Chapter 12

Friend Discovered

When Harry told Ron and Hermione about his encounter with Professor Bickens, they reacted just the way Harry would have expected them too.

"Why would he want to know about the Crystal?" Ron asked.

"Think about it," Harry mused, "How much do we actually know about this Bickens bloke? He just showed out of nowhere. A bit strange, don't you think?"

Hermione sighed, "Harry, theres' been a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher every year! It isn't that strange."

"Yeah, mate." Rod nodded, "The jobs' cursed."

Hermione rolled her eyes as Harry said, "But this BIckens, has anyone ever heard of him? He just came out of nowhere."

"Harry," Hermione began, "If Dumbledore hired him, don't you think he's trusting?"

"Ok, look, that's not the point!" Harry said, starting to feel annoyed. "Why did he have the book? He obviously knows about the Crystal of Light. But why?"

"Why don't you tell Dumbledore then?" Hermione said matter-of-factly.

Harry was about to answer when Seamus and Dean walked passed. Seamus smiled shyly and greeted only Hermione. "Hi, Hermione."

"Er, hi Seamus." Hermione responded confusingly.

As Dean sniggered, Seamus turned bright red and kicked Dean hard in the shins.

The trio was very confused at this encounter as Ron was starring suspiciously at Seamus, narrowing his eyes.

"Anyway, mates," Dean said brightly. "Seamus and I were going just outside for a bit of a snowball fight, care to join us?"

Harry and Ron agreed and as they began to the door with Dean and Seamus, Hermione grabbed Harry's arm and stopped him.

"You have to talk to Dumbledore, Harry." Hermione persisted.

Harry really didn't want to go to Dumbledore for every problem he had, but he knew Hermione was right, as always. Harry reassured Hermione that he would go see Dumbledore. After the snowball fight.


Harry entered the main hall to Dumbledores' office. He was still cold from all the snow.

As Harry walked towards the office door, he noticed that it was opened a bit, and Dumbledore was not alone.

As Harry edged closer to the door, he heard the 2 voices talking.

"So I was right, then? It is here?" Said a voice Harry recognized. Harry then saw the face: it was Professor Bickens.

Harry heard Dumbledore sigh, "Jerry, I-"

Harry made a loud step in which Dumbledore heard and stopped is conversation abruptly. Harry froze, he would get in trouble if he was caught listening to a conversation.

But Dumbledore, to Harry's surprise, chuckled. "Mr. Potter, would you like to come in? I cant imagine that's a very comfortable place."

Harry walked in and showed his face, smiling a bit guilty. "Er, sorry, sir. I wanted to actually talk to you about um, something." He glanced quickly to Bickens.

Dumbledores' eyes shined brightly and he seemed amused, "Yes, Harry, actually Professor Bickens just explained to me your encounter with him this morning in class."

"Uh, really?" Harry said, out of utter surprise. Harry looked at Bickens who was also smiling kindly at him. Harry was beyond confused.

Dumbledore smiled, "Yes, and I'm guessing you are suspicious of Bicken' being here, teaching? Suspecting he has an alternative motive?"

"Yeah…" Harry said, still puzzled. "Er, sir? How did you-"

"Well Harry," He said while chuckling, "Your actions are almost as similar as your father's." he grinned. "Wouldn't you say, Jerry?"

Jerry Bickins beamed at Harry and nodded approvingly, "Just like James," He agreed. "Looks just like him, too."

It was quiet for a while until Harry spoke, "I don't get it." He said simply.

"Harry, Jerry knows about the Crystal, and he wants to help look for it, that's why he had that book." Dumbledore explained.

"Oh…" Harry was still at a lost for words. "So why does Jerry, uh, Professor Bickens- "

"Harry," Dumbledore put his hand up, "Let me stop you there. I think Bickens should be the one explaining this." He guestered to Jerry to start explaining.

"Well, Harry," Jerry Bickens started, "Do you know who the last person to use the Crystal of Light?"

"Yeah, my dad." Harry answered, remembering what Dumbledore told him.

"Right, well James was actually one of my best friends when we both went here at Hogwarts." Bickens explained, "I was there when he used the Crystal and I think I remember where the Crystal is."

Harry was letting this all sink in. Jerry and his father were friends? How come he's never heard of him?

Harry then thought of something and asked, "Wait. You were there when my father used the Crystal? Why did he used the Crystal?"

Jerry tensed. He looked at Dumbledore who shook his head, "Harry, Ive told you before, you don't need to know, it is irrelavent to this."


"Harry, please."

Harry sighed, "Ok, so you know where the Crystal is?" Harry said to Bickens.

"Well, yes… and no." Bickens replied. "See Harry, when your father used it, he hid the Crystal at Hogwarts of course, because it's the safest place in the wizarding world. But the problem is, is that Hogwarts is huge. It isn't easy to find a small Crystal in a big Castle. And that's what we-" guesturing to him and Dumbledore, "- are trying to figure out."

"How, though?" Harry asked.

Bickens simply just shrugged.

"Well, Harry, I think that's enough for tonight. I think you should be getting to bed now, anyway." Dumbledore intervined.

"Right, sir." Harry said as he got up to leave.

He has much to think about.