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Here I am again, Fork Washington. The home of the worst years of my life, though I guess you could also say they were the best years of my life. I was allowed to be blissfully innocent here; I was allowed to have no idea of the horrors which the world can inflict upon a person. Though that may be where I reach my ultimate problem, I was so innocent I allowed myself to get stomped on. To have my heart destroyed and ripped apart, to have everything I know and love bashed by the person who I love and who means the most to me in the world. Jacob Black.

The worst part of this entire situation, I tell myself every morning when I wake up; I'm over him. I'm not over him; I'm still just as in love with Jacob, as the day that he completely destroyed me. I still long to see his face, and I still want to talk to him and tell him my darkest secrets, though I know, now, that he won't care; Jacob doesn't love me. It was all an illusion. Imprinting was just something forced on him and not something that he really wanted, he didn't want me. He never wanted me. I was just the stupid hybrid that he was forced to love and risk his life, as well as the packs lives to protect; I am such a waste of time. Jacob was right to want to be rid of me and want nothing to do with me, I don't blame him. He should hate me, there is nothing great about me, I am a freak of nature, I hurt my own mother. She was the real love of his life, Jake loves my mom, I guess I should just accept the fact that he used me to get to her.

Here I am the same place my mom's story started all those years ago. I am standing here, on the front steps of my grandparents' house. About to live on my own in Forks for the first time, this is my way of getting to see the pack again, in time for Paul's wedding which I was invited too. So I have to attend it would be highly rude of me not too. Anyways I am here to finally start my life and I am going to enjoy it, I am going to be a big girl for the first time in my life and I am going to live alone, and I am also going to face Jacob Black and the past head on and I am going to win, I'm not going to break down and cry. I'm going to catch up with all the other imprints and I am going to be happy, just like I deserve to be. I am not going to let one person ruin everything for me.


I jump as I hear the phone ring pulling me out of my thoughts and walk into the house answering it.


"Nessie? Hi! It's Claire!"

"Hey Claire! What's up darling!?" I smile, instantly in a better mood after hearing my best friends voice over the phone.

"Not much just sitting with Quil and Emby who are both being annoying so I decided to call someone fun! What're you up too!?"

"My boys are being boring!? What is going on in the world?" I say with a laugh, "And I am just about to start unpacking my bag…"

"Unpack your bag, did your family move again? And where to this time, I was going to buy a ticket to come visit you knew this!" Claire said sounding rather annoyed.

"No they didn't move. I did. I actually moved pretty close to you, I'll give you the address. Have Quil drive you over here in an hour and we can spend some time together?"

"Yes! I can't wait to see you! I've missed you so much, your short visits just aren't the same, this isn't just a visit right!? I will literally cry if this is just a visit."

I laugh, "Nope I'm not just visiting I'm really here. Tell Quil to bring you too the Cullen's, I'm sure he'll know where he's going from there, actually I'm positive. If he asks why tell him that I forgot something there and you have to pick it up, okay?"

"Alright, I'll be there in just a couple minutes. I love you! Bye, bye!" Claire says as she hangs up.

I quickly run through the house and look at everything, noticing how little everything has changed other than the new furniture that Grandma Esme bought me when she found out that I was going to be living alone. She said that the house needed to reflect me a little more, which it really does now I can really see it, it's wonderful. There is a real Renesmee touch, without me even touching it. I loved the house, and it already had most of everything I needed I just had to put my keys in their place as well as move my bag upstairs and hang my coat which I managed to do rather quickly.

Once that was completed I had time, and when I say time I mean I had a lot of time. I decided to spend this time watching some TV. Uncle Emmett always found it fun so maybe there really is some entertainment value to it, I've never actually paid much attention. I was normally too busy focusing on what I wanted other people to see and then forcing them to see it. It was quite funny to do with Uncle Emmett when he was watching television because it would really piss him of. I am really going to miss my family, I mean sure they annoyed me and mom and dad are very, very over protective, but I am going to miss them. They are all I've ever really known and know they live on the other side of the world, well not really but I'm allowed to be over dramatic sometimes.

It was going to be a change not being able to run to mom and dad every time something went wrong, which happens to me a lot. I run into a lot of trouble, I am a problem hybrid. I don't mean to be, but trouble always seems to find me, dad says that I'm like mom in that way. I don't want to be like mom, though I guess at the same time I do. If I were more like mom, then I would have been able to have Jacob love me and not have said all of those horrible things to me maybe that's what I need to be. I need to have less of my father in me and more of my mother I can do that, well with everything except my hair, I love my hair. And I have my mother's eyes…

I jumped when there was a knock at the door, I was so lost in my thoughts that I had forgotten that I had Claire coming over with Quil who was probably following here carefully to make sure that my family was around and about to try to hurt her. The little faith that they have in my family is insulting sometimes, you would think that they would place just a little trust in us, well my family, they trust me, and I'm Jacob's imprint. I'm going to stop that thought right now, I don't want to allow it to go any further, and there should be no more on that thought than what I have at this moment. I ran to the door and opened it quickly.

Standing at my door was Claire, Quil, Embry and Jacob. I was happy to see them all, except for Jacob, who looked the same as always. Tall, muscular, handsome, gorgeous, with perfect tan skin, and I bet when he smiles he still has beautiful white teeth. Just seeing him made me heart stop, which wasn't unusual, though I do wonder what they are thinking the cause of that reaction is, maybe it's the three wolves that just randomly showed up on my doorstep; that would be a pretty good cause for a freak out; at least that's what I tell myself. Plus what I tell myself is always right…

"Hey everyone, come on in." I say with a small smile, moving to the side so they all can enter the house.

The entire group looked around, obviously noticing the change in decoration which the place had undergone. Which was a pretty major change, none of them really knew what to think; though I do believe that the wolves were all just searching for the rest of my family, good luck finding them. They aren't here dumb asses, oh, that was mean of me I told mom I would stop doing that so I guess I will. There will be no more insulting the wolves for fun.

Claire seemed to understand what the new decorations meant first because she screamed and ran at me –knowing I would catch her- all while yelling, "NESSIE!"

I laughed and caught her -Quil would kill me if I didn't- "Claire!"

"Do you know what this means Ness! Do you!? Do you!?" Claire yelled, drawing the boy's attention to us once again. This of course means that Jacobs's beautiful dark brown eyes were looking at me…

"I do Claire bear I do! I'm here forever and ever and ever, well not really but I'm here for a couple of years before people become suspicious of me!" I said with a smile.

The moment I said that sentence everything seemed to freeze, all the wolves, and Claire. Everyone stared at me, as if attempting to understand what I had just told them and see if it was the truth. I don't think Claire wanted to believe that her best friend was finally home after all these years, while Quil didn't want to see his imprints hopes crushed that I was actually home. Embry just liked me in general so he was just in shock.

Then there was the reason that Jacob was in shock, his long lost imprint was home. I guess he can now say that the pain of knowing if I was alright is now gone because he can see right in front of his eyes that I am perfectly fine and I will be perfectly fine for many years to come. So I guess that I won't have to see him again, which is a good thing right? I mean he ripped out my heart, and it hurt, it still hurts to know that your own imprint doesn't want you. Oh well, I'm a big girl and I'll survive it, plus I am now back with my best friends: well the best friends that aren't my family, they get a little annoying.

"Ness, do you mean that you're living here now? What about your family?" Embry asked with a grin on his face, I knew he was as excited as Claire, but he also wanted to make sure that the entire family wasn't coming back. It made sense though since the return of the family would be enough cause to put the entire pack on alert, I didn't want to do that to them though.

"Yes I am living here now, after a very long argument with my parents. My family is still living in Alaska, they won't be coming here often and when they are Grandpa said he will be calling Jacob or Sam to inform them." I said sitting down in the first chair that I could find, as far away from Jake as possible.

Embry watched my movement and frowned lightly, probably wondering why I chose to sit so far away from my "soul mate." Oh well, they will just have to find out from Jacob the shit that he put me through, and the heartache that he put me through, I'm done with him. I'll find a new guy and he will make me happy, not as happy as…

Stop that thought right now Renesmee, you will not compare everything to Jacob. He is not your prince charming anymore so you have to stop thinking of him like he is. He is just a man who at one point in your life was probably the most important thing to you, ever. Now you have other things that are important, like your family they rank about him and Claire, and well I'll just come up with more later who need to do all that thinking, not me. Thinking is so over rated.

"Welcome back then Ness, we've all missed you. Plus I'm sure Paul will be happy to know that you'll be around for him to pick on when he gets angry with his imprint." Quil said with a smile, wrapping his arms around Claire who had just gone back to sit on his lap. I want that relationship, I will eventually have it though…right?

"Thanks, it's good to be back Quil. I haven't felt this at home in a while, there's something special about this place." I say with a smile.

Embry stood up then and walked over to me grinning. Before I knew what was happening I was up and out of the chair in a tight hug from Embry. I laughed and hug him back feeling like my kid self again, and the memories always made me grin. I quickly put my hand on his cheek:

Embry and I were running around in the back yard both of us giggling like five year olds, which I was physically. He was chasing me and I decided I wanted to win so I quickly turn and run around and jump on his back.

"I win! I love you Embry!" I say giggling.

I pulled my hand back off his cheek grinning from one of my favorite memories with him, and saw that he was smiling too.

"I missed you crazy cup." Embry said smiling widely before hugging me again and setting me down, "You better have more awesome things to show me later on!"

I laugh and nod, noticing that Jacob looked uncomfortable and almost sad. Though I know that he can't be sad, that just wouldn't happen it would mean that he felt something towards me. Which I know can't be happening.

"Jacob, you don't have to be here if you don't want to be. No one is forcing you." I say quietly, sitting back in my seat.

"No I want to be here, it's just different a lot to take in you know?" Jacob said, avoiding looking at me, big surprise. I was a reminder of the woman that he really loved, the one he believes is his soul mate, not me, but her my own mother. I don't know if that's the sad part or if that I'm jealous of his love for my mom that's the sad part. Everyone loves my mom, I don't know why, they just do.

"I'm sure it is. I've been used to this idea for a while now though so it's nothing new to me." I responded civilly.

"NESSIE! I just made an amazing decision!" Claire said bouncing slightly on Quil's lap, causing me to laugh.

"What did you decide oh amazing Claire:?

"You should have all the girls sleep over here after the wedding that way we can all be happy and all that Jazz. Even though Kristen is leaving us for Paul, I mean what he is offering that we're not!?"

I just raised an eye brow at her statement having spent too much time with Uncle Emmett I knew better than to actually answer that, though it might not be a good question to ask around me anyways. It's just has way too many ways in which it can go wrong, and I really don't want to see that. It would be bad, really bad. I think I wasn't the only one thinking that same statement because Embry looked shocked by the question while Jacob was quietly chuckling.

"Claire bear, you know we all love you right? You're innocence is about to get you into a lot of trouble though." Quil said kissing the top of Claire's head.

Claire looked at us all confused, which caused us all to start laughing. The noise made it sound much like my house used to when my family was out hunting. Oh how I miss the old times and I really can't wait to get into everything here. I'll miss my family but for once I think I might be making the right decision for me.

By leaving my family behind I am going to be able to think and do what I want for one of the first times in my life, though I will want to remember when I got back home that dad can enter my head. I was free and I could now truly discover myself and what I wanted with life without anyone judging me, too much. There really is judgment everywhere, that's something that I have learned over my few short years. Though I wish it wasn't true, I will always be judged for being different, or not being my mother, or something annoying like that.

Despite everything though, I am finally ready to start my new life.

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