Roy bolted out of bed and ran to the door. He practically fell down the stairs and opened the door, "And a good morning to you too Lieutenant." he said smiling at Hawkeye. "Roy? Who is that?" Edward yelled from upstairs. Roy swallowing the saliva in his mouth, "No one babe," he yelled back. Hawkeye's eyes widened, "yes Roy, who is that?" she said suspiciously. She pushed the man aside and stepped into his domain. Roy chased after her as she stomped up the stairs.

"No Hawkeye, it's really no one!" Roy said trying to catch her. She shook her head, "well they need to know that you have to go to work." She said walking into Roy's bedroom. Her eyes widened in shock, Edward stared back at her in shock as well. "H-hey," Edward stammered. Hawkeye stood there, dumbfounded, "I thought you were dead..." she whispered. She walked towards him and he flinched. She wrapped her arms around the young man and placed her head on top of his. Edward's eye grew wide, but he returned the embrace hesitantly. She soon released him and resumed her strict self, "why didn't you tell me he was alive?" she said smacking the back of Roy's head. He flinched and sighed, "I guess it...slipped my mind?" he lied. Hawkeye glared at him, "get dressed and go to work now," she seethed.

"But," he started but she gave him a glare and he shut his mouth. Edward sighed, "go to work Roy, we can do go see the doctor later." Hawkeye gave Edward a confused look, "what's wrong Edward? Is it something that only Roy can do?" she asked questioningly. Edward glanced at Roy and shook his head, "I guess I can trust you. Roy go get ready and go to work, Hawkeye will take care of it and I'll call you after the appointment," he said softly, flushing slightly. Roy sighed and nodded, "Lieutenant, take him to see Dr. Knox. Tell him it's for me," Roy said grabbing some clothes. She nodded and Edward gently took her arm and led her outside and downstairs into the other bathroom.

Edward sat down on the toilet and sighed, "if I show you why I have to go to the doctor, will you promise not to be disgusted by me?" he asked quietly. Hawkeye nodded, "I would never think any different of you for something that's not your fault, Edward," she said with a small smile. Edward smiled back, she really was his friend. Edward nodded, "I woke up and started throwing up. I don't know why, but I did. So then I had to pee and I looked to...you know, cock the gun...," he said blushing. He slid his pants down and showed Hawkeye his newly acquired equipment. She blushed with her eyes growing wide. "And then I noticed that I had this," he said looking away from Hawkeye in embarrassment. She swallowed the saliva in her mouth and straightened her back, "is there any idea of how you got this? You didn't have it last night?" she asked gently. Edward shook his head, "probably the Gate. I don't really know, I didn't have it for most of last night. We...went to bed and I woke up to throw up and that's when I noticed it," he explained.

Hawkeye blushed and nodded. Edward pulled his pants back up and went to go get dressed. Soon he and Roy came down the stairs both dressed. Roy in his uniform and Edward in his black vest and jacket with his leather pants. She couldn't help but notice Roy staring at Edward's ass, the man had a one-track mind. Edward sighed, "we ready to go?" he asked, giving them both a small smile. Hawkeye nodded and stood walking out of the house. Roy and Edward kissed quickly before following her, unsure if she knew that they were together. They both got into the car and began driving, Hawkeye dropped Roy off and threatened him, "if I come back and none of your paperwork is done you can kiss your ass goodbye," she said before driving off.

She only had to drive to the other side of Headquarters. Edward vaguely remembered the name Knox, he must be one of the military doctors. They walked in silently, Hawkeye began talking to the woman at the front desk. "I need to see Dr. Knox, tell him it's from General Mustang," she said calmly. The woman nodded and picked up the phone, "Dr. Knox, a woman and boy are here to see you from General Mustang." A loud buzz cam through the door and Hawkeye nodded Edward over and went through the door. They walked in the white medical room and Hawkeye greeted the scruffy man wearing glasses that Edward assumed was Dr. Knox.

Edward stared at the man flushing, this creep would have to look down there? The man smiled and put his hand out for Edward, "hi, I'm Dr. Knox, Mustang just called me about you and told me your having some issues down there." he said gently. Edward flushed and nodded, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. Dr. Knox led him over to a gynecologist chair. Dr. Knox and Hawkeye turned away as Edward changed into a hospital gown. He sat down in the chair and Dr. Knox settled between his legs. "Oh my, I haven't seen a hermaphrodite this developed ever before. Usually the parents give them a sex change after their born," he said gently prodding at it with gloved fingers. Edward sighed, "I wasn't born this way. I woke up last night, threw up, and noticed that my freakin' balls were gone!" he said making fists.

Dr. Knox gave him a strange look, "throwing up and you acquired this? Do you know at all how this could've happened? Mustang told me about your past and something about a gate?" he said curiously. Edward nodded, "The Gate, it's like a god. It's not nice at all, it's all business. I'm pretty sure it gave me this. I had a dream and it implied that I had to pay, maybe this is what it was talking about, " Edward explained. Dr. Knox nodded, "do you mind if I do blood work?" he asked. Edward shivered, "do you have to?" he said quivering. Dr. Knox nodded, "it would help quite a bit. I'll look at the vagina while a nurse takes the blood," he said, walking over to the phone and calling one in. Edward looked at Hawkeye with pleading eyes that said, please don't let them do this. She walked over and gently took his hand, "you'll be okay," she said reassuringly.

A nurse came in with a needle and a vile, Dr. Knox waved her over and began pushing Edward's vaginal lips aside. Edward shivered at the feeling, it wasn't very pleasant. His hands were cold and the nurse was wrapping a tourniquet around his arm. She lightly slapped the juncture between his bicep and forearm. Edward began panting. "Hey, look at me Edward," Hawkeye said lightly squeezing Edward's hand. Edward stared into her amber eyes and breathed deep. The needle was inserted into his skin the same time as Dr. Knox took two fingers and lightly opened Edward's vagina. Edward didn't even feel the needle, but he gasped and squeezed Dr. Knox's fingers together as a reaction. Dr. Knox chuckled, "strong down here, huh? I'm not going to hurt you, just relax," he said opening Edward up again.

Edward relaxed his body and smiled as the nurse walked away with the vile. Hawkeye smiled back at him, "that wasn't so bad," she said with a warm smile. Edward nodded and gasped as Dr. Knox removed his fingers. He took the gloves off and stood up straight. "It's a normal healthy vagina from what I can see," he said. Edward 'tch'-ed. He chuckled slightly, "I have one question though, have you had any sexual activity lately?" he asked. Edward blushed and nodded. Hawkeye stared at him in disbelief, he had only been with one person. That could only mean he and Mustang were together. Dr. Knox nodded, "male or female and before or after you got the vagina?" he asked casually. "M-male and before," Edward said still blushing. The man nodded and the nurse returned with a sheet of paper, he looked it over and a confused look crossed over his features. "Did you run it twice?" he asked the nurse. She nodded, "same results," she said with a small smirk on her face.

Dr. Knox sighed and waved her off. She walked out of the room and Dr. Knox grabbed something out of the cabinets. He handed it to Hawkeye and her eyes gaped at the box. "Help him with this, would you?" he asked, wiping his forehead. She swallowed and nodded. Edward got up and followed Hawkeye, they walked into the bathroom and she handed him the plastic stick. "Pee on the thin side and show it to me when you're done, okay?" she said quietly. Edward nodded and and sat down on the toilet. He aimed his penis down at the stick and relieved himself. (OOC- can guys do that? Idk...) He shook the stick a few times and handed the clean side to Hawkeye. He sat there awkwardly before she looked at him, "you had sex with the General?" she asked with a slight flush on her face. Edward's eyes went wide, "y-yeah...we did," he said flushing. She nodded and showed him the stick. It had a pink plus sign on it and he stared at it curiously, "what does it mean?" he asked. She sighed, "you're pregnant."

Edward stared at her in disbelief, "wha-what?" he whispered. She gave him a sympathetic look, "you're pregnant," she repeated. Edward shook his head, "no, I can't be. I-we...we did it in the back I can't be pregnant! I'm a boy!" he shouted tears springing to his eyes. She pulled him into an embrace and let him cry into her shoulder. "I don't know how or why but you are pregnant. It's up to you and the General if you want to keep it," she said softly. Edward sobbed openly, "I can't kill it! It's a human being! How am I gonna tell Roy?" he cried. She pulled him into her lap and rubbed his back as he cried into her bosom.

What would he do now?


Hawkeye rocked the crying teen gently, "Whatever you decide, I will be there to help you."

"What if he hates me when I tell him? Or if he resents me and the baby? I don't know anything about raising a baby! What if I drop it or transmute it by accident or something?", his voicing rising in a wail as hystaria threatens to choke him. Edward suddenly clamps a hand to his mouth and hurriedly jumps from the comode and turns back to it where he is violently sick to his stomach.

When he is finished. He takes the cool, damp paper towel that she hands him. Tears streaming down his too pale cheeks. "I don't want to lose him. I love him!", he whimpers quietly.

She stroked the top of his head as she crouched beside him and says, "You need to calm down. It is not good for you or your baby. I think Roy will surprise you. He is not as empty headed as he seems and you know he is good with kids. He practically spoilt Hughes daughter whenever he could just as long as no one was looking. But...", she leaned in and whispered conspiritously, "We all knew and were watching him! And I for one have never let him live it down! I mean, really, dressing up to play tea in a frilly dress with teddy bears and dollies. I couldn't help myself! She had him and her dad wrapped around her little finger. He tries to act all big and tough, Edward, but he really is a gentle soul especially with those he loves. I am willing to bet he will surprise you because I know for a fact he loves you and you are all he thinks about every day."

Edward sniffled and dried his tears, "I just don't know how to tell him. Hell, I'm a boy and boys aren't supposed to get pregnant! How do I explain how I got this way when he asks?"

Hawkeye smirked, "You can always point out that it's his fault.", she says with an evil smile spreading across her face.

Ed blushed furiously glowing a bright red as he ducks his head. "Um but I am sort of to blame too", he mumbles, "It's not right to blame him for all of it"

Hawkeye bursts out laughing as she listens to their top state alchemist acting like a blushing school girl. "Oh I'm well aware of that!", she laughs a he turns even more red than before. Between him and Mustang she was going to be kept very busy and very entertained for a long time to come. She couldn't wait to see Mustang's reaction. She had a feeling it was going to be very amusing but she also knew if he hurt Edward she would beat him within an inch of his life because and and Alphonse were both like little brothers to her and 'NO ONE' messed with her family and lived to tell the tale.

Roy had trouble concentrating on the paperwork he was supposed to have finished at the end of the day. Hell all he could think of were a pair of beautiful amber eyess that had totally captivated him. They were so deep, he would gladly drown in their depths.

His one hidden dream had come true and he had gotten Edward. The thought terrified him! He was so happy that he was scared that it was only a dream. He thought his heart might actually stop and he'd die if anything were to happen to his petite, blond angel.

For the thousandth time that day he sighed.

His door opened and in walks Armstrong. "General Mustang, You've been sitting there mopeing all morning not getting anything done. Is there something wrong? You know you can talk to me about anything."

Mustang looked at Armstrong quietly for several minutes. Finally, "Yes. Edward is back. It seems like the Gate let him come back home but he's having to pay but we're unsure of all that he has to pay. Part is already paid but I have a sneaking suspicion that that is not all of it and I sent Edward with Hawkeye to Doctor Knox to be given an exam. I am worried out of my mind for him. I love him and we just became partners."