In a lonely little white hospital room, an emaciated, middle aged man, hooked to several machines, lazily flipped through channels, finally stopping on the news channel, where the headline caught his attention.


"This is Sarah Rogers reporting, live from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a breaking report. Sightings of strange markings on the ground have been reported allaround the world, often being described as glyphs, or runes. As you can see, there is one behind me, being studied by a team of researchers, let's go in for a closer look."

The camera zoomed forward a bit, and there in the lush green grass, surrounded by cautious and curious researchers and locals, was symbol carved into the grow, smoking, and glowing with a faint, but unmistakable yellow light. It appeared to be two triangles, tip to tip, with five circles-one in the center, and four others at each point-all within a larger circle.

"We are told that scientists who heard of these strange developments just hours ago, have been scanning the earth with satellites, and estimate there are over one-hundred of these strange markings. Professor of Geology Seamus Marshall, from Belfast university, had this to say."

The screen immediately switched to footage in front of an old brick building, where a short, white haired, spectacled man was being interviewed.

"Well, it's...exciting, honestly. We're not sure what these things are, and I can honestly say I've never even heard of something like them in my life...but we're going to continue studying them, and see what we can find. I'm sure there is a logical explanation, maybe they were somehow man-made, maybe they're naturally occurring. We don't know. What we do know is this; they are not fake, and they are very unique. They give off a feint energy signature, unlike anything we've ever seen before. We will continue studying this, and...well, I suppose we'll just have to get back to you, heh heh!" He said excitedly.

"Others from around the world have had a wide variety of opinions, which, at the moment, is all that just about anyone can give."

The screen showed a montage of people being interviewed, with answers varying from "It's a hoax" to "Some crazy cult is probably doing a publicity stunt" to "IT'S THE END TIMES! WE'RE ALL DOOMED!"

A plump, but pretty middle aged nurse with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, walked in quietly, and smiled at him cheerfully. That smile always brightened his day just a bit.

"G'mornin' Mr. King, I'm just coming here to check your stats and stab you a few times." She said light-heartedly as she looked over the machines intently, and prepared some syringes filled with medicine.

He chuckled weakly at her, and motioned towards the television.

"Have you heard about any of this Miss-" He was about to continue, but started coughing painfully. She shushed him gently, and made sure that he was ok, before looking at the screen.

"Oh yeah...I think it's all a hoax...well, that'll be it young man, the doctor will come by to check on you shortly. You try to get some rest, and I'll see you later." She said with one last, warm smile, before departing.

"A hoax, eh?" He said as he rummaged through some books on his desk, picking up a crimson one with the dual-triangle symbol. "...I don't think so."