As the week went on Scott struggled to keep himself calm at night and to keep from taking Wolf form despite the upcoming full moon, as he knew they only way he was going to be able to go to Lydia's Halloween party he needed to be able to control the wolf. At least it was as bad as August had been with the blue moon which was a nightmare to the whole pack; still at least it helped Mike out a lot being the new wolf in the pack it meant that he was good enough to be able to stay out on Halloween night as well.

The Day before Halloween Alison came home with Scott, to go over what she was going to wear the next day. The two of them picked out some of Scott's clothes to wear; Scott even offered her a pair of boxers he'd only worn twice. After they had picked out a pair of jeans a t shirt and a hoodie for her to wear she suggested that they should go out to get her a pair of shoes like his. They went to Scott's favorite Skate shop where she found a pair of skate shoes in her size; they also went out to buy some makeup so she could put some on Scott the next morning. Well they were doing this Scott got a text from his mum saying "Home Soon? I picked up something's you might need for tomorrow". Scott texted her back telling her what they were doing and, that they should be home soon.

When they got in Scott could smell that his mom was making one of his favorite dinner's chicken parmesan. She also told them that she had picked up some fake Breasts for Scott to stick into a bra rather than having to use gym socks. After Dinner Allison and Melisa got Scott to try them on, he actually found them quite comfortable and they looked more natural then stuffing the bra with gym socks. They also commented that Scott needed to shave his chest again. He smiled at that and said "yeah I know it's a werewolf thing "

Mellissa also allowed Allison to spend the night as long as she agreed to sleep in one of the spare bedrooms. Later that night when Melissa came into Scott's room to say good night and see what was going on with the two teens. When she came in she saw Scott in his boxers and a t –shirt passed out on the bed lying on his side across one of Allison arms who was wearing a pair of Scott's sweat pants and one of his lacrosse t shirts. She smiled at that considering they were both passed out like that she didn't think they had gotten up to anything. She went over to the bed and picked up the comforter from the floor and laid it over the two of them. Scott mumbled thanks mom as he changed positions, and Allison was able to get her arm out from under him. She also turned and saw Melissa in the room she said quietly to her so as to not wake Scott, "we were just talking quietly and he fell asleep in my arms and since he was on top of one of mine I couldn't really move it to leave the bed."

Melissa looked at her and said "don't worry he used to do that when I would comfort him when he was having an asthma attack when he was younger, believe me there is nothing worse then having an unconscious Scott lying on top of you when you want him to move."

They both laughed at it, Scott shifted around a bit and mumbled "not funny."

Allison got up from the bed and stared to head off to the guest room when Melissa said "it's ok you can stay with him, he'll sleep for hours like that now."

The next morning when Scott's alarm went off playing one of his favorite blink 182 songs, he rolled over to turn it off and then saw Allison lying next to him. He wanted to stay in bed with her longer but the smell of his mom coking breakfast and he was felling hungry and with Scott hunger always won out, especially since he became a werewolf.

Scott began getting up when Allison turned to him and said "hey sleepy head did you have a good night?"

Scott locked at her and said yeah why "did i keep you up or anything?"

She looked at him and said "you don't remember failing asleep on my arm do you?"

Scott shock his head no, as he got up and headed into his bathroom. Once he came out he said that he would wait for Alison to come out as his mom had made pancakes and bacon. She looked at him and said "werewolf senses right?"

He smiled back and said "yup I guess I should know better than to use them in front of a werewolf hunter."

She laughed at that and said from the bathroom "that's why I date a werewolf so I can keep you close." She said this with a laugh so Scott knew it was a joke.

Once she came out the two of them went downstairs and had breakfast with Scott's mom before it was time to begin torcher Scott again by making him dress as a girl.