Author's Introduction

This story is a one, a fusion of Dark Angel and Harry Potter, rather than a traditional crossover.

And two, it is also set in North America, where I've taken up the idea that a Native American wizarding culture would have survived much more intact than their muggle counterparts, with a mixed Euro-Indigenous society/magical-tradition emerging. I wanted more than another transplanted British version (which is not to say a horrible or racist conclusion in planning an American Potterverse; I'm a huge fan of Alexandra Quick for instance). I just decided to something I haven't seen explored before and created a social conflict related to an issue other than blood purity.

Below is a lexicon for terms unique to my setting, as well as general Potterverse and applicable Dark Angel terminology. This list will grow as the tale moves along, with new terms and expansion of the definitions already presented. This is not to say they won't be elaborated on in the story itself. I'll write as if this list doesn't exist, but it will be here for any reference.


*Albiyaw – Nahigua term for outsiders. Generally used to describe non-Miskehni; but also has connotations of being of non-Nahiguan/Native American (it's original definition).

*Animagus- A wizard who can shapeshift into an animal associated with their inner-spirit/nature.

*Aniihko – Magically created super soldiers, who have the traits of various spells and creatures fused into their souls. Blighted Iska's equivalent to Dark Angel's Transgetics.

*Anu – A magical race that originally lived underground in the American Southwest. They are renowned craftsmen of North America/Turtle Island.

*Asasara – A cosmic snake goddess, worshiped by the alliance of dark wizards that overthrew much of the old wizarding and muggle orders in North America and Europe.

*Atiqakna – A wizard nation in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions of North America/Turtle Island

*Avalon – A Miskehna territory that governs over the eastern seaboard of North America/Turtle Island

*Awasis – A cult/coven of witches and wizards who use the dark arts and worships fate through Asasara. They could be compared as a Miskehni equivalent of the Death Eaters; but are focused on the purity of Nahiguan magical use rather than a wizard's pedigree in regards to how much muggle blood is in their veins. They currently rule the remnants of the Post-Blight League.

*Awiyak – The Nahigua term for a witch or wizard


*Blight – A global calamity that was unleashed by the Death Eaters and Awasis, that shattered the Statute of Secrecy. It ravaged the environment, devastatingly so in central North America, and unleashed storms that had a similar effect to an electromagnetic pulse. Equivalent event to Dark Angel's 'Pulse'.


*Capan – The title of the highest office in the Miskehna League. Equivalent to a Minister of Magic.

*Chimali/Aurors – Dark wizard hunters. In many European nations they are known as Aurors, while Chimali is a common term for them throughout Turtle Island.

*Cuahuitl – A scepter, staff, or cane that is a common magical focus for Miskehni wizards. An adoption of wand use.


*Daboosh – Nahigua term for dumbass

*Dementor – Dark, ghostly creatures that feeds off happiness. They were used as guards for Britain's wizarding prison of Azkaban, but joined the Death Eaters in the Second Wizarding War (or the Great Wizarding War in Blighted Iska).

*Death Eaters – An organization of mainly British dark wizards, lead by the infamous Dark Lord Voldemort. They were defeated once in the early 1980s, but had a resurgence toward the end of the following decade. In Blighted Iska they won the war and are a primary faction in the web of Asasara worshipers that unleashed the Blight.


*Expulsiwin – A song that explodes things. Miskehni version of the Expulso spell.


*Fated Order – The term for the Awasis government over the Miskehna League.

*Fireleg – A wizard mispronunciation of firearms, commonly used during the era of the Statute of Secrecy.


*Hozah – Incense that brings about an intense calming. Hard to produce and primarily used to ward off the Kinipek.


*Ikichi – The Nahiguan word for slow. Used specifically by the Aniihkos as a term for normal humans, muggle and wizard alike.

*Illahee – A Miskehna territory that comprises much of the American Pacific Northwest and British Colombia.

*Inbred – A derogatory term for mainly wizards of Europe, and any wizarding culture that focuses on their magical pedigree.

*Iska – A Nahigua term for magic


*Kinipek – Serpentine spirits of hatred that haunt the Blight Lands. Similar to Dementors.


*Lumpeguin – A magical race of merfolk. They control much of the commerce of the Miskehna League, much like the Goblins in other parts of the world.


*Maskyno – Miskehni name for a wizard who specializes in healing and herbal magic

*Metamorphmagus – A wizard born with the power to shift any part of their body, from color to shape.

*Miskehna League – The wizarding nation that covers most of North America/Turtle Island, comprising most of the United States and Canada, with territories reaching into northern Mexico. Often simply referred to as 'the League'

*Miskehni – Denotes an inhabitant, custom, object, etc. originating in the lands of the Miskehna League.

*Mugg Slang term for a muggle

*Muggle – A non-magical human


*Nahigua – The primary language of the League. It is a creole tongue of several Algonquin languages and Latin. It can also refer to the mixed Indigenous and European magical and cultural practices (and to a lesser extant, African and Asian), along with the main mixed 'ethnic group' of the League.

*Niiti/Nii – pronounced 'Nee-tee'. It is a term of endearment often used for children or very close friends. 'Nii' is a slang term generally used for the later.


*Ohcitum Miterba – The newspaper for the League under the Awasis regime, similar to the 'Daily Prophet' of Britain's Wizarding world. A mouth for mass propaganda.


*Patronus Charm – Summons a semi-intangible being that can take on the shape of either an incorporeal force or into an animal representative, which bares a significant and symbolic connection to the caster. It is a difficult spell and highly effective against the dark creatures. Can only be used by those pure of heart.

*Pensieve – A magical pool used to review memories. Aniihkos can relive their own recollections in a similar manner.

*Pukwudgy/House Elf – A magical race enslaved throughout much of the wizarding world.


*Quidditch – A broom sport, popular in Europe. It involves players riding brooms while throwing a ball, called a quaffle, through goal posts or catching a smaller semi-sentient flying ball called a snitch; all the while dodging other semi-sentient iron balls that attack players. It is a very dangerous sport that has the popularity of football (soccer) and the violence of rugby.

*Quodpot – A variant of quidditch popular throughout the Americas. It involves tossing an quod - a quaffle that will explode in a variant amount of time. The object is to get it in the opposing teams pot before the explosion.


*Shamy – A pejorative for wizards/awiyak

*Song – Equivalent to a spell in Miskehni magic/iska. Their incantations are traditionally sung, and the pitch and fervor they are delivered with effects the strength of the magic. A consequence of this practice has lead to Miskehni to generally refer to all 'spells' by this term.


*Territory – A sub-national unit, similar to a state or province that the Miskehna League operates as a confederation over.

*Turtle Island – The common term for North America amongst the wizards who reside there. It is commonly extended to 'Turtle Islands', to include South America (mimicking the muggle practice of saying 'the Americas')


U'Katun – A wizarding nation that comprises the majority of Mexico and Central America.


*Wand - A magical focus commonly used throughout Europe.

*Waskmos – A song that creates light. The Miskehni version of the lumos spell

*Wigwam – A domed dwelling made of branches and birch-bark. It traditionally housed many eastern woodland tribes of North America. Not to be confused with the tipis of the plains tribes or the longhouses of the Iroquois.

*Woimnayankel – A Miskehni Territory that largely encompasses the northern great plains of the United States.