Chapter 37: My empire

Cooler stomped his large foot down into the ground in frustration. Rage was starting to cloud his judgement. "Be quiet! This fight is far from over!" the frost demon said as he dropped back into his stance once again. Vegeta laughed softly. "Why don't you just shut me up then?" he taunted, waving his hand in a welcoming gesture.

Cooler roared in anger as he launched himself forward. He lashed out with a wild hook but Vegeta swiftly dropped through his knees to avoid getting hit. The Sayain then threw a high kick but Frieza's brother blocked the attack with his tail.

Vegeta threw his enemy a smirk as he suddenly flew up with great speed. Cooler flew up after him in response but let out a cry of shock as he was met by a blast from above. The explosion caught him flush and sent him barrelling back towards the ground with blinding speed. But Vegeta had already reached his falling opponent before he had reached the ground and he kicked his leg straight up. Cooler grunted in pain as he was launched back up into the air and slowly disappeared out of sight.

Vegeta didn't chase after him this time but stayed with his feet planted on the ground instead. He then aimed his palm up at the speck of purple light that was now approaching him from the sky… Cooler truly was a darned fool… He had rushed in recklessly again. He was actually making it all too easy for the ferocious Sayain Prince…

Vegeta laughed as he fired off his blast at the exact right time. Cooler was again hit full on and was hurtled into a large hill of rock that crumbled into thousands of small fragments as he smashed into it. The frost demon was now completely buried under the rubble and the Prince approached him calmly, a grin of satisfaction etched on his face. He let out a laugh as Cooler emerged from the pile, his natural armour still covered in rocks and dirt.

He hissed in anger as his aura flared up and the dirt was brushed off. "Don't you realize it yet, Cooler? If we continue like this, I will be the winner of our little fight… There is no way you will beat such a skilled warrior as I am with such petty techniques!" Vegeta said as he cracked his knuckles. "Nobody has ever pushed me like this! But this battle is not over! You forgot one thing Vegeta…" The demon began. Vegeta laughed out loud as he nonchalantly tilted his head backwards. "And what would that be?"

Now, it was Cooler's turn to laugh as he flew up into the air with great speed. He stopped in mid-air and hovered, now looking down on Vegeta. "I can breathe in space you fool! That's what you forgot!" He exclaimed as a ball of raging purple energy appeared on his extended index finger.

Vegeta's eyes widened for a second as he quickly dropped into his stance. He growled as the ball on Cooler's fingertip expanded rapidly until it was easily three times the size of the frost demon himself. Cooler then proceeded to lift the energy above his head, still balancing it on one finger. "There is no way the planet is going to survive this! Say goodbye Vegeta! Death ball!"

Vegeta planted his feet firmly down as the attack soared towards him from above, the purple light shining upon the landscape below. Cooler was definitely right, the attack would easily destroy the planet and him with it! He had to prevent that from happening…

"Super Gallic Gun!"

Vegeta's golden beam raged towards the approaching death ball at great velocity, the beam producing a loud noise as it travelled through the air. The two masses of energy then collided. An enormous explosion lit up the sky and rocked the surface. The flash of light was so intense that Vegeta had to cover his eyes for a second. He then smiled. His attack had done the trick… The planet had been saved, for now.

He sensed out with his feelings and was immediately able to locate his opponent, who was quite the distance away…

Cooler had never expected anyone to be able to counter a death ball of such magnitude… The force of the explosion had hurtled him away and he had helplessly crashed in one of the rivers that were so abundant on this planet. His menacing red eyes shot open as he got himself up and blasted the water around him up and away with a surge of his massive ki.

He then floated up into the air, only just in time to see Vegeta arriving… The damned Sayain had found him remarkably quick. "I won't allow you to pull a stunt like that again!" Vegeta barked as he pointed his finger at the demon hovering before him. "Stop me!" the demon warned as he started to gather energy again. "You've asked for it!"

Vegeta zapped over in an instant. The frost demon hadn't seen the movement and gasped as the Super Sayain was now right in front of him. He then threw all of his strength into an uppercut that he battered his opponent in the gut with. Frieza's brother was then launched up into the air at great speed, his body bent over forward from the intense force of the blow.

The super Sayain then dashed after his prey with blinding speed and reached him soon… Cooler was still trying to recover. "The family Cold! Eradicated!" Vegeta announced as he spread his arms and legs out, gathering energy in both of his palms. He then formed the energy into sharp blades before clapping his hands together, the energy following suit.

Cooler let out a final cry of shock as the attack beheaded him. His decapitated body then dropped out of the sky and landed on the ground in a mangled position. Smoke curled up into the air in thin streams from out of the open hole that used to be the frost demon's neck. Vegeta laughed as he landed next to the severed head of his enemy. He raised his eyebrows in surprise when he spotted that Cooler's head was somehow still alive. "Curse you!" Muttered the head as the red eyes stared at the Sayain with pure hatred.

Vegeta chuckled inside. The frost demons were a powerful race, he had to admit. Apparently they only required their heads to remain alive… To Vegeta's surprise, he could sense that the demon still had a lot of power left, enough to blow up a planet the size of Earth with ease.

"You sure are hard to get rid of! I'll give you that." The Sayain prince said as he picked the head up from the ground and held it in his hands, turned towards him so that he was staring it right in the eyes. "Put me down you primate!" Cooler roared as his eyes lit up dangerously from him loading up a double eye beam. But Vegeta was quick to respond as he casually dropped the still hostile head, calculated its trajectory and subsequently kicked it high up in the air with his right leg.

The frost demon's scream echoed as the severed head was completely eradicated in a blinding flash of pure gold.

Vegeta laughed once more as he allowed himself to transform back into his regular state, the golden aura around him dissipating quickly as his power dropped back down to normal. Cooler had been powerful but he was still a worthless fighter. The additional transformation had been a surprise but hadn't been enough to tip the scales in a battle with the fierce super Sayain Vegeta. The prince knew that he could win against a frost demon with similar power all day due to his supreme fighting instincts and the countless battles he had fought during his years. Cooler was nothing but a fool, pampered by the amount of power he had received at birth.

He glanced over to the lifeless body and chuckled. Might as well get rid of everything, he thought before firing a high powered blast into the corpse. The explosion rocked the planet shortly and the smoke cleared to reveal a decent sized crater that was eerily empty. Cooler was now officially no more, reduced to less than ashes.

Vegeta then jumped high into the air before blasting off towards the ship Cooler and he had arrived on. A smirk formed on his face as the realisation dawned upon him… He had killed all members of the Cold dynasty now. This meant that there were no real competitors left that could challenge him for the throne. The Planet Trade Organization was now his! As soon as he arrived he opened the door by pressing the button and the staircase slid out again to welcome him in. He entered

He arrived at the vessel shortly after and landed right next to it. He entered the ship before taking place in the Captain's chair. "Computer! I would like to send out a message." He commanded as the ship went through its start-up procedure. "To who?" A virtual female voice replied.

"Just broadcast it everywhere, I want everybody to know." There was a short moment of silence as the computer opened up the communications channels.

Vegeta rose from his seat, knowing that most of the Cold families' Empire was watching him now, the blue light of the recording device shone upon his face. "This is Vegeta! I am sure that most of you have heard about me. Today, I announce that the rule of the Cold family is over. I will see to what remains of it. You shall call me Lord Vegeta from this day on. Now you might be thinking… Has Vegeta gone mad? Surely, Frieza and his family will kill him now! But no! They won't and that's because they are already dead! They have been killed by my own, royal hands. To all those that think they can challenge me… I will welcome you at Frieza planet #12, which will now be known as Vegeta planet #12!" He then pressed another button on a screen to end the transmission.


Bulma blushed as she stumbled into the bathroom, not finding out that there was a naked man in there before it was too late. "I'm awfully sorry! She said as she turned around and covered her eyes in embarrassment. She had only seen the silhouette of the man but she had recognized him instantly. The man in the shower was Raditz, his long lion-like manes and tall muscular frame gave that away. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. His body was covered in battle scars of different shapes and sizes.

Bulma then hastily left the bathroom feeling a little aroused. Raditz was surely an attractive man and seeing him naked like that had nearly swept her of her feet… She couldn't help but wonder if he felt the same way about her. She was feeling a little guilty about it, with Yamcha being dead and all, but she knew there was no way she would be able to resist the Sayain if he made a move.

The Sayain stared at the woman leaving the bathroom in a hurry with a puzzled look on his face. He then realized she had been embarrassed by seeing him standing there, butt-naked. Sayain men and women often saw each other naked, but it seemed like these humans thought it was quite the big deal. He shrugged his broad shoulders and started wiping himself down. Maybe the woman would provide him with some entertainment in between training…

End of chapter

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