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Author's Note: This 100 word drabble was requested by Carolle Royale who gave me the prompt 'donkeys'.

"Giddy up!" Mikan chirped, kicking into the side of a donkey. It didn't move.

"Tch it's not a horse Polka," Natsume drawled from beneath the shade of his cowboy hat. He too was mounted on a mule, except his was moving where he wanted it to. "Maybe you're too fat for him to carry."

Mikan huffed in anger. "Or maybe yours understands you because you both belong to the same family- of jackasses."

"Please don't fight you guys," Ruka pleaded, leaving Hotaru in the shade of the ranch. Mikan and Natsume were bickering again. Somehow their gibes never surprised him.

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~Alexxis T. Swan