imagine sasuke came back after killing orochimaru and sakura, hinata, ten ten, ino and temari went missing. there is no sighn of them anywhere. until, 5 years later when the remaining 'used to be 9 rookies' are in the leaf village 5 mistery girls appear and claim they are sakura, himata, ten ten, ino and temari.

main characters= sakura, sasuke,hinata,naruto,ten ten,neji,ino,sai,temari,shikamaru

catagory= action, humour, romance

The side you never thought you'd see


"ok do you understand your mission?" said tsunade as she sat at her desk

the four AMBU's infront of her nodded. they all wore the same AMBU cloak and mask

"good now remmember. they are not to know who you are." said tsunade

the boys nodded a second time and vanished.


as the for AMBU's were running accross the tree's they started to talk.

"sasuke do you think these new recruits will be good enough to pass there Ambu exam." said one of the ambu's

"i doubt it" said one of the ambu

"well by the way lady tsunade sounded they may be a challange" said anouther ambu

"whatever neji all i know is that its going to be fun" said an awfully cheery ambu

"naruto, sasuke, neji i've got a challange for you lot." three of the anmbu's turned to the ambu in the middle of them. the ambu continued"whoever fails or passes there recruit last has to buy the rest of us dinner"

"your on sai" said the tree ambu. the ambu's then picked up their speed and found themselves infront of four ninja's in ambu mask and cloak. they could have been mistaken for ambu's if they hadn't have a label saying 'hello i'm a new ambu. my name is...' each of the four ambu's stood in frount of a recruit. the recruits were called 'green, silver, brown and blue'.

"a recruit is never given there true name until propely becoming a ambu. recruits are usually named after something visibly obvious on them. i'm guessing for you its your eye colour." said one of the ambu

the recruits nodded in answer.

"ok so this is how the final test of your ambu exam goes. you fight each of us. you are to pin us down to the grownd. you CAN'T do it staight away you MUST fight us for atleast 10 seconds then try to pin us down. if we pin you down more than tree times you fail. understood." said another ambu

the four recruits looked at eachother, then the ambu's infront of them, nodded in agreement and went straight to their fighting stance. to which the ambus followed.


after 3 minutes the four ambu's found themselves pinned to the ground. two of them were sat on, one had a foot on his stomach and one had a hand on his chest and the recruits face inches away from his. the ambu could sense the smirk under the recruits mask.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

"how did i know that you boys would get your buts kicked. oh thats right because i was already confident that my new recruits could beat you with ease" said an entreing tsunade with an amuzed face

the recruits helped up the ambus they faught and turned to tsunade who decided to speak again.

"ok now my recruits, you need to come with me to get your real masks and tatoo." the recruits nodded and were about to move when the ambus stopped them.

"who are you?" one of them questioned

"now neji you know for a fact that you are the ones who introduce yourself first and the recruits introduce them selves after getting their tatoos and masks." said a still amuzed tsunade

the recruits all turned to the ambu who was now reffered to as neji. the four recruits had hands were their mouths were under their mask and wispered 'neji?' in a confused yet amazed tone.

"huh. neji. i never thought you would forget the rules especially since you were the first of us to become an ambu" said a ambu reveling his face to be sasuke.

"whatever uchia" said neji who also took his mask off. the other two who took off their masks were naruto and sai. the recruits all gasped at the four revealed ambus

sasuke wore a dark blue sleaveless top with collars that were up and black trousers. he had bandages above his right elbow and below his left elbow. his tatoo was on his left arm and his mask in his hands. he had a sword at the back of his belt.

neji wore a black sleaveless top and black trousers. he had bandages on his hands leaving his fingers visible and his tatoo on his left arm. he had his mask on his belt.

naruto wore a white t-shirt and a pale orange sleeveless jacket that wrote ambu master on the back -in black. he also wore black bottoms. from his palm to his elbow he had bandages on both arms. one of his t-shirt sleaves were ripped off showing his ambu tatoo. he placed his mask on his belt.

sai wore a grey jumpsuit. he had bandages on his legs and on each elbow (over his jumpsuit) as well as his palms. he rolled his sleaves up just below his elbows and had his ambu tatoo on his right arm from wrist to elbow ratio. he had a black belt which he put his scrolls and held his mask in his hand.

you could see the visible musles on the boys.

"sasuke uchia aren't you ment to be rouge" said the recruti neamed green

the uchia looked the recruit frowning and then answered "i was claimed to be but in reality i was a spy who killed orochimaru, some of the akatski and madara uchia with the help of the dope over there" he tilted his head towards naruto who gave a thums up. the recruit nodded in understanding while the one infront of sai-named blue- said "woaw!" this made sasuke smirk.

"ok now my recrutis lets get you all tattoed and masked up" said tsunade tuning to a direction signaling the recruits to leave the boys behind with no goodbye.


"Lady Tsunade...what do you think they will say when they find out its us?" said the one named silver; who removed her mask revealing to be hinata her visibleblue hair was her full fringe.

"watever it may be i hope they are supsrized" said green reaveling to be sakura. her visibleblue hair was her side fringe

"well they certinally will be suprized" said tsunade amuzed

"is it me or has naruto's fashion choice gone up" said blue turned out to be ino. her visibleblue hair was her was he side fringe that covered her left eye

"defently up" said brown who was ten ten. her visibleblue hair was her full fringe

the girls including tsunade laughed.

well thats chapter one