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Chapter 3

Clove POV

I wake up, scared out of my mind. This is the day I will die. I will die so that my Cato can live. I tell myself. With a few shaky breaths, I accept this. Enobaria storms in.

"Alright, kid, let's get you ready for the arena," Enobaria spits.

"You give me so much confidence," I murmur under my breath.

"What's this? Girlie has a mouth on her? Well, the arena won't be any kinder," Enobaria says, with a smile. Her pointed teeth were glinting in the faint morning light streaming through the window. I get up, and get ready. My stylist, Mindee, comes with me.

The entire time I am on the hovercraft, I am thinking about Cato. I am in the small room, waiting for my turn to arrive, while Mindee is babbling about one thing or another.

"Tributes, take your places on the launching pad," a voice says. I take a small breath, and take shaky steps towards my launching pad.

This is it. I tell myself. I step onto the launching pad, and feel myself being lifted up. I see blades of grass as I come up. As I'm lifted ever-further, I see the golden Cornucopia come into view. When I am fully lifted, I look frantically for Cato. I see his blonde hair coming up. He looks to me, and mouths, "You'll be okay. Don't worry." I nod, and he smiles.

The countdown begins. I only begin to listen in its final seconds. 15…14…13…12…11…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… "Begin!" the speaker shrieks. I run towards Cato. When we reach each other, he grabs my hand. We meet up with Glimmer, Marvel, and the District 4 girl, Marin.

"Where's Triton?" I ask, referring back to the District 4 boy.

"THERE!" Cato yells, and then thrusts his sword into Triton's stomach.

"Why?" I ask, but then I remember Triton pissing Cato off during training. I see Fire Girl fighting with the District 9 boy out of the corner of my eye. I run towards them with my knives. I need to get to Katniss. She is the biggest threat to Cato. I see the little District 11 girl, too. I'll get to her later. I think. I throw my knife, and it plants itself into 9's back. He spatters blood all over Girl on Fire, and I smirk to myself. Then, I aim for Katniss, and throw. She lifts her backpack up just in time for my knife to make contact with it. But not with Katniss. "Damn!" I shout, and run after her.

"Clove, it's no use. We'll get her later," Cato assures me. I grit my teeth, and accept it.


That night, we made a fire. Who cares if someone saw us, anyways? We were 5 against 1. Finally, we put out the fire. Marin begins to braid her hair. Glimmer is flirting with Marvel, as he shows her his muscles, or lack thereof. I'm with Cato in the trees when we hear a twig snap.

Cato draws his sword, Marvel takes his spear, Glimmer clutches her bow, Marin grabs her nets, and I grip my knives. I see a blonde head poke out. It's Peeta Mellark.

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