" He then groaned and hung his head as he released Lexia from his grasp. "I'll be upstairs taking a cold shower if anyone needs me."

I blinked a few times before looking back to Lexia. I thought for a moment about everything that had just happened, and then shook my head vigorously. "I'm going back to bed. I need at least another three hours of sleep before I can deal with this."

Lexia's PoV

I watched the group disperse with a grin on my muzzle before bounding up the stairs to Daniel's room.

I waited patiently for Daniel to return to me, and during that time took stock of what (if anything) had changed. From my initial observations, Daniel was right ‒ I was the same. Physically, I didn't look or feel any different. Non-physically was a different story, however. I could feel the well of power that lay within my grasp, just begging me to dip into it. It was clear that by my ability to transform into a Sakuyamon without biomerging, I had gained access to a large amount of power through my new bond with Daniel. Along with that, I could feel him at all times. I could sense his mental state, as well as a muddled sense of what he was experiencing. It was a strange new sensation, but one that I welcomed. Never before had I felt so close to anyone, and never again would I feel alone.

I knew Daniel was approaching the bedroom before he even did so, and I also knew that he knew I was no longer downstairs, simply because I knew I wasn't. It is difficult to explain that I simply knew something was true without the need for any sort of proof, but it was also liberating in a way. A mere moment after I felt Daniel's approach, the bedroom door opened to reveal my tamer ‒ my mate ‒ as he strode into the room.

He flopped down on the empty bed space next to me, groaning a bit as he did so. "I think I've found myself tired enough to sleep some more now."

I breathed a soft laugh as I ran my fingers along his back. "And I as well."

He turned over onto his side to look at me, and offered me a smile. "I'm sorry for earlier, babe. It was just a lot to take in, and I was still kinda turned on after all that."

I shook my head with a smile. "Don't apologize, Daniel. Truth be told, you weren't the only one. I simply chose to compose myself better in front of our guests."

He shrugged. "I'm not one for catering my actions to suit other people in my own house. Good thing I have you, or I'd end up acting like an asshole."

I grinned and brought my hand to caress his cheek lightly. "You are fortunate indeed."

He smiled back before grasping me and hugging me tight, burying his face in the fur of my chest. A mere moment later a tremor ran through me, and I gasped in surprise and pleasure as electric shocks shot through my body. I pulled away a bit and looked down at Daniel, who looked just as surprised as me. "W-what did you do?"

He furrowed his brow before brushing his hand over my chest, and when he met a certain spot, the feeling again overtook me and I writhed in his grip. Once I had gotten control of myself, I looked down to see him grinning madly.

"You have nipples now, Lex." he answered, his toothy grin slowly getting larger by the second. He chuckled and said, "Well, even though it'll take some time for you to completely change, I guess I can make due with this while I wait."

He leaned in and his mouth found my newly-acquired appendages, and a bolt of pleasure shot through my body. I couldn't breathe for a moment ‒ I couldn't even think. All that mattered was that he didn't stop, and thankfully, he didn't.

As he continued his ministrations, a fire was stoked in my core, and it quickly grew from a small flame to a roaring blaze. Never before had I felt such sensations, and never so quickly had I found my thoughts clouding over in a haze of pleasure. Was this what I was missing? By the Sovereigns, I should have done this sooner!

Daniel's PoV

With the new additions to her body, Lexia was reacting just like I'd hoped: like a virgin. She was sensitive, being so unaccustomed to the new sensations I was giving her, and I don't think her lack of being vocal was because of her consideration of the other houseguests. Her breath was coming out in short, random puffs of hot air ‒ I don't think she could make noise even if she wanted to.

For the first time, I felt I could return the pleasure and love that Lexia had shown me. Finally, I could show the beauty just how much I loved her body.