Hi everybody! For those of you who don't know me I'm Proud2beMexican. This is my first rant because no offence but I hate the new show 'Stitch!'. This is based on something I found on Deviantart. I do not own Lilo and Stitch or Stitch!

My Pov ~Lilo interview~

"Hello people heres your host Proud2beMexican" (the microphone called). "Now first on the rant show we will be interviewing Lilo!" I said into the camera. Then the six year old Lilo came with her usual red dress on. "Hello Lilo!" I said. "Hi!" she happily waved in the camera. "Now you tell me what you do on your island!" I said. "Well me and Stitch first catch his alien cousins then we find where they trully belong!" Lilo said. "Do you have fun?" I asked. "Duh! Tons of fun! Well until Nani says we have to come in" she said. "Do you ever notice the camera that follows you around?" I asked. "Sometimes but I try to ignore it" Lilo replied. "Do you know that in this dimension you are on a very popular cartoon!" I exclamed. "Duh! Jumba let me use his transporter to travel into different dimensions" she said. "Yeah is there anything else you would like to add?" I asked. "I love listening to The King!" Lilo shouted. There you have it folks now time to interview Yuna!

~Yuna interview~

"Hello Yuna.." I said plainly. "Hi its very great to be on the-" Yuna said before I cut her off. "Yeah yeah yeah whatever.." I said. "Well what do you want to know?" she asked. "Now what is it you do?" I asked. "I hang out with Stitch and I make sure he does good deeds!" Yuna said. I loudly yawned. "So you don't catch aliens?" I asked. "No why would-" I cut her off again. "So you basically tell Stitch what to do?" I asked. "Not entirly but-"

"And you are jelous of Angel?" I asked.

"No! Its just that-"

"And your just another plain happy girl that does girly stuff?" I asked.

"I do karate"

"Your just a plain Mary Sue right?"

"Wait what?"

"So you do know that you have your own show?"

"Yes but-"

"Ugh.. Lame you just usually boss Stitch don't you?"

"I said I don-" I cut her off. "Ok then... Lets have Lilo meet Yuna!" I said.

~Lilo and Yuna interview~

"Hi Lilo nice to see you again!" I said cheerfully. "Hi so who is she?" Lilo asked pointing to Yuna. "I'm Yuna Stitch's best friend!" she exclaimed. "No your not I'm Stitch's best friend! Proud2beMexican what is she talking about?" Lilo asked. "I'm afraid that later in the futer you supposobly 'grow up' and get a new boyfriend and abondon Stitch so your dimension will no longer exist and Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakly will move on to this new dimension" I replied. "What about me and Nani and all the other expirements?!" Lilo asked. "Some expirenents will bevshown but your kicked out" I said. "Oh so your 6 year old Lilo?" Yuna asked. "But I'm not grown up do I look grown up? In my dimension I will never grow up!" Lilo shouted. "Well Stitch is already in my dimension so.." Yuna said. "Kick me out of my own franchise will you? ALL COUSINS ASSEMBLE AND LETS DEFEAT THIS NEW REPLACER!" Lilo shouted. Then all expirements burst through the door except a couple. "Stitch!" Yuna yelled as the cousins chased her out of the room.

"Well their you have it Folks you heard it from Lilo and Yuna! Next up we have Stitch!"