It was a rainy day in Mexico. Which was surprising because the jungle nation hadn't seen rain in a while. The little child was sitting on her mother's lap. The Aztec Empire was a strong yet quiet woman. She had a sense of authority that also gave a sense of security. The two nations sat in companionable silence. Yet the little child had a sense of dread. A fear that something awful was soon to come. Eventually she became tired and slept.

She was to tired to stay awake but she enjoyed these moments together that she often fell asleep in the late hours together with her mother. She awoke to screaming awful sounds of pain filled the air. Quietly she stood and excited the hut and wandered through the trees that separated the two nations from the rest of the village. Not long she found herself at a gruesome sight. Bodies of fallen warriors all over the floor. The extravagant temples littered with blood and strange men. The men wore strange clothes and spoke in a strange language that she somehow understood. Slowly she continued to observe the scene before her and as she turned she saw someone who made her heart skip a beat. There in front of her lay her mother. The once powerful nation lay gasping for air her breaths short and shallow. The child ran to her mother and began to cry. Using the last of her strength the Aztec Empire beckoned her daughter to her and raised a hand to her face. "Be strong my child for me and the people. You will one day see how strong you truly are." The little girl looked at her mother with a new light in her eyes "I will. I swear that I will become as strong as you." The Aztec Empire smiled at her daughter and took her last breath.'

A black-haired teen awoke tears streaming down her cheeks. Her brown eyes wide as she cried."Mama." She whispered, then a face came to mind a man with green eyes and brown curly hair. His face was kind and smiling giving his eyes a kind glow. "Papa!" she sobbed and curled up. 'I should visit.' she thought. 'I am his daughter after all. Mama did name me for him. Guadalupe Maria Carriedo Jesus. It was the name he wanted' The teen nation smiled through her tears and fell asleep wondering what he would do when he saw her again.

Lupita had no idea what she was doing in Italy. Something told her she would find her father there though. She continued to wander the cafe lined streets admiring the the buildings and the people. She spoke no Italian yet she felt right at home. Turning a corner she saw a market, and a lovely market it was. Smiling she wandered through looking at the very different colors and sounds. It reminded her of home, her smile fell. Still she walked until she heard a guitar playing. It was a fast and happy tune. And surrounding the song there was a crowd, some clapping and cheering others dancing. Smiles on everyone's faces. And in the middle there was an Italian boy leading the dance. He had brown hair and an unusual curl. He danced gracefully and with an air of skill and knowledge of the dance despite his years. His white shirt and black slacks gave him a look that was sophisticated yet casual. Lupita turned to the guitarist as singing accompanied the music. The moment she heard the voice she froze. For there she saw someone who had helped her so much when she was small. As she stood transfixed the song ended and claping was heard all around. "Great job, Lovi. You sure know how to dance." the green-eyed guitarist said as the crowd cleared. The Italian boy huffed and was about to reply when he caught sight of the shell-shocked Lupita. He slowly approached her "Excuse me miss but are you alright?" Lupita just turned her wide brown eyes to him. "S-sí. Estoy bien.(Y-yes I'm fine)" Upon hearing another speak the guitarist stood with his guitar strapped to his back. "Is someone there Lovino?" He asked as he walked towards them. "U-um puedo usar tu guitara por un momento?(U-um can I use your guitar for a moment)" Lupita asked. The Spaniard shrugged and said sure handing her the guitar.

Sitting on a nearby bench she slowly began to play. The neck of the guitar the perfect size for her the longer she played the more she remembered. So Lupita did what she knew best she sang. She sang a song of remembrance, of forgivance, of family. Then she felt a hand on her cheek. It was a the Italian boy. He was wiping something of her cheek and she realised that she had began to cry. "Hey are you sure your okay? I'm Lovino. Do you need a place to stay? It doesn't really look like you have anywhere to go." Lupita looked at him and smiled. She graciously took the hand he offered and handed the other back his guitar. "Thank you. You are very kind countries." The pair gaped at her and she walked ahead of them with a knowing smile. Eventually the pair took lead and Lupita remained quiet as they led her to Lovino's home.

Lupita awoke again with tears streaming down her face. The only difference was that this time she wasn't alone. A hand was wiping her tears. It was... comforting. In a brotherly way. She slowly opened her ayes and sat up. And there was Lovino. She looked at him questioningly and smiled. Lovino in turn blushed and mumbled something about dinner. The thought of being alone terrified the girl. So she did the only thing that came to mind... she ran up behind Lovino and wrapped her thin arms around his waist and hugged him. Her face buried between his shoulder blades and refused to move no matter how hard Lovino tried he could not get her off. And he was a nation they were a bit stronger than the average human. 'This girls has an iron grip' he thought to himself . But Lovino did not have the heart to be cruel to a crying girl in search of comfort.

"Mind telling me what's on your mind?" He asked her. "And your name." Lupita stayed quiet just long enough for Lovino to think she wasn't going to answer and said "Guadalupe Maria Carriedo Jesus." She whispered quietly. Lovino froze and for a moment Lupita slackened her hold on his waist. In that moment Lovino grabbed her wrist and pulled her in front of him holding her chin up to get a look at her face "Il mio dio. Sembri come lui.(My god. You do look like him.)" He murmured. "LOVI! Where are you?!" a voice called from downstairs. "I'll be there in a minute bastardo!" Lovino yelled in reply. "Lupe. Do you want me to tell that idiot who you are? He can't hurt you at least while I'm around." Lupe just nodded and followed him out finally releasing her hold on him in turn holding his hand. "He-hermano what country do you represent?" Lovino just looked at her. Realising her mistake she stuttered apologies "Lo siento. I shouldn't have called you brother. I -" her apologies were cut off by Lovino saying "It's fine. I was just surprised and I

represent Southern Italy but instead people call me Romano." Lupe stayed quiet and just tightened her grip on his hand. The pair finally reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the kitchen.

"Now you should introduce your self shouldn't you Antonio?" Romano told the other nation. "Ah. Right. Well I'm Antonio Her-"

"Antonio Hernandez Carriedo. And you represent the country of Spain." Lupe interupted. "Correct so who might you be?" looking at Romano who just squeezed her hand in support she turned her gaze to Spain and said in a small voice. "I'm Guadalupe Maria Carriedo Jesus. Daughter of the Aztec Empire and Spain. Representative of Mexico." Spain paled and truly looked at the one who claimed to be his daughter. "Haha I guess the secrets out. I was hoping you'd forget but not everyone can forget the things you've seen." Lupe just smiled a teary smile and launched herself at her father. Holding onto him as if he was her only salvation. "Te extrañe papa.(I missed you, papa.)" she whispered into his shoulder. The country stiffened at the sudden contact but smiled and replied with "A mi tambien, mi hija.(Me too, my daughter)" Romano just stood back and watched his little-sister like country get re-aquainted with her father.

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