I looked in the mirror at Ivory Hall, my makeup was done so well it seemed almost strange. My lips were painted a pale pink and the thick black eyeliner on my brown eyes made them pop. My brown hair was curled and in a fancy up-do with bright and colorful flowers entwined in the ringlets. But this was what every other girl looked like that we're lined up next to me, adjusting their hair and touching up their already perfect makeup. We were all preparing for the ballet portion of the show. I was extremely nervous because since I was the shortest, I was in the front, leading the dance.
Soon enough, everyone was called to the curtain. Alison, the tallest girl of the bunch smiled at me while Virginia, the second tallest girl, gave me a look with her cat like green eyes. Of course, I had never paid close attention to Virginia's disliking of me. My best friend, Lena, was too busy to notice me because she was focused on getting the dance right, she had always had an awful stage fright. And then, the curtains opened.
The playful music sounded though out the entire area and we pranced like we were floating on clouds. Everything was going so smoothly until Virginia was spinning. She overspun, toppling into Campbell, and Campbell ramming into me. Before I knew it, I was off the stage, gasps sounding all around me. I waited for old floor to smack my body, but instead, I landed safely in someones arms. They felt strong and tight around me, or it could've been just my nerves still tense.
I eyed my savior, a young man about my age. His skin was dark, but he was not a colored boy. He wore dirty clothes and a matted hat, covering his black hair. His eyes were a musty brown but they were intoxicatingly beautiful. Everything about this boy was gorgeous, it was hard to comprehend.

"Rosalie! Rosalie, are you alright?" My brother, Johnny, ran over to me with a glass of water. I nodded and took it involuntarily. My savior lowered me but stayed by my side.

He shook Johnny's hand and quickly shoved his back in his suspender pockets. "The lil' lady took quite a fall there. Lucky she 'ad me round to catcha." He must've been a local New Yorker.

Johnny smiled, but his expression was confused. "Yes, Im sorry, but who are you?"

"The name's Aaron, but the boys call me Mush."

I decided to come into the conversation: "Well, Aaron, it was very kind of you to catch me. We both appreciate it."

"No problem, ma'am." Aaron started to leave and my stomach churn.

"Aaron, why don't you join us for dinner tomorrow at Le Cheteau? It starts at 7," I smiled.

Aaron looked over his shoulder, "It would be a pleasure. By the way, call me Mush." He winked and disappeared into the crowd.

I sauntered over to my backstage cubby and shrugged on my peacoat.

"Rose, are you crazy? That boy is probably a street rat!"

"Johnny, you can be so blasé about some things. It's called common courtesy. After all, the boy did save my arm from getting broken."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you like this boy. But with you, anything is possible." I smiled to myself, just the thought of that young man making my heart skip a beat and my cheeks flood a rosy red.