Summary: John had decided long ago that he wouldn't ever go out on the full moon, blooded or not. In the Army, things were different, but invalidated back to London, things have to go back to the way things were. That's harder to make sure of when he meets a Mad Vampire by the name of Sherlock Holmes.

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Chapter 2— Remembering

The walk back to his sit-in was a thoughtful one.

He breathed in the night air and thought back a few hours previous, the adrenalin pumping through his veins, the disappointment he felt in himself when he went into the wrong building—and damn the Cabbie for setting off a Scentless bomb, the stuff was still clinging to his clothing—and the dead calm in his thoughts as he raised his Browning and…

John shook his head.

He was out of practice.

Even a few months ago and he would have been able to track Jeffrey Hope and Sherlock through the thick smell of Scentless, wouldn't have gotten confused about the wind pushing the scentless more to one side—wouldn't have thought that meant that Sherlock had been taken to the building on the right.

A flash of yellow in his peripherals had him turning to look, and he saw a taxi drive past him, the lighted sign on top of it flickering slightly. John blinked, and reminded himself that there was no reason for his decision to walk other than his desire to clear his head.

He shook his head again.

Sherlock had nearly killed himself tonight, stubborn man that he is…

The thing is, if John hadn't had his Browning on him, Sherlock would have taken the damn pill and John wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

If he'd Changed when he left the Cab, he would have been able to tell which building they went into.

But… but it'd been such a long time since he'd Changed in public—since he'd Changed outside of his room.

Since he'd Changed in front of civilians.

When he'd been on missions in Afghanistan, it very rarely led him to be Changed in front of civilians, and, when e was, he was searching for a scent, following a trail… he didn't have the chance to spare time or attention to the looks he got.

John knew he was… disproportionately large.

When he'd been at school the few times he'd wandered into the Older Form's areas for study when he was Changed he was treated like an older student.

He knew he was odd.

He'd done a study of himself when he'd had the lab to himself.

On average, a person is two to three times their own weight while Changed and approximately one foot taller from head to foot. Or nose to tail as in some cases.

John, however… well, he was quite a bit larger.

As a man, he was on the short side, just barely under 5 foot 6, whereas when he's Changed he's closer to 8 foot. And that was from his measurements when he was 26.

'Wolves didn't stop growing vertically until they were about 30, though certainly by 25 the rate of growth had slowed.

John didn't even want to think about his weight… without the regular exercise in Afghanistan, he'd lost some of his muscle in both his forms, and there was a real worry that he'd get fat.

He grimaced.

He wasn't terribly worried about how he looked, but he didn't want to be unhealthy.

But all this was detracting from the fact that if he'd Changed he wouldn't have had to resort to shooting the cabbie from the next building over.

He sighed and punched in the code to get into his building, forgoing the elevator to take the steps two at a time.

He had to admit that the fact that he could do this now made him giddy. Made him wish he was much younger to dignify the happy noises that wanted to escape his chest.

Inside his room he took the few minutes needed to pack up his few possessions that had spread through the sit-in, and flopped on the bed.

He was cautiously optimistic about moving in with Sherlock Holmes.

He'd taken John's rules well enough…

He remembered the conversation now, how initially dismissive Sherlock had been.

John was glad they'd had the rules sorted out on his part, because they were the only non-negotiable parts of flat sharing he'd been worried about.


In the car Sherlock had fiddling with his phone, and John realized he should probably make some things clear.

"So if I'm going to be your flatmate, there are a couple of things…"

"Yes, yes, of course you have your rules, but I have to say now that there'll be no biting." The look Sherlock had spared him was one that translated exactly how much the idea of biting John appealed to him. "That's what those clinics are for…" his lip briefly curled.

John didn't take offense to the tone or the look, only gave a short nod.

"That's actually one of the things I wanted to talk about. There are really two, maybe three things that might be a problem that I want to talk about now, and one is that I don't want to have to worry about you being too lazy to get your own food, and I don't fancy being a snack. So no, no biting." Sherlock glanced up at him from his phone, seemingly considering, and nodded.

"That's perfectly reasonable. What else?"

"Full moons. I stay in, and I don't want to be bothered."

Sherlock frowned. "You don't expect me to leave the house." It wasn't a question, but Jon shook his head 'no' anyway.

"No, I don't, I just stay in my room, but I Change in private and prefer to be on my own…" Sherlock's eyes flickered down for a moment, and John caught the thought behind it.

"Yes, I know I have a red tag. I like being coherent when I Change."

Sherlock frowned a moment, eyes on his phone, and John was prepared for any claims of how much that didn't make sense, but Sherlock stayed silent.

"So do I have my privacy, or do I have to look for another flatmate?" John pushed. This was one of the big things he needed to make sure of, and after another moment of silence, Sherlock nodded. "Anything else?"

"…well, unless I'm mistaken, you do a lot of experiments?"

Sherlock looked up at him then, a puzzled frown on his face.

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, first off you were using the lab at Bart's…" Sherlock made a face briefly, a flicker of distaste, and John raised an eyebrow, "and there's also the smell of chemicals in the flat."

"There are lots of chemicals commonly found in a home." John tilted his head, a smile quirking at his lips. That sounded a bit like a challenge. He searched his memory for the specific smells he'd made out.

"True, but Calcium Cyanide, Tributylamine, Nitric acid, Perchloric acid, and… I think it was Phosphoric Anhydride? If it is, I hope you aren't keeping it stored near water." John wasn't much of a chemist, but he remembered that that, at least, started boiling when mixed with water.

"But those aren't commonly found in someone's house."

Sherlock's eyes were focused in his direction, but were flicking a bit like he was trying to figure out an equation in his head, before the expression suddenly cleared.

"Ah. You have a good nose." He said this like it explained so much more than it did, and John wondered if being around Sherlock always meant that you felt like you'd just missed something obvious.

"Yes… So since you do a lot of experiments," John was going to take Sherlock's non answer for a 'yes', "I really need you to not do anything to my food. I don't mind if you need some of it for an experiment so long as you replace it or let me know, but I don't want to have to worry that you're growing a colony of something on a chicken breast or a haunch of beef."

Sherlock seemed to consider it for a long while, and John looked out at the passing scenery to wait him out.


John nodded his thanks, "What about you? Anything you'll need?"

He opened his mouth, hesitated, and settled with "I'll have to get back to you on that…"


John thought on that with some fond exasperation… he was glad that he'd gotten his points across—that he would not, could not deal with a flatmate who was going to poison his food, interrupt him on Full Moons, and expect to be able to bite him any time he doesn't feel like finding a donor or a blood bag.

But Sherlock had agreed to the rules.

It remained to be seen that he would follow them, though, and the next full moon would b the real test.

Sherlock was observant, and h'd been shown multiple times that night that he had enough curiosity to kill a couple hundred cats.


It had been dark outside of the cab when Sherlock sighed and said "Go on, ask."

John blinked. He'd thought that when Sherlock started speaking again it would be about his own conditions for living with him, but he supposed that when he said he'd have to think on it he meant for a while longer. He'd already given his opinion of biting, so John supposed he'd beaten him to the punch with that one.

"Okay… Where are we going?"

"Crime scene. Next."

"Who are you? What do you do?"

"What do you think?"

"I'd say Private detective…"


"But the police don't go to private detectives"

"I'm a consulting detective, the only one in the world, I invented the job."

John smirked a little, the question he asks next just about laid out for him, "And what does that mean?"

"It means," he says with some obvious relish, "that when the police are out of their depth, which is always, they come to me."

"The police don't consult amateurs."

There's a small pause, and John wonders if Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, is the sort of bloke who can issue challenges but not respond to them, and feels a small pang of disappointment. When Sherlock had covertly challenged him to prove how he'd come to the conclusion that he did experiments beyond seeing him working at Bart's, John had welcomed it as a friendly prompt. He had no qualms at showing how good his nose is.

But if he couldn't take a little friendly fire…

(John didn't let his mind wander to the numerous relationships, romantic and otherwise, that had failed because they couldn't handle a friendly jab, couldn't handle John asking questions honestly because they were always questioning if he was Challenging them like 'all' wolves did…)

"When I met you for the first time yesterday, I said 'Afghanistan or Iraq?' You looked surprised."

(A small part of John relaxed, relieved.)

"Yes. How did you know?" John remembered he'd had his tag partially tucked in his shirt, so it wasn't likely Sherlock had been able to see it, vampire eyes or not.

"I didn't know, I saw. Your haircut, the way you hold yourself, says military. But your conversation as you entered the room — said trained at Bart's, so army doctor. Obvious. Your face is tanned, but no tan above the wrists — you've been abroad but not sunbathing. The limp's really bad when you walk, but you don't ask for a chair when you stand, like you've forgotten about it, so it's at least partly psychosomatic. That says the original circumstances of the injury were probably traumatic — wounded in action, then. Wounded in action, suntan — Afghanistan or Iraq. Also, I saw a glint of the metal underneath the red of your tag, scratches too deep for something you'd get from regular everyday use, obviously the same one you got when you enlisted." John nodded slowly. Obviously Sherlock was more than fine with showing off his own skills.

(It was brilliant.)

"You said I had a therapist."

(Show me more.)

"You've got a psychosomatic limp. Of course you've got a therapist. Then there's your brother. Your phone — it's expensive, email enabled, MP3 player. But you're looking for a flat-share; you wouldn't waste money on this. It's a gift, then. Scratches — not one, many over time. Not from claws, not from the inevitable drops to the ground. It's been in the same pocket as keys and coins. The man sitting next to me wouldn't treat his one luxury item like this, so it's had a previous owner. The next bit's easy, you know it already."

"The engraving?"

"Harry Watson — clearly a family member who's given you his old phone. Not your father — this is a young man's gadget. Could be a cousin, but you're a war hero who can't find a place to live. Unlikely you've got an extended family, certainly not one you're close to, so brother it is. Now, Clara — who's Clara? Three kisses say a romantic attachment. Expensive phone says wife, not girlfriend. Must've given it to him recently — this model's only six months old. Marriage in trouble, then — six months on, and already he's giving it away? If she'd left him, he would've kept it. People do, sentiment. But no, he wanted rid of it — he left her. He gave the phone to you, that says he wants you to stay in touch. You're looking for cheap accommodation and you're not going to your brother for help? That says you've got problems with him. Or maybe he with you. The overlarge engraving he had added afterwards—you can tell by the sharper lines—of a dog's paw print says that it's a dig to your lycanthropy, something another Werewolf wouldn't do—familial werewolves don't make jokes like that, much too uptight against the idea of them being dog like, and 'New Wolves' are taught to resent the implication. So, you're a First in your family. That brings its own perks and difficulties to a family, more likely a difficulty in yours, so aside from the lycanthropic strain between the two of you, what is it? Maybe you liked his wife, maybe you don't like his drinking."

"How can you possibly know about the drinking?" John didn't mention Harry being his sister yet, Sherlock was on a roll and he wanted to see where else he went with his deductions.

"Shot in the dark. Good one, though. Power connection — tiny little scuffmarks around the edge. Every night he goes to plug it in and charge but his hands are shaky. You never see those marks on a sober man's phone, never see a drunk's without them. No larger marks accompanying them to show another Werewolf trying to plug it in while Changed, so there you go, you see? You were right."

"I was right? Right about what?" John scrambled to think if he'd said anything about scratch marks before—

"The police don't consult amateurs."

John stopped, and had to work to keep the grin from his face, because there was one thing rapidly becoming clear from being around Sherlock, and that was that he never wasted a chance to be dramatic.

"That… was amazing."

A beat of silence.

"You think so?"

"Of course it was. Extraordinary. It was quite extraordinary." John wondered for a moment if Sherlock was in the habit of fishing for compliments along with being the Prima Donna of his own soap opera.

"That is not what people normally say."

"What do people normally say?"

"Piss off."

John turned to the window, grinning, and saw his new flat mate smirking in the reflection.

This would work out nicely, he thought.

If only he'd known what they were doing.


He thought it again, now, tilting his head back to look out his window.

He hadn't known what he was doing, and while he'd done as much a he could when asked to inspect who he was now privately referring to as "The Pink Lady", he hadn't been able to contribute much, he thought.

He hadn't recognized the chemical tang on her breath, meant that his input on her having taken something was a bit obvious, and though he'd been able to tell that she'd been in a cab at one point from the mix of scents (the time-line of the scent scrambled somewhat by the rain, and wasn't it a funny thing to be thinking back on now?), it was also fairly obvious that she didn't have a car.

As a Doctor, he hadn't been able to tell much more.

When Sherlock had gone haring off, John had tracked his scent until he'd come across the fire escape he'd obviously gone up—and at that point John had not been in the state of mind to go up after him, so he'd headed back towards the crime scene…

His sense of direction wasn't as good as it had been in Afghanistan, where you learned how to keep oriented to which way was South, and which way was Home Base, or else learned how to deal with being lost all the time.

Passing around the crime scene, the woman from before, Sgt. Sally Donovan, had stopped him. Tried to tell him to stay away from Sherlock if he'd known what was good for him—and that she'd managed to say it in an entirely well meaning way hadn't stopped his hackles from rising.

He thought back on it now, and figured that it was at east partially due to the dominant body language she'd been giving off—likely a result of the large numbers of Were's in the police force.

Extended eye contact, slightly pushing out her chest, the slight forwardness in her posture and the way her chin was tilted just slightly up… John was generally amused when such tactics were used, because they were used by those who needed the posturing to feel in charge. John didn't need it.

Because while Sally Donovan was a Sargent in Scotland Yard, that was still an entirely different mindset as a Sargent in the RAMC.

It was still a drastically different mindset to a Captain in the RAMC.

So he'd smiled slightly, feeling resentful at her presumption and amused at the attempt all the same, and kept eye contact. Pulled the mindset of Captain John Watson around himself like a well loves jumper.

"I'll take that into consideration."

A PC was turning a spotlight around, and a flash of it shone in his eyes for a moment, and Donovan blinked, looking away for a moment.

John supposed that even after working with Were's as long as she apparently had still didn't get her used to the animal shine that got into a Were's eyes, reflecting light back.

John settled back into his covers, still thinking, still considering…

Considering, because there was one more instance that stuck in his thoughts.



John could have changed and run from the phones, from the creepy man with control over the CCTV cameras, but…

Well, he'd been curious.

He'd left Sherlock to digging through trash (if he was going to leave him so abruptly to dig through trash, John would leave him to it. He could make his own way back, as soon as he could get a cab), and just about immediately the phones had started ringing as he walked past, so…

Well, why not?

Some part of him thought he was being stupid, but he figured if one couldn't feel a little reckless after going through a crime scene, when could you?

Besides, he could just as easily change at the end of the car ride, so there you go.

He looked at the woman,

"That's not your real name, is it?"



and briefly considered flirting some more, but he knew when to cut his losses.

Besides, she was wearing quite a bit of Scentless, and he couldn't help that he didn't like it when women wore it.

She wasn't wearing enough that John couldn't track her through a crowd (he hadn't met anyone who did), but still.


Nasty stuff.


The warehouse the car had pulled up in was a scene he expects out of a Bond movie: all dank dreariness and spooky lighting, pipes and wires making him wonder if there might be some villainous secret layer underneath. It smelled damp, of spilled oil and exhaust fumes, wet concrete and dust.

The man waiting there, standing just a little ways past a chair, is…

Absolutely drenched in Scentless.

Of the brand, John knew you could get expensive body washes and deodorants and creams to rub into your skin to tone your natural scent down to just about nothing.

But he hadn't ever met someone who'd covered themselves so fully.

He couldn't help but scrunch his nose slightly.

It was actually pretty gross.

He couldn't help but snort slightly, trying to get some of the smell from his olfactory system, because as bad as the condensed smell of chemical Scentless had been on Not-actually-Anthea, on this man it was making a shield of Don't-Want-To-Smell-This all around him.

He'd think it was brilliant if it weren't for the fact that John'd be able to track him easily for it.

The other man had smiled.

"Have a seat, John."

And that had been the start of the carefully crafted mind game John now recognized for what it was.

He'd moved forward, past the chair, and kept the conversation going… he'd really prefer not to be that close to so much Scentless, but for all the secrecy the other man had put into the scene, John couldn't help but be curious.

Because though the other man had to have bathed in the stuff, and then followed up by rubbing every cream and ointment into his skin thereafter, he'd still be sweating out his natural odor. John'd need to be closer to smell it, though. Much closer.

He was right in front of him now, and he still couldn't smell him, so either John would have to forgo social niceties (which may actually be the wrong move here) and step beyond personal bounds, or else… wait. Wait for a better chance to get a better sniff.

He chose the latter.

The other man asked him to sit, again.

Gave him a smile that promised a 'good boy' at the end of it.

Gods he was annoying, but John was reluctantly amused.

"You don't seem very afraid…"

"You don't seem very frightening." And he didn't. While John could see this for the attempted intimidation it was, he wasn't getting the idea that any violence was even a consideration here. The other man laughed.

"Yes. The bravery of the soldier. Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity, don't you think?"

John gave a slight smile. Oh, jeez, that really hurt him deep. Some of it must have shown on his face, because the other man smiled. It was entirely devoid of emotion.

John asked who he was.

"I am the closest thing to a friend that Sherlock Holmes is capable of having."

"And what's that?"

"An enemy."

"An enemy?" Ah. Well then. Good to know that John hadn't just walked into the scrip of a B movie.

"In his mind, certainly. If you were to ask him, he'd probably say his archenemy… He does love to be dramatic." And he just had to leave that opening, didn't he?

"Well, thank God you're above all that." John looked around their surroundings again, not altogether uncertain now that there wouldn't be a secret lair underneath the concrete.

Perhaps he had a shark tank hidden somewhere.

If John said the wrong thing, would a trap door snap open underneath him?

Then again, John was fairly certain he hadn't quite yet managed to say the 'right' thing yet, so…

"What is your connection to Sherlock Holmes?" John raised his eyebrows. Okay then. Change of tactic.

"I don't have one. I barely know him. I met him... yesterday."

"Hmm, and since yesterday you've moved in with him and now you're solving crimes together. Are we to expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?" John's phone chimed.

Baker Street. Come at once if convenient. SH

"I hope I'm not distracting you?"

John wondered if the other man had ever been a teacher, the tone so full of reproach.

Of course, the other man changed tactics again, soon after that.

Brought out a notebook, as if he'd forgotten (and John didn't let himself get fooled into thinking that this man forgot anything), following up with a bribe.

Make him nervous, as most people did after seeing that there was information on them written down by a dangerous stranger, and then offer him a reward.

John remembered once watching the back end of a dog-training show, where the merits of clicker training were being shown…

This seemed like a mix of that, and the carrot-stick method.

He was told, had the implication practically shoved in his face, that there was a stick, and now a treat.

His body language somehow shifted from predatory to friendly without John noticing the exact time of the shift…

If the other man wasn't a Werewolf, he was very aware of his body language. Enough that he could use it like a chisel against others defenses.

It was more this, than anything else, that made John wary.

The other man dressed things up prettily, made it seem harmless, no imposition, even while asking him to spy on his flat mate and not let him know about it… something about a difficult relationship.

Another chime.

If Inconvenient, come anyway. SH

John wondered why Sherlock signed each of his texts like that.

Breathed in, just about drowning in Scentless.


"I haven't mentioned a figure…"

"Don't bother."

The other man laughed. "You are very loyal, very quickly…"

John somehow resented the implication behind that.

"No, I'm not, I'm just not. Interested."

John remembers that he could see the exact moment when the other man had changed tactics, bringing back out that damnable notebook again, the smell of fine leather making it through the miasma of Scentless.

He read out the notes John had recently been reading upside-down himself, and his thoughts tumbled about his head.

They were his therapists notes. They were supposed to be private. How could they get out?

He knew, logically, that this man was powerful enough that it was likely nothing for him to get his therapists' notes, but a part of him still bristled and gnashed teeth at his therapists inability to be really trusted. Trust issues his arse, he just knew who could keep information to themselves.

"Are we done?"

"You tell me."

His nerves wound tighter, and John thought, screw it.

He turned, and started to walk (limp) away from the Scentless Bastard behind him.

He didn't care if he was showing his back, he was comfortable enough in his abilities that he could turn his back and still be prepared for an attack.

The Bastard spoke up.

"I imagine people have already warned you to stay away from him, but I can see from your left hand that's not going to happen."

John stopped.

Another change in tactics. John didn't like it, but he could admire it. He'd been battered from so many directions; it was hard to keep a sure footing in this conversation. He turned around.

"My what?"

"Show me." John barely held back a snarl, memories of schoolmates (and Harry) looking at him with cruelty in their faces and asking him to 'shake a paw', laughing.

"Don't..." he stops.


"What is?"

"Most people blunder around the city, and all they see are streets and shops and cars. When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield. You've seen it already, haven't you?"

John wanted to say no. Wanted to shout at the other man to get out of his head. Wanted to walk away. But no way was John showing his back to this man again.

"What's wrong with my hand?"

"You have an intermittent tremor in your left hand." He says, as if John didn't know and damn the fact every day. "Your therapist thinks it's post-traumatic stress disorder. She thinks you're haunted by memories of your military service." John turned his hand around, clasping it solidly around the other man's wrist. He didn't hold on tightly enough to bruise, or to injure, but enough that he couldn't pull away if he tried. He didn't try. John sniffed.

He was resisting the temptation of just jerking his hand out of sight, protecting this… somewhat revealed unknown weakness. He pulled the other man slightly closer, eyes stony and steady on the other man's.

"Who the hell are you? How do you know…" John took in another small breath, sniffing. Was that…

His eyebrows rose, and he took one sharper sniff to be sure, and felt one part of him relax.

He was still on guard, mind, but this was… well, this was a different situation than he thought. Entirely different. Because this wasn't an unknown mystery trying to get him to spy on his new

The other man was still, face perfectly smooth. John had apparently done something unexpected, and now, knowing who this was, or at least who in relation to Sherlock this was, it was a bit more understandable.

John let go of the other man's hand, and stepped back a reasonable distance… he couldn't help the small smile that came to his face, because this was… well, this was certainly something. He'd done something similar himself, and had Harry do some of the same on his behalf, but this was an entirely different level.

"So, you know this entire… meeting, it could have gone a bit differently if you'd just come out and said you were Sherlock's brother?"

The other man blinked, a brief shutter of an expression before being completely blank again.

John sighed, and rubbed his and across his face.

"Are all Holmes' this difficult?" he asked no one.

When he looked at who he assumed was the Older Holmes, he looked vaguely offended. And also slightly confused.

John sighed.

"Look, now that I know you've actually got a non-suspicious reason for being concerned, I'll tell you this; next time you do this shtick? Don't. For Gods sake, I thought you were planning on hurting him or something…" John shook his head.

Honestly, now that he knew the family connection, now that he had the shared family-scent that people can't help but have with their relations in his nose, he wondered why he didn't see it before. Really, what did Vampires and Humans do without a Were's nose? John would be lost without his.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt Sherlock, and I can appreciate being… concerned for a family member, but if you want to know what's going on in his life, I'm not going to tell you…" John smiled. "You'll have to do it the same as everyone else, or as close to it as possible, and talk to Sherlock yourself."

The other man gave him a sour look. "We have a… difficult relationship."

John's smile turned into a smirk.

"Well you'll have to work on that, won't you? Despite what you may think, there aren't actually shortcuts to getting along with your family members."

He got a sour look for that, but then it did a strange thing and turned considering.

John waited him out, waiting for him to say anything, because John wasn't going to sprout suggestions when they weren't prompted, because he hated it when people did it to him in regard to Harry's and his relationship.

The considering look took another turn, this time to something resembling satisfaction, and he turned to leave.

"Fire her," he called out. It took John a moment to realize who he was talking about. "She's got it the wrong way around. You're under stress right now and your hand is perfectly steady. You're not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson. You miss it. Welcome back. Time to choose a side, Dr. Watson."


John shook his head, and got up to close his window.

Mycroft Holmes was certainly someone… was, in his own way, as socially inept as Sherlock.

Oh, he could play at it well, could observe all the social niceties and keep people from getting uncomfortable at his intellect, as Sherlock didn't care to mask his own, but all that socializing, all that diplomacy, it had one big Sherlock-shaped blind spot.

John thought it was interesting, that siblings picked up cues from each other like that.

Though both Mycroft and Sherlock had different takes on how to interact with people, there was the underlying fact that neither bothered to hide that they were smart. Neither bothered to hide the fact that they were genius, and much, much smarter than pretty much everyone else. They also had the aristocratic look of people who were Born Vampires, likely with the aristocratic heritage behind it.

John could easily imagine them in the Victorian era, but didn't quite feel comfortable asking them how old they were…

John knew that despite the rather radical differences between Harry and himself (or at least he thought of them as radical differences), they both had the stubbornness of Watsons, and stuck together.

Even when they were growing up, and Harry was teasing him about being the family pet, about how he had to turn furry once a month, about how cute and puppyish he was when he was turned, when she turned around and teased him about being so big for his age…

She would still sock someone else in the face for making the same comments.

And John knew that though she was likely the driving force behind his… unwillingness to Change in front of people, he was protective of her himself.

Because as racist as she could be, she still cared…

John supposed it must be something of the same idea behind Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship… though theirs was certainly more prickly, he thought.

John had tough skin, even beyond the thick layer of fur, and Harry's comments were entirely made up of the stuff she used as a kid.

It meant he couldn't ever really introduce her to any of his Werewolf friends, as all of them were taught the same as he'd been on what was Not Good, on what was racist, on what they should be offended by, and that consisted of about 60% of what came out of Harry's mouth every visit.

About 10% beyond that were social niceties, and the last 30% was usually influenced by alcohol these days… the main reason he wasn't keeping in contact as he perhaps should.

John looked out into the night, and then back at the shadow of boxes behind him.

He hoped he knew what he was getting himself into, hoped that he'd be able to get through it, and thought that perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't know what he was getting himself into…

Harry had her alcohol, but John had his own bad habit to work on.

John went to bed.


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Let me know what you think, and for those of you wondering what's the deal with this 'verse, I'll hopefully have a bit more of it explained in the next chapter… a bit more of a look into what John's childhood was like, and what the system is like with Werewolves and Vampires and Humans all living together.

Just to be clear, this is a 'verse entirely of my own making, as far as I know there isn't a book series that's taken things the way I have, and yeah, hopefully a bit more of an explanation along with the storytelling next chapter :D

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