Artemis Fowl Goes on a Maximum Ride

Fowl Manor, Dublin, Ireland; August 18, 2012


"Sir, would you like some more water?" Butler asked. I sighed and answered no. "Is there something troubling you, sir?" he said. "No," I lied. My life was once so interesting, but now it is, what you could call, boring. Ever since my time with the People ended, I became a bit depressed. I needed something to do. Something that would take my interest and make me want to ponder it. But what? "Butler, we are going to Sacramento, California in an hour and I will pilot," I said, and went to my room. I was going to visit a friend.

Later that day...

Sacramento, California, U.S.A.


"Who is that?" Fang squinted and shrugged. "You mean that fat dude?" Gazzy questioned. "Yes, the fat dude," I replied. Who ever it was, didn't see like much of a threat. Unless he was going fall on us. I snorted and heads turned. "Max, there's two people down there," Nudge stated. That one was very small, and you could see that from 50 feet in the air, (Which we were) but they were just standing there. "I'm going to see what's up, by myself," I said quickly before they could even speak and flew down near them, but tucking my wings in before approaching. Now that I was down here, I noticed a few things. 1. The fat guy was actually the buff guy. 2. The kid is a teenager. 3. There were three people: Buffy, Teeny, and Jeb. "Jeb?!" The words left my mouth before I knew what had happened. Buffy had pulled a Sig Sauer out and Teeny pointed. Then, Buffy shot and he didn't miss. "Owwah!" I yelped and sank to the ground. Pain burst through my stomach. The last thing I remembered before I blacked out was: Jeb shouting and Buffy coming at me with a net.

Fowl Manor, Dublin; August 21, 2012


"Sir, she is waking up," I tilted my head forward and jerked with pain. "Dear, it will hurt if you move," an Irish accent said dripping with sarcasm. Really? I hadn't noticed! I thought and started to strategize. I realized the voice with accent was Teeny and the deep one was Buffy's. "Ah, it would be rude not to introduce myself, no?" Teeny grinned. Oh, and I wanted slap it off his face real bad, but I kept my cool, I was afraid Buffy was around. "I am Artemis Fowl the Second and that is Butler."