Chapter 5

"Can we discuss it in private a few minutes and we will tell you our decision", Roy said almost too softly to hear.

The doctor nodded and left the room with Hawkeye.

Edward turned to Roy and said, "If anyone were to find out they would make our baby into an experiment. I will not risk its' innocent, little life for anything in this world or the next!"

Roy gathered the crying Edward into his arms and said, "We'll do whatever we can to protect our baby. I will protect you both."

Roy softly rocked Ed as his tears slowed to a stop. The door opened and Doctor Knox and Riza came back in the room.

"If anyone were to find out they would make Edward into a science experiment along with our child. We can not let that happen! We WILL NOT let that happen! We need to keep it a secret from everyone except the ones in this room and the nurse. Riza I'm assigning you to Edward's full time protection AND", and added rather quickly to head off Edward's protest before it even fully started, "I know you think you don't need the protection but OUR baby does and in my eyes you do as well. If anything were to happen to either of you, I do not know what I would do.", Roy finished with a gentle smile and kiss on his pouting loves' small, pink lips.

Edward really wants to be mad at Roy for being so over bearing when he realizes he is not being over bearing but being protective!

Edward lets out a small sigh and said, "I'll agree on two conditions: One- you will have to be patient with me as I have a bad temper and will likely be more volatile than normal (if and when I am having mood swings), Two- you have to get all of your work done on time so you can come home and spend time with me. Also, I REALLY HATE TO SAY THIS but I can't work like this and endanger our baby; so before I start showing you will need to 'send' me on a mission where I will not be seen or heard from for at least ten months."

Edward turns a deep, bright red as he fidgets and finishes by saying, "We are going to have to disguise me in the meantime and the best way is by opposites. And by that I mean I am going to have to 'dress and act like a girl'.

Edward sighs as he looks at everyone's stunned faces, "That is the best way I can think to protect and hide my pregnancy. Also, I will have to stop losing my temper when someone says something about me being short. But know this whomever makes jokes while I'm pregnant best know that when I have this little rugrat then I will be coming after them tooth and nail!", Ed finishes with narrow eyes.

Everyone in the room sweat drops at the threat.

Roy said, "Wow, I don't know who you are but what have you done with Edward? I know you can't be him! He is not 'big' on asking for help."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO DUCK WHEN GOING UNDER AN ANT?!", Edward started to rant before his eyes grew big and he clamped both hands over his mouth. He began to glower at Roy, "That's one day of retribution.", he threatens with a growl.

Roy holds both hands up in a placating manner trying to soothe Edward's ruffled feather's, "I'm sorry but I was just testing you. I will have to be more careful of what I say and how I say it. I do not want to cause you any undue stress what with you and your tiny condition."

Edward seems to be about to explode but he takes several deep breaths as he tries to calm down. His crimson coloring slowly fades to a pale pink. 'This is going to be a Hell of a lot harder to do than he thought!' His temper has never been too good at the best of times and he's afraid it may just get worse before everything is said and done.

Doctor Knox turned to General Mustang, "All joking aside, he will need to have as stress free of an environment as possible! A normal pregnancy is hard enough for a woman to get through even with their bodies being made for it and all. However, I am uncertain of what is in store for Mr. Elric. A male's body is not made to have babies. So with that in mind you need to know his life will be in jeopardy throughout his pregnancy. Knowing this do you still want to continue with or do you wish to terminate the pregnancy?"

All right readers here's the thing: should Edward keep the baby or not?

If so what should he have and what are some good names?

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