Dragonball Z Alternate Universe: Vegeta's rebellion

Summary: Vegeta has enough of the torture Frieza makes him go through. He decides to rebel against his cruel master. He decides to send Raditz to earth. Raditz manages to convince them to their cause in a friendly manner. This changes everything… R+R

Chapter 1: The rebellion begins

Vegeta was fierce. He was only twelve years old, but tough as they come. He was a Sayain and a proud one at that. His spiky black hair made him a lot taller and his young face had an angry expression on it. But for Vegeta, that was his neutral expression. His ivory white battle armour was modelled to his tiny, but muscular frame.

The Sayain walked through a white hallway with doors on both sides. He encountered two bulky green aliens whom scurried away at first sight of Vegeta. The small prince grinned and seemed to enjoy the fear. He paced around a corner and unwillingly walked into something.

He looked up just to see a fist raining down on him. He tried to block, but even his super-human speed couldn't manage to be fast enough. The fist crashed into his skull, shaking him to his very core. He was thrown down and let out an unusually deep grunt for a boy his age.

"Watch where you're going!" the "something" Vegeta had walked into was now shouting. Vegeta slowly got up and wiped some of the blood away that was running over his forehead. "You bumped into me, Cui!" Vegeta roared in return.

Cui was fierce as well. He was a member of a mighty race of warriors, much like the Sayains. Cui's people were called the Visarin's and they had developed their fighting power in thousands of years of tribal wars. He was twice Vegeta's age and had been fighting all his adulthood. Visarin's grew into adults after only three years…

Cui's skin was a dark purple and his face was oddly shaped and lizard-like. His slanted eyes looked at Vegeta with murderous intent. If looks could kill, the prince would be dead by now.

"You might be Frieza's pet, monkey, but I won't spare you for that!" He screamed out.

Vegeta countered by striking his fighting stance. "Why don't you bring it then Cui? Walk the walk?" taunted the young prince whilst putting on his most confident smile. Cui seemed to explode in rage as he charged the young prince whilst shouting a battle cry.

Cui struck out with his right fist but the prince managed to dodge it. Cui's fist went right through the wall the prince was standing in front of. Cui yanked his arm back and forth in a desperate attempt to free his arm. Vegeta jumped on this chance and jumped up.

He kicked out as hard as he could. A sickening crunch, his boot connecting with Cui's head.

Cui let out a cry of pain as he lost his footing. He was now hanging, face down with his arm still stuck in the wall. Vegeta started to laugh. "How embarrassing! The mighty Cui, stuck in a hole!"

Cui was really mad this time. He shouted out in anger and freed his arm by melting the wall around it with pure concentrated energy. He swung around on his feet and was now facing Vegeta. He dashed in without warning, slamming into the young Sayain with his shoulder.

Vegeta was caught in his abdomen. His head was spinning and the pain was so intense that he had difficulties not to pass out. He managed to recover whilst still hurtling through the air. He used his momentum and flipped over backwards before landing back on his feet.

He went back into his fighting stance and anticipated a new attack when a familiar voice put a hold to things. "Stop it right now boys!" was heard in a high, female like voice. The two fighters obeyed the command immediately.

The voice was the voice of Frieza. Vegeta and Cui were fierce, but Frieza was something else. He belonged to a select company of all powerful tyrants. His mind alone was said to be able to eradicate planets. Everyone admitted that they feared Frieza and those who didn't, were lying.

Frieza was not only powerful he was also as mean as his white armour plated lizard-like appearance would suggest. He was not tall, about the same height the boy Vegeta was. But he was truly a great tyrant. Vegeta turned around and Cui bowed humbly. "Though I enjoy the prospect of you two destroying each other I won't allow you to." He said moving his black lips.

"Cui, get out of here before I change my mind!" Frieza shouted pointing his black leather glove at the purple alien. Cui obeyed immediately and ran off. Vegeta looked up at Frieza in expectation of shouting. But Frieza just stood there, looking at him with those evil eyes.

"I just saved you there. Cui would have beaten you up." He said. Vegeta felt an anger coming up inside him, stronger than his reason. "Shut it Frieza! I would have destroyed him!" was his barking response. Frieza smiled. "Always the snappy comeback eh Vegeta?"

Vegeta grunted, making him seem almost animal-like. "Never forget who you're talking to! I will make you remember!" Frieza said and he lashed out with his thick, muscular tail. The impact came with a loud snap, connecting with Vegeta's spine. Vegeta's sights went dark and he felt his knees hitting the floor.

He was out before his face hit the ground.

Vegeta woke up suddenly. His muscular torso was bathed in sweat and covered with battle scars, he was panting heavily. It had been a dream, but also a memory. Vegeta had learned to shut down his emotions when he was awake, but he could not control his mind when he was asleep.

He stepped out of the bed and stomped his foot down, rocking a nearby cabinet until it nearly fell over. "Darn it!" He shouted in anger before standing up. He had trained all those years (he was now twenty six years old) but Frieza was still able to kill him in a second if he wished so.

But Vegeta had enough. He didn't care if Frieza was so much stronger. He was going to rebel, starting today. He paced out of the room, put his armour on and strolled out into the hallway. He walked for a few minutes, passing scared-to-death minions of Frieza in the process.

He was no longer a kid, but he still enjoyed their fear.

He stopped at a large door and knocked on it. A dark voice sounded from the room before the door slid open to reveal a huge hulking figure in the door. The figure belonged to Nappa, a former Sayain general and elite class warrior."Eh… You woke me up, Vegeta." Said the man who was bald, except for a thin moustache on his upper lip. Vegeta walked into the man's room without further ado.

"Get dressed Nappa. I am putting my ambitious plan in motion…" Vegeta said. Nappa hurriedly closed the door again. When the door was closed and he was certain no one could hear them Nappa asked "The rebellion starts?" with large, panicky eyes.

Vegeta nodded. "Indeed it does. Get dressed… I'm not asking you again." Vegeta commanded. Nappa nodded and disappeared into another room. When he came back his huge muscular frame was covered by an armour identical to Vegeta's.

"What is our first move Vegeta?" Nappa asked. "To get out of this place!" Vegeta said and he reached down into a pocket of his armour. He pulled out an odd looking device. "Put your scouter on, act like we have orders from Frieza. No one will suspect our absence in this enormous complex, not after several days." Instructed the smaller Sayain.

Nappa nodded and the two walked out of the room and back into the hallway. Vegeta patrolling the hallways alone was scary enough, but the combined intimidating force of both Vegeta and Nappa caused Frieza's troops to nearly piss themselves.

The two Sayains paced into a hangar with dozens of pod-like spacecraft lined up along it's walls. "Punch in coordinates 34-567-18. It is not our final destination." Vegeta instructed as Nappa lowered his huge body into the small pod. He obeyed and punched in the coordinates on a screen.

"If not our final destination, what is our reason of going there?" Nappa asked. Vegeta smirked. "We are going to recruit Raditz' brother. He might be a low class, but he's still a Sayain. And for our, excuse me, my plan to succeed we need all the help we can get. Raditz' on his way there now."

Nappa raised his eyebrows when something popped up on the screen. "One year? I guess I better buckle up then." The Sayain said, strapping himself into the pod. "Yes, Nappa. See you in one year." Vegeta said before the door of his pod slid shut.

Tremendous noise filled the hangar when the engines of the pods started roaring. The pods lifted up themselves before shooting off at high velocity.

The spacepod entered earth's atmosphere. It made it's way down in a ball of fire that increased in size as the pod progressed through the atmosphere.

A beam of light showed itself in darkness of the night. Then there was an explosion that rocked the earth and scared animals away for miles to come. The spacepod lay in a crater that it had just created moments earlier. The door was unlocked and a tall figure pushed it open.

The tall figure got up to his full height and moved his hand through his long black hair that ran down to his lower back. The figure grinned. His tail gave away his origin. This man was a Sayain. He was dressed into full body armour. The man looked up before leaping up out of the crater with great speed. He remained in the air for a few seconds and looked around.

He then moved his finger to a button that sat on his scouter. A few electronic beeps sounded and number began to appear on screen. "Multiple power readings higher than normal…" The man said to himself. He pressed another button on the scouter and it locked on to the nearest high power reading.

"350, that could be my brother!" He shouted and then flew off in the direction of the reading.

He arrived at the source of the reading only moments later, having covered several miles within one minute. There was a waterfall running of a cliff. The water ran into a small lake. He looked around carefully and then allowed himself to land on the soft, moist soil.

"Show yourself!" Shouted the Sayain with his thundering, deep voice. Somebody reacted, but it was not in words. A beam shot out from behind the waterfall, incinerating the water as it came into contact with it. The Sayain blocked the energy blast effortlessly by slapping it up into the air where it exploded into a cloud of smoke.

A roar sounded and a green man with spiky green ears jumped through the waterfall. His growling revealed his sharp teeth. "Why hello there, earthling!" the Sayain said with a smirk on his handsome face. The green figure balled his fists. "Who dares to disturb Piccolo?" He asked.

The Sayain folded his arms in front of his chest and laughed. "Well, Piccolo. My name is Raditz. You don't happen to know anyone by the name of Kakarot?"

The green man gave a startled look. "Never heard of anyone by that name. But… I feel I have met you before. The signal you're power gives off, it's… familiar." Piccolo said, his voice as deep as that of Raditz. How could he never have heard of Kakarot? Did this mean his brother had failed and that he was dead?

Piccolo let out a cry of shock. "I know! That signal, is that you?" Piccolo asked, a panic sounding through in his voice. "Who do you think I am?" asked Raditz with genuine curiosity in his voice.

"Is it you Goku?" Piccolo asked. Raditz grinned. "I don't know who this Goku is, but it's not me." He said. Piccolo looked surprised. "But you are like him. I could swear it was him before I saw with my own eyes that you are not." Replied Piccolo.

"Then I think you're talking about the person I'm here for." The Sayain explained. "What is your business with him?" Piccolo asked. "I'm not here to kill him, if that's what your concerned about." Raditz replied and Piccolo grunted. "Too bad."

Raditz raised his eyebrows. This man was obviously no friend of Kakarot. "Can you show me where he is?" Raditz asked and Piccolo nodded. "I know where he is at any time. Follow me!" said Piccolo and he jumped into the air and flew off, quickly followed by his new acquaintance.

A short bald man with six stars tattooed on his forehead turned around and looked into the air. He couldn't see anybody, but he knew someone was coming. Sweat broke out on his forehead when he identified one of the sources, Piccolo. The bald man hesitated for a moment before running off into the woods at ridiculous speed.

The bald man stopped running when he reached a small house built between two large trees in the forest. He opened the house's door without knocking and rushed in. He was greeted friendly by an attractive young woman who had her hair in traditional Japanese style and was dressed in a kimono. "Hi, Krillin!" The woman said.

"Hello, Chi-Chi! Where is Goku?" He asked, still panting from his long run. "Out hunting with Gohan… why? Did something happen to my lovely Goku?" She said with despair in her voice. "No. Not yet at least! I need to warn him, where did he go?" Krillin asked impatiently.

"He was going after a large bear he spotted a few days ago. I'm sorry but I don't know where he is!" Chi-Chi said. This was just as Krillin had feared. He would now have to use his powerful mind to pinpoint the location of his best friend. He concentrated and after a short pause he picked up his friend's trail. He bowed to Chi-Chi before running out of the house and into the woods again.

A young man was sneaking through the thick bushes on his hands and knees. His black hair was spiky and grew out into several, seemingly random, directions. He wore a traditional gi of bright orange fabrics. He was followed by a small, dark haired boy who was very much a copy of him.

The young man moved his finger in front of his mouth to indicate to the boy that he had to be silent. Then, without warning, the young man leapt out of the bushes. A startled, huge, bear grunted at him and dashed in in a reflex driven by instinct. The bear was twice the young man's size with ease.

Claws were lifted up into the air and fiercely slashed at the young man. But the young man ducked out of the way before jumping into the bear. His head crashed into the beast's chest and the crushing of bones was heard. The bear let out a yelp of pain before it collapsed.

A stomp on the back of the neck did the rest of the trick. The mighty beast had fallen. The young man now started laughing with intense joy. "Come out, Gohan! It's save now!" He said and the boy came crawling out of the bushes, obviously relieved.

"Daddy!" The little boy cried out and hugged his father. "Time to get out of here!" The young man said and he lifted the thousand-pound bear of the ground and hoisted it onto his shoulders, strangely enough, he did not seem to have any effort with the beast's great weight.

"This bad boy here will provide us with a month's worth of food." The young man said and he started to walk in eastern direction with the bear steadily down on his back.

The young man was followed by his son. He stopped walking suddenly after several minutes. "Gohan, hide!" Commanded the young man and his son immediately obeyed and made himself disappear into the bushes.

The young man dropped the bear of his back and it's hulking body crashed into the ground with a thud. The young man struck a fighting stance and looked forward whilst he listened to what was happening around him. He heard the cracking of branches under heavy boots.

Something was running nearby and it was coming directly at him and his son. Goku let out a sigh relief when he saw the source of the noise. It was Krillin, his best friend. He dropped his stance and walked up to the newcomer before hugging him.

Krillin let out a cry of pain. "Goku, you're kind of breaking my back here…" The smaller man said and Goku dropped him quickly. "Sorry, I just keep forgetting my own strength." Goku said. Krillin smirked. "Poor Chi-Chi…" He mumbled.

"Poor me!" Goku responded pointing to a lump on his head. Krillin chuckled but immediately straightened his face. "I am here to warn you Goku! Piccolo's coming!" He shouted. Goku nodded. "I know, I felt that already!" was his reply. Krillin felt very insignificant now, he had ran all that way for nothing?

"Don't you think he's here to fight? Don't you think you have some preparing to do?" Krillin said rhetorically. "No. As a matter of fact I don't think he's coming down here to fight. I sense fear in his power signal, not the usual anger. And I don't need to prepare for battle, I'm always ready." Goku said. Krillin smirked, his best friend could be naïve at times but always seemed to be right when it came to it.

Gohan suddenly appeared out of the bushes and Krillin was so shocked that he fell down onto his back. The little boy started crying and jumped into his father's arms. "Who's that little bugger?" Krillin asked as he got himself back up. "This is my son!" Goku replied.

Krillin's mouth fell open. "Your what?" He asked. Goku smirked. "You heard me, it's my son." Krillin looked at the boy and now saw the similarities but his eye fell onto the tail the boy had between his legs. That put it beyond doubt. This was in fact Goku's son.

Goku suddenly handed Gohan over to his friend. "Piccolo's coming, get him home! Now!" Goku shouted and Krillin nodded before running off with the dazzled child in his hands.

A faded "Daddy!" sounded as Krillin disappeared into the woods. Goku started running now jumping and weaving to avoid the trees and branches whilst meanwhile maintaining his high speed. It was an awesome display of grace and speed, Goku was in full control over his body.

He got out of the woods and called out: "Nimbus!" and magically a cloud appeared on which he leapt and, surprisingly, was able to float on. Then he took to the skies and disappeared.

He reached a cliff that looked out over a wasteland. "Perfect. Nothing to be damaged or hurt here, if Piccolo will come, this is the ideal place." He said to himself before crouching down. He looked out into the horizon and waited.

"Are we getting any closer yet? Green man?" Raditz enquired, getting impatient. His new companion was slow and they had been flying for over half an hour, passing many different terrains in the process. "We're here." Piccolo responded and he stopped in mid-air.

"I don't see anyone…" but Piccolo cut him off. "Behind that cliff, let me show you…" he whispered. He then shouted and powered up before pointing out his hand and firing off a bright orange blast of energy. The blast impacted and triggered a thundering explosion.

The formation of rocks was shattered into thousands of pieces. What remained was a cloud of thick black smoke. The smoke cleared slowly, revealing the figure of Goku, staring at them seemingly unmoved and unscathed. Raditz laughed.

"So you must be Kakarot!" He roared in excitement. Goku raised his eyebrows in surprise. Who was this stranger? He gave off an enormous signal and he seemed somehow familiar. "Kakarot?" he asked. Raditz' mind was racing. The presence of the green man and the few earthlings he saw suggested he had failed to take over the planet.

And to think of it, he was missing his tail! Was this even Kakarot? He didn't even seem to know the name. A press on the scouter confirmed it, he was the strongest being on the planet. This had to be him. His resemblance of his father was remarkable. "Listen, there's no time to dawdle. I'm your brother, you are a Sayain."

Goku again raised his eyebrows. "My brother? Wow…" He murmured. "Yeah. I'm your brother." He slashed his tail. "You are a Sayain, the mightiest race of warriors in the universe!"

Piccolo floated next to Raditz and tried to access the situation. If this man was really Goku's brother, that would explain the tail. Also, it would explain the power Raditz was emitting. Piccolo was thinking fast, if these two were to turn against him, he would stand little to no chance of survival.

So he bailed out. He took off suddenly at high velocity. Goku stared at Piccolo gunning away, knowing that he was now already too far away to catch and he wondered why Piccolo was on the run. But Raditz took off after him.

Piccolo had at least five seconds on Raditz but the Sayain was nowhere to be seen when Piccolo looked over his shoulder. He tried to sense him out and suddenly looked forward. The Sayain was there, right in front of him, arms crossed over his chest.

Piccolo let out a cry of shock and forced himself to a complete stop. Raditz chuckled. "Please… stay. We might have a use for you later. You seem to be strong." Raditz said. "I'll take you on, don't worry!" Piccolo yelled and he jabbed out with his left with great precision.

He aimed it straight for Raditz' chin, but the Sayain put up a block with amazing speed. Raditz then countered with a hook to Piccolo's gut. Piccolo screamed out as purple blood hurtled out of his mouth and his abdomen folded around the Sayain's fist.

Raditz didn't lower his fist and Piccolo hung over it, numbed by the sheer power of the blow.

Raditz then made jabbing move, launching Piccolo back. He flew motionless through the sky for a few seconds before he got a hold of himself.

He couldn't fathom the blow. It had been too fast to block and too powerful to take. He cursed and roared at the same time, an animalistic rage boiling inside him. "I'll get you for tha-" He attempted to finish his sentence but Raditz shut him up. "You stay." He commanded and raised his fist as a threat.

Piccolo knew there was no escape. He roared with anger, but obeyed in the end and dropped down to where Goku was standing. Raditz did the same and stood now facing the two warriors of earth. "Listen up. I have a business proposal. For the both of you." He said.

Goku and Piccolo briefly looked at each other. "What kind of proposal?" Goku enquired eventually. "I join you here on this planet. We'll train together." Raditz said, his eyes serious. Piccolo liked where this was going. Train together with this man? That would be a great way to gain power. The power he needed to destroy Goku.

Goku was still confused. His brother suddenly appears out of nowhere and tells him to train with him? He had defeated Piccolo with so much ease that Goku knew he was no match for him either. He seemed to be friendly, but there was something dark about him.

"Train for what?" Goku asked. "I arrived here today… I'm from outer space. I used to fight in the army of a tyrant. But our fellow Sayain Vegeta, our prince, had decided he's had enough. He sent me here one year ago to recruit you for our cause." Raditz explained.

Goku grinned like a child. "An adventure in outer space huh? That's awesome! I'm looking forward to training!" He shouted and he bowed politely. Piccolo looked at Goku with pure disgust. He then looked at Raditz. "Teach me what you know." He said.

Raditz grinned, everything was panning out as it should. He found his brother a little odd, but he seemed capable by the scouter's reading. He knew that as a Sayain, his brother had great potential and he was eager to start training.

In space the two pods flew passed Jupiter with great speed. It would now take Vegeta and Nappa only two weeks to arrive on earth…


POWERLEVELS *as of now*:

Kid Vegeta: 6000

Vegeta: 18000

Nappa: 4250

Raditz: 1200

Goku/Kakarot: 450 (no weights)

Piccolo: 420 (no weights)

Krillin: 250

Cui: 20000

Frieza: 500000

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