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Alan and eleven other boys are kidnapped from their school. Will they ever escape and see their families again? Not if the Hood has his way. Rated T

Author's note: Have been away for a while, but have decided sharing stories is really what I want to do so have rewritten a former story. The first few chapter may seem familar, but story has been revamped.


"But dad!" exclaimed Alan. "I wasn't involved in the fight, I just got dragged into the crowd when I got back a little late from a run, I was just practicing for the track meet coming up, all I did was defend myself! I'm not involved with either of those groups!"

"If you weren't out beyond curfew you wouldn't have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The headmasters' ruling stands. You are suspended from the track team the rest of this semester. You will stay over the first week of spring break and help clean the school grounds, with the rest of the culprits."

"But dad, this isn't fair. Most of the other kids involved don't care anything about sports or their grades. This is no big deal to them! I've improved my grade point average and the team is counting on me. I was only defending myself, I am not a part of EITHER of the groups involved." Alan tried to emphasize.

"I admit your grades have improved, but…." His voice trailed off.

Alan angrily finished his sentence for him. "But, still not as good as my brothers', right?"

"That's enough Alan you should not have been out there period. You know the rules. You should have thought about your actions, and the consequences. Bottom line Alan, you need to grow up. If you are going to be a part of a TEAM, then you have to learn to be a TEAM player and accept responsibility for your actions. If you have let your team down, then you have no one to blame but yourself. We will access your attitude and participation in the family business when you return home."

"But," Alan stopped, as he could hear his brothers laughing in the back ground.

"Caught again!"

""You guys stay out of this. It's none of your business!" Alan shouted angrily.

"That's enough all of you," said Jeff. "This discussion is over. Alan the suspension stands. Brains will pick Fermat up at the end of semester and one of us will pick you up the week after. In the mean time I suggest you learn some self disapline and think of constructive ways to control your temper!"

"I'm tired of you holding my wanting to be a Thunderbird over my head." Alan was yelling by this time, "-Fine if that what you want then you can take your precious Thunderbirds and ….."

Jeff made a fist as he tried to control his anger, "Good night, Alan." With that Jeff disconnected the link, so that neither would say something they might regret evan more than what had .


Alan just sat staring at the blank screen for a moment. Then got up and threw a water glass against the wall. The glass shattering into several pieces, he sat down and put his head in his hands. "You see it doesn't matter what I do, I can't please any of them. The worst part is dad doesn't believe me."

"I I'm s-sorry Alan, this does seen a b-bit ha-harsh f-for what y-your part w-was," replied Fermat.

Alan grabbed his jacket and started to leave.

"Alan, w-wh-where are y-you g going? Y-You'll ju- just m-make things w-wor worse for yourself!" cried Fermat.

"It can't get any worse, I've just let my team down, my family doesn't believe me or even care that I've done everything I can do to improve my grades, get involved in school activities. Just so for once... da- they could be proud of me for who I am and not just think of me as their stupid little brother! I just want to go be by myself for a while, think things through. I'll check back with you later." Alan slammed the door as he left in total frustration.

Fermat felt bad for his best friend. His family seemed to be clueless as to Alan's abilities or how much they hurt him with their constant put downs and teasing. He was at a loss as to what to do to help Alan. He knew the hurt was especially deep this time and Alan may stay hidden for days. He would call Tin Tin later and talk things over with her. Other than himself, she was the only other one Alan would ever confide in. He sighed as he carefully picked up the pieces of broken glass, as he waited until a later hour to try and call Tin Tin.


Jeff got up and paced the floor; he knew he should not have let the conversation with Alan end on such a bad note, but he thought it better to end then and there, rather then let it escalate completely out of control, as so many of his talks with Alan did. He felt especially bad this time, because he knew Alan was trying, and truth be known, Alan had in many ways showned he was maturing, so why did he always end up comparing him to his brothers, causing more arguements? He would give himself some time to calm down and reevaluate his discision not to back Alan, maybe get John's opinion on the matter. He looked up seeing his other other three boys watching him intently. He raised his eyebrow and said, "don't you boys have better things to do?"

"Yes, sir. We'll get to them right away." With that they all took off knowing better then to put themselves in the line of fire.


"I d-don't know w-wh-what to d-do Tin Tin! I've n-never seen Al-Alan so angry and upset. I w-wish they'd s-st-stop using h-his d-dr-dream against him. I j-just hope he d-do-doesn't give up all to-together."said Fermat dejectedly.

"They're such a great family, I just don't get why they're always coming down on him. If they'd just give him a little support and see all the potential he has. I know he's got a temper, but it seems his brothers especially, know just how to push his buttons and get him riled up! Ask Alan to call me when he comes back and I'll try to talk to him." soothed Tin Tin.

"Yeah, if h- he c-comes b-ba-back."


Alan awoke shivering. He had wanted to be by himself after the argument with his dad. His brothers made it worse with their laughing at his expense as usual, then his dad had actually been the one to hang up on him. He had been deeply hurt, he truely was trying to do better so that they would accept him as a part of the 'family team' he felt so alone and frustrated. He must have fallen asleep, though he hadn't planned on that happening. He didn't know what time it was, but it was completely dark. Man I am so dead if dad finds out i'm out after dark again. This will just prove to him that I can't be trusted. He started to move from his bolt hole, if he was careful maybe he could get back without anyone seeing him. He stopped when he heard the roar of engines. There were no airports nearby, so the nearness was alarming. He moved over to the window and peered out. What he saw defiantly should not be there.

Three huge Chinook helicopters were landing practically in the front of the main dormitory, and the administrative office. He looked over to the front gate only to see the two security guards fall to the ground. Then dozens of what appeared to be soldiers jumped out of the aircrafts and they were armed to the teeth.

"This is definently not good," he thought as he watched them stormed into the buildings. Soon they were returning with boys the dorm parent, and the headmaster, Mr. James. Several of the younger boys were crying.

Alan quietly opened the window to his bolt hole so he could see and hear better.

One of the dorm parents stood up and addressed whom he thought to be the leader of the group. He demanded to be told what was going on, only to receive a gun-butt to the stomach and head, knocking him to the ground. As he lay there trying to catch his breath, a tall, muscular man yelled that everyone be quiet and do exactly as they were told and no one would get hurt. Then he started to call out names and demanded that these boys come forward.

"Terry and Jesse Jackson, Tom King, Steven Phillips, Michael Myhre, Richard Solberg, Steve and Scott Burke, James Nolen, Jose Manuel, Shawn Fitzgerald, and Alan Tracy. All of you come forward immediately."

Alan had perfect advantage from his bolt hole. He decided not to reveal himself, but to wait, be patient and see what their intentions truely were. He didn't have to wait long – all of the boys came forward, except for him. He realized he and the other boys called were from the richest of the rich families attending Wharton Academy. He watched as several of the men herded them towards one of the helicopters. One by one their hands were tied and they were placed aboard the choppers. Was this just a kidnapping? Why would they want so many witnesses, if that were the case? He asked himself.

Suddenlly a feeling of dread came over him. He knew anyone brass enough to swoop in like this, would never leave witnesses. He watched in horror as they led all the rest of the boys to the library and sent them inside telling them no one would be hurt if they cooperated. He caught sight of Fermat being shoved into the building. "Fermat!" he whispered.

Then he watched as two of the men dragged the headmaster to stand in front of a very tall dark soldier who seemed to be in charge. He could not see the face, but somehow his stance seemed familiar.

"Where is Alan Tracy?" He demanded.

"I don't know, all the boys were suppose to be in their rooms by 8:30 tonight. Mr. Tracy has never been one to follow the rules though."

Alan flinched when he heard this.

The man in charge was not impressed with the answer given by Headmaster James. He suddenly struck out giving Mr. James a blow to the head knocking him to the ground.

"I want to know where he is, not hear about your rules. Search the grounds, he has to be here. The master will not be happy if we come back without him, and HE will consider this mission a failure and all of you know what happens to those who fail. Put this fool in with the rest." He addressed the headmaster. "You had better keep them all quiet!"

Mr. James, and all the remaining boys, dorm parents were locked in the library.

Mr James addressed the terrified boys, "try to stay calm. They have assured me no one will be harmed if we cooperate."

"But what do they want? Why did they take them? Why were all of us put in this building?" cried several of the boys.

"I'm not sure. ...I think this may be a kidknapping, but..." The rest of Mr James answer was drowned out by crying from several of the terrified boys.

Alan watched as the door was locked from the outside. The soldiers then seemed to be placing small gray boxes all around the building. "Fermat." He whispered, the fear inside growing. Alan could hardly believe what he saw next. The tall soldier instructed the others to make sure the building was secured and then to set the explosives to the remote..

EXPLOSIVES! Alan knew he had to alert the authorities. If only he had his thunderbird watch. He had left it on the desk in his dorm room when he had run off. Alan cursed himself for being "so stupid." Then he took several deep breaths trying to calm himself. Slowly he formulated a plan in his head. He had the advantage of knowing several secrete tunnels, thanks to his need to get away to think so often, and since they had just taken everyone out of the dorm he might just be able to sneak in get his watch and reach a phone. Fermat his best friend and all of the other boys and headmaster were in grave danger. Looking to the sky he said to himself, "Please, if anyone up there can hear me please guide me to do whatever is needed to help the others."