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My Pov ~Original Angel~

"Here comes your host Proud2beMexican!" (the microphone called.) "Hey! I'm back" I called out. "Today we will be having Angel!" I said. Then a pink alien came and sat on the couch. "Hello Angel its nice to see you!" I said. "(Un understandable language)" Angel said. "Ok can we have someone bring a translater?" I asked. Then Jumba came and put a translater on Angel. "It is new invention!" he said. "Thanks! Don't worry I'll interview you too!" I said. "I hope so!" Jumba replied. Then Jumba walked away. "So you were saying?" I asked Angel. "Thank you for having me here!" Angel said in a soft voice. "I'll be asking you some questions! Is that alright?" I asked. "Yes it is" she said smiling. "So do you know that you were on a show?" I asked. "No.. Not until Buchi Bu told me" Angel replied. "So when you first came on you were a bad girl right?" I asked. "Yes until Stitch made me realize that their is more to things than being bad!" Angel said. "Thats adorable" I said wiping a tear from my eye. "So where is your place in Hawaii?" I asked. "Well I wanted to find a talent but Stitch kept saying I belong with him!" Angel replied. "So you really like Stitch don't you?" I asked. Angel blushed and smiled.

"Stitch told me he loves me" Angel said. "Who doesn't love the original couple?" I asked. "So when Stitch is hunting aliens what do you do?" I asked. "Well I have many talents to I like to go around everyday helping my cousins with their jobs" she said.

"So what about you and Reuben?" I asked. She growled. "No! I never had a relationship with Reuben and I never will!" Angel spatted. Then Reuben came in. "Woah, Woah, Woah whats so bad about me?!" Reuben asked. "You betrayed me when I was held captive!" Angel said. "Are you not over that?! How long are you going to hold a grudge?!" Reuben asked. Angel crossed her arms and turned away. "Can someone take him out of here?" I asked.

Then a large hook took Reuben away as he said "This isn't the last of me!..". "Oh so is it true that Leroy captured you?" I asked. "Huh? Oh yes he captured all of the cousins including me!" Angel replied. "Yes and I have this never before seen video of Leroy capturing Angel. "Wait what?!" she asked shocked. VIDEO : Angel was quietly walking. "Where did all my cousins go?" she asked. To bad Angel didn't know Leroy was stalking her close by. Leroy looked in the cousin book. "Hmm so this female is that annoying blue things love" Leroy whispered to himself. Then Leroy painted himself blue. He walked over to Angel. "Buchi bu?" Angel asked. "Yes its me!" Leroy said. Angel not knowing that he had a hidden bag behind him. Angel eyed him suspisiously because Angel was not a fool.

Then as water splashed on Leroy his blue paint fell off. "What have you done to Stitch?!" Angel asked in her language. Leroy lunged at her but she dodged him. "Neega Nala queshta!" Angel said. Leroy grinned because after a while of getting beaten be Angel he finally cornered her. Angel clawed his face but he managed to catch her. Then Angel started cussing at him in the language. "This female is really wild and has a dirty mouth" Leroy muttered to himself as he was healing from Angel's beating.:VIDEO OVER. "Well Angel that was interesting" I said. Angel gave me a half smile. "Now original Angel will watch all the new Angel's episodes. Angel looked confused. "There you go folks up next is newer Angel!" I shouted.

~Newer show Angel~

"Ok everybody please welcome New Angel!" I said. Then newer show Angel came and waved at the camera. She already had a translater on but it was pink with diomonds on it. "Well.. Then" I muttered. "Hello!" newer show Angel said winking into the camera. "Ugh... Ok then Angel I am going to ask you some questions" I said. She nodded. "Now what do you do in the new show?" I asked. "I am a singer with adoring fans!" Angel said. Her voice was much higher than the other Angel had. I'm pretty sure she was faking the voice. "Ok so when do you visit Stitch?" I asked. "I can visit Stitch when ever I have time..." she replied.

"So I hear Stitch gives you lots of gifts?"

"Yes I love the gifts!.."

"And you love Stitch? Right?"

"Ohh yeah him too"

"How is your relationship with Yuna?"

"Yuna is stupid.."

"Well I agree on that... So what do you like about Stitch?"

"Stitch does whatever I want him too.."

"So he pleases you a lot?"

"Yes but he usaully always messes up!"

"You love Stitch?"


"Yeah until you see a guy with more money.." I muttered.


"So you like guys with money and jewels right?"

"I love those guys!"

"Off course" I replied. "How about I get original Angel and newer show Angel to meet?" I asked.

~Original Angel & Newer show Angel~

"Ok here comes original Angel!" I said. Then original Angel came in looking scarred from watching the new show. "How was it?" I asked. "Terrible!" original Angel yelled. "Who is she?.." newer show Angel asked. "She's here?" original Angel asked. "You know she is you" I said. "Whats wrong with me?" newer show Angel asked. "I have been spending my life in combat training to be a fierce female and you just show up bossing around Stitch!" original Angel said. "I know! But being famous is such a better life!" newer show Angel replied. "At least I didn't and never will abondon Stitch for someone richer!" original Angel said. Then Reuben came in. "Okay what does Stitch have that I don't have?" Reuben asked. "He has dignity" original Angel replied. "Ohh come on! I'll give you jewels!" Reuben pleaded. "Nice try but I'm not that Angel" she said pointing. "What about y-" he got cut off by the hook grabbing him again. "Ughh!" newer show Angel groaned. Original Angel took a look at newer show Angel and attacked. "I ONLY GET 2 EPISODES IN THE FIRST SHOW AND IN THE SPIN OFF I'M A GOLD DIGGING WHORE THAT LEAVES STITCH EVERY TIME I SEE A GUY WITH MORE MONEY?! AGHHHH!" original Angel yelled. "AHHHHH!" newer show Angel yelled as she was getting attacked.

"Someone call both Stitch's to seperate their girlfriends!" I yelled. Then the nurse and both Stitch's arrived. Newer show Stitch was tending newer show Angel's injury's while she kept weaping and hugging newer show Stitch while saying "Sorry I'm sooo sorry! Only your my love!". Original Stitch managed to calm down original Angel by kissing her. "Buchi Bu is a very wild expirement" original Stitch teased. "Migga will never leave you Stitch!" original Angel said as she hugged Stitch. Then newer show Angel hugged newer show Stitch too. "Ahhh don't you just love a happy ending?" I said. Then I heard Yuna yelling out side. "Well almost a happy ending..." I muttered. Newer show Stitch was about to help Yuna until newer show Angel grabbed his tie and kissed him. "Eww ok both couples please get a room!" I said. "Well their you have it! Next up we will have other charecters like Nani, Jumba, ect... See you next time!