Building from the Ground Up

The school buzzed with excitement as the students walked from booth to booth wondered what club they'd be joining this year. Unlike most other schools in the Mid-Western states, William McKinley High School, located in dreary Lima, Ohio, has a high reputation to keep up about one of their best-known clubs. Glee. Well at least they did have a high reputation, but we'll get to that later.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking. What kind of crazy high school students would want to throw themselves into the pits of high school torture to ride the one way train to social suicide? Well your answers are written on the minds of the students of McKinley.

Three years ago the 2012 Glee Club won a Nationals and shocked all who had doubted them. They became well respected and everyone on campus either wanted to be them or wanted to be with them. In 2013, the Glee Club came out successful again and took home another trophy for the case. But all good things must end and it all went to hell last year.

Two of their members ended up breaking up right before the performance, the whole club took sides and there, on the stage at Nationals, ensued a riot worthy of Britney Spears. The set was messed up and a few of the teens ended up getting sick up on stage and passed out right in front of the judges.

Glee? More like disaster.

Now here they are, a shadow of their former selves in desperate need of a pick me up.


AN: Hey all. I'm trying something a little different for this OC story and I need your help to create unique characters that you'd want to read all about.


-The form is on my profile and I ask you to PM me and do not review your forms because I don't want anyone else to know your characters secrets and so forth.

-Go ahead and make as many as you want, but try to get creative and stray away from the norm of tormented jocks and bitchy cheerleaders. Now I'm not saying that those are bad, I just want fresh characters that haven't been used before. Expand to like photographers with insane acting skills, exchange students, an aggressive club leader, teachers, aspiring writers, slackers with rich families, the town's local lifeguard, daughter of the principal, bookworms, Jane Addams girls or Vocal Adrenaline boys, those two hot unattainable seniors… THINK NEW AND UNCREATED.

-Please be as detailed with your OC and try to make them have a special thing that makes them noticeable.

-No perfect characters; imperfections make the person.

-There is a slim chance that I will accept any siblings of the New Directions; however you may have your OCS being related.

-There is no limit to how many to submit, just know that not all of them may be used.

-Some will need to have been previously in Glee.

Thanks, and I hope you're interested!