Chapter 3

You never know the value of a friend until you've been alone

Bryant crouched against a tree in a small grassy field, looking towards Agu, who stood on the top of a small hill overlooking the area, scouting for enemies. They had gone about a mile east of town, to a deserted area, to keep people from getting involved in the fight. He looked back at the Mamodo and tried to assess what he was thinking.

He stood there scanning the area stoically, with no trace of emotion on his face, though the way he tightly gripped his trident betrayed a certain nervousness -maybe even fear- about the situation. He noticed that Agu kept looking back in his general direction, usually seeming a bit more concerned when he looked towards him, and sighing, possibly in relief, slightly each time he looked away, knowing Bryant was ok. "He is worried about me...though I don't think he really needs to be. I should be ok as long as he keeps that trident between me and anyone who wants to take us on..." Bryant thought with a slight smile as he remembered how easily Agu dispatched their first opponent.

Still, Bryant felt nervous-or maybe 'wrong' is a better word- about the whole thing. He tried to not let Agu know, so that the two of them could focus on staying alive, but he had a sense that Agu knew what he was feeling. He shuddered slightly at the thought of what might come of all this. What they might be forced to do. He knew from experience that getting involved with fights was a bad idea, even if you were tough, like Agu was...and this was a very big fight. But he shook the thoughts from his head, and focused on the situation at hand. Like it or not, he needed Agu to get through this.

He just wasn't sure yet if he did like that...


The two had set off, and gotten several yards further before Agu suggested that they lay in wait at one of the high points of a small ravine, surrounded on both sides by small pockets of thick forest. Before they left, they had gotten some emergency supplies, which Bryant was now organizing, more to keep himself busy than anything else; (food, a flashlight ((which utterly fascinated Agu)) a first aid kit and some camping equipment) all packed into Bryant's backpack, -along with the book of course- in case anything really bad happened. Luckily, it was Sunday, so Bryant wasn't missing anything. "God," he thought to himself; " I get tossed into the middle of a battle royale, and I'm worried about missing school, or a day at work..." He thought with a sort of quiet humorless laugh.

"Hey boss, I think we're in the clear now. No one's heading in our direction. Yet." Agu said almost gravely. He had a serious, almost professional look in his eye, which worried Bryant a bit. He had the look of someone who was used to this. Bryant tried to convince himself that it was a good thing.

He finished up organizing and taking stock of the supplies, and happened upon the locket he threw in there. The message replayed over and over again in Bryant's head, despite his best efforts to shake it; he couldn't wrap his head around this whole game. "Haaaaave fun!" He remembered it saying so casually.

"Who knows what some of these other freaks will do to win this? I've got to trust Agu, and protect my family…But can I trust him?" Bryant sighed, and looked back at Agu, determined, and hopefully, ready to fight.

He had to trust Agu.


Agu looked back towards Bryant curiously. He didn't know how to read him yet. He didn't like that. He could tell that Bryant kept a lot hidden, and he didn't know if that was a good thing. "You owe him your life. And you need to protect him." He reminded himself, feeling a bit guilty for not trusting his bookkeeper.

"I hope he's not too nervous…you better show him what you're made of today, Agu! Still, it was smart of him to get all that stuff prepared. Once he gets used to it, he might make a really good partner…" He suddenly felt a sharp twang in the middle of his abdomen; he felt his senses sharpen, and a quiet but urgent impulse to look in the direction of a small wooded area to their left. He was being watched. Closely.

"This is bad..."


In the dense foliage overlooking the ravine, and opposite of where Agu and Bryant were, two figures watched from the dark canopy of the trees.

"Why are we doing this?"

"You know why. You got the memo."

"That's not what I mean. I mean why am I climbing a tree like a retard."

"Because you're retarded?"

"Shut the hell up!"

"What, you asked the question!"

"Yeah, a question that you didn't answer! What I really want to know is why we're stalking someone who is in the top ten."

"Because did you see my rank? 345, dude! That's some bullshit..."

"Do you think maybe it's because you pass out whenever I read spells, like a wussy?"

"Do you think it's maybe because you're a little bitch?"

"Don't make me push you off!"

"Shh! I think he sensed me! Why did you have to get me all excited!?"

"Oh God damnit...why did I think that you could sneak up on anyone?"



Suddenly the initial feeling of dread subsided a bit in Agu. "Maybe this isn't so bad..."

"Hey boss...uh, we got company." Agu said quietly. Bryant sighed quietly, got up, and looked Agu in the eyes resolutely. "You ready sir?"

The boy grimaced before making his reply. "I hope so."

Agu smirked and patted him on the shoulder, (not as gently as a Mamodo probably should have). "You'll do fine. I got yer back." He said before turning towards the other side of the ravine. "Come on out! I know you're out there!" He bellowed.

"Damnit!" Was all the reply they received.


Agu and Bryant stood ready on their side of the ravine as the Mamodo team within the forest on the other side slowly made their way towards them. Agu could tell that they were close, as the snapping of branches underfoot and muttered verbal spats grew louder. He turned to Bryant with a barely concealed look of concern.

"You ready for this boss?" He asked. Bryant sighed, steeling himself, and nodded.

"Yeah, I think so. Just uh...let me know when you need a spell, I guess?" He said as confidently as possible. Agu was very reassured. The taller Mamodo patted his partner (again, more roughly then he probably should have) on the shoulder.

"You can do this boss." Agu said gruffly.

"I can do this." Bryant repeated quietly.

"You got this." Agu said, a bit louder.

"I got this." Bryant tried to match the other boy's tone.

"He can't do this." Agu thought to himself. "Well, hopefully the other team sucks."Just then, the other team stepped out of the foliage.

The bookkeeper was a disgruntled looking boy, about Bryant's age, with a short, athletic build, neat brown hair, and over-all clean-cut look, despite the angry look on his face and scattering of twigs and leaves stuck into various points of his clothing, which consisted of a yellow shirt with a horizontal red stripe across the chest, blue jeans and white sneakers. Beside him was a boy who looked to be about seven, with wild, spiky black hair, brown eyes and a cocksure, devilish grin. He had two strange line markings under his eye, running down his face, almost to his chin, and wore a black t-shirt, with an orange stripe running vertically all the way down his chest, and around the hems of his sleeves, jean shorts, and simple brown shoes.


The older boy grimaced. "Look at them Jyan. They're totally ready for this." He said. The boy reluctantly nodded in agreement as he watched the other team across the valley 'steeling themselves for battle.'

"They probably think we're gonna suck..." Jyan said quietly.


"Yeah...they look like they suck." Agu thought to himself, letting a small grin creep onto his face.


"If I die here, I am coming back to haunt your ass." The older boy said to Jyan.

"Can it Josh, it's time to go! My kingdom awaits!" Jyan said loudly.

"Yeah, you're probably not gonna win. I'm just fighting off these local people so they don't bother me."

"...Dick." Jyan said quietly. The boy then entered a ready stance, and began running down the valley, hoping to meet the larger Mamodo in the middle. He smiled when he saw him pick up his giant fork and charge at him.

" you think this is a good idea Jyan?" Josh asked.

"I'll be fine! Just be ready with the spells!" Jyan yelled as the two Mamodo neared the bottom of the valley. He leaped forward, hoping to catch Agu off-guard with a huge and clearly visible flying kick while screaming at the top of his lungs. Surprisingly, the older Mamodo saw it coming. Lifting the head of his trident, Agu neatly caught Jyan's leg between two prongs, then shoved it towards the younger Mamodo, who yelled in surprise as was shot back towards the side of the hill, landing with a thud and kicking up a cloud of dust.

"...Idiot..." Josh said quietly.


Jyan regained his composure in time to see Agu leaping towards him with his fork lifted above his head, blunt end down, ready to grind him into the side of the hill. Jyan feigned a look of shock and horror as the older Mamodo closed in and started thrusting the shaft of his trident straight down towards his skull. With split second timing, Jyan leaped to the side, narrowly avoiding the blow, which put a small crater in the ground where his head was.

"Heheh, sucka!" Jyan said as he entered a ready stance. Further gloating was interrupted as Agu jumped towards him with a downward strike with the prongs of his 'fork', forcing Jyan to jump to the side again.

Agu anticipated this however, and pulled his spear to his side before it hit the ground, and began making figure eight patterns as he followed the smaller Mamodo, who nimbly ducked and weaved his way away from the strikes without so much as a glancing blow, but still couldn't get close enough for a punch.

After a few frustrating seconds of this, Jyan smirked and shouted to his partner. "Get the spell ready Josh! I've got a-"

"Stupid..." his book owner interjected.

"Plan!" said Jyan, ignoring his partner's retardation.

Agu began using smaller, quicker cuts in an attempt to overwhelm the agile young Mamodo, but Jyan merely began to deftly parry any blows that came too close. Switching tactics suddenly, Agu went in for a broad backhand sweep at Jyan's head, which the younger Mamodo nimbly ducked, but Agu followed through with a strike to the midriff with the other end of his trident, which knocked the wind out of Jyan when it hit him, and propelled him back a few feet.

Keeping up his momentum, Agu spun around, pulled his trident in towards his ribs, slid down into a lower stance, and bounced forward, shooting his trident forward with incredible force. Not wanting to kill the other kid, he aimed slightly to the right, so that he would hit Jyan in the neck with the bar connecting two of the prongs.

His eyes widened as his attack stopped just short of connecting, as Jyan, with a devilish grin on his face, had grabbed the two bars connecting the blades of the trident. His feet had dug furrows into the ground due to the force that Agu put into the blow, and that he had put into resisting it.

"Holy-" Agu began.

"NOW!" Jyan screamed.

"CHIKERU!" Josh screamed louder.

"AGU!" Bryant (you guessed it) screamed.

Jyan's eyes rolled back as his mouth opened wide, as a fiery blue aura formed in his mouth, and a blast of it fired point blank into Agu's chest, causing a small explosion.

As a cloud of dust flew up, obscuring the two Mamodo and the aftermath of the blast, Josh smirked slightly.

"Not bad, kid."

"AGU!" Bryant screamed again.


Meanwhile, in the dust and smoke where the Mamodo had clashed, Jyan had regained consciousness, and after coughing up some dust, smiled broadly.

"HAHA! I WON, BITCHES!" He shouted. AS he said that, however, and the smoke began to clear, he realized that he had sub-consciously continued gripping the guard of the trident, which was still being held up. As the smoke cleared further, a singed and beat-up Agu, still standing, was glaring angrily at him. "Uh oh..." Jyan said.

Suddenly Agu jerked the trident upward, throwing Jyan into the air, and as the little Mamodo screamed, and began falling, Agu made a quick spin kick, nailing the smaller Mamodo in the face, and sending him back up the hill, into a tree next to his partner.


"Still think it's a good idea to go head on?"


"I'll take that as a no." Josh said with a wry smirk, as the boy pulled his face out of the miniature hole he had made in the tree, and glared in Agu's general direction. The older Mamodo was sweating, and looked pretty badly hurt, but was still smiling defiantly, but with a new-found respect for the younger boy. He placed the shaft of his trident onto the ground, and with two fingers, waved for Jyan to come at him again.

Jyan fumed slightly. "Right...we do it your way."

Josh chuckled quietly as his locket floated up from behind him. "Archive, number ten."

"Accessing files." the locket said in a polite, robotic female voice, as what appeared to be static danced under the glassy surface.

"Stats." Josh said, which caused the locket to project a square, holographic screen, showing a mugshot of Agu, along with a list of numbers beside abbreviations. "...Interesting...well, I think we can do this." Josh said as he smiled confidently.

Well now I'm back. From outer space...and there you stood in disbelief-

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