The Answer

It was always there.

I just couldn't see it…No, I chose not to see it.

It was too hard to believe.

Too hard to comprehend.

It didn't make any sense, but made perfect sense at the same time.

The disappearances.

The constant no shows.

All the excuses.

The mysteries that no one could ever uncover.

How could I have pushed that all aside without realizing what I was doing?

How could I have not pieced together all the pieces handed to me?

How could I have not known before that…kiss?

How could I have not known?

How could I, Lois Lane Top Reporter of The Daily Planet, not have known that it was him all along?

Smallville…no… Clark Kent was…is the Blur.

My farmboy.

My partner.

My love.

My hero.

The Blur.