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Chapter two: Wolf-boy and Arrow-girl


As soon as he saw the flying warship, Torak knew he was in trouble it was probably soul-eaters, demons, or annoying news reporters or maybe not it could be something else or nothing to do with him, he doubted that idea. How often does one see a giant, flying, bronze, dragon headed, armed Greek warship? He asked Fin-Keddinn about it but he saw nothing more than a passing, and only remembered it because it seemed rather low he then suggested that maybe it was because of being a spirit-walker or a soul-eater, which made him angry, and so he went hunting and got pinned by wolf, then got captured by a bunch of teenagers.

The teenagers were definitely crazy; they kept calling themselves 'demigods' and talking about Greek mythology like it was real. Two arrows were stuck in the windows, There two of them a dark haired one and a blonde, they kept calling a third member something like 'Clarisse'.

Just then he thought about Wolf and Renn, Where were they? Two arrows stuck out of the ground, that confirmed his worries they had run ahead and these people caught them. That's when he saw two faces, a canine's and a girl's in the window of the plane/ship. Renn held up her bow and pointed to the arrows. That was good, another mystery solved.

The boy with green eyes came over and extended his hand and said "Hi I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, god of the sea and this my um, colleague Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and war strategies. And you are?" "Torak of wolf clan" I responded. Percy squinted at me "Is that your pet wolf?" Seriously, had this guy never been in a clan? "He's my pack-brother, not my pet. And his name is Wolf" Percy responded not to intelligently with a "huh?" Annabeth rolled her eyes and explained it again.

About ten minutes later a girl with a look in her eyes saying I would kill you if we were alone! Percy glared at her and said "and this is her most annoying majesty Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares, god of war, Clarisse tried to punch him but he dodged and summoned water and thoroughly drenched her. Now her eyes literally had fire in them, She pulled out a spear and charged Percy pulled out a pen (a pen?) that turned into a sword when he uncapped it and entered the battle luckily Annabeth was there to stop them or else who knows what might have happened. The four of us went back to the boat, (which I discovered was called the Argo II) and I settled into a cabin that said Jason on the door, I asked who 'Jason' was and he replied quite vaguely with this ship has seen more than one adventure, I wasn't completely sure of this answer but the cabin was nice and it was the one Wolf had decided on, and Renn was in the cabin across the hall. Who knew what this quest [as they called it] was going to be like.


Wolf was completely, utterly, confused. First he was running with Tall Tailless and his pack-sister, then he was feeling sleepy, and now he was rising into the Up. At least he was with Tall Tailless, but the others smelled strange, the one with the green eyes smelled like the great wet, the others just had a smell that made him think of eating and food. As he looked out this strange thing that stopped the bright white but you could see the great wet roaring across the ground.

Tall Tailless rolled in his sleep, And Wolf onto him waking him immediately he woke up yelling, and, thinking there was a problem, Percy and Annabeth ran from the helm without turning the defenses on leaving it unguarded and open to attack, and assorted monsters on storm spirits bounded in, unknown to the ships passengers Festus tried to warn them, but they were not familiar with his language. Wolf heard them though, even while they were sneaking, the taillesses might not, but he could hear much, much more.


As soon as we saw that Torak was all right we sprinted back to the control room, but it was all ready to late, monsters congregated around everything, milling around, pressing strange buttons that Annabeth had never even seen before. One the ship was going down, Annabeth and Percy charged into battle and quickly decimated them and re-routed the ship. They looked back to see a distraught Torak, and one sentence put them in rotten moods, "they've taken Renn.

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