Pallet Town…a small town in the region of Kanto has become livelier than before. There are more people coming from all over the region just to live here. Why? Rumors are spreading that Silph Co., a large company that made pokemon franchise and merchandise such as pokeballs, potions, revives, Up-Grades, you name it, everything. Then why is Silph Co., a large company wants to move into Pallet Town? Well money makes the world go around and\ Silph Co. wants to expand even further, and what's a better way to expand by starting something small in Pallet Town. The owner of Silph Co., Frederick Green, has decided to visit Pallet Town himself.

"The parade is starting in less than an hour! Where are the bands?" A woman with dark black hair announced as she peers over counter and scanned her surroundings. She sighed as she puts her hands on her hips.

"Honestly, Frederick Green is coming in less than half an hour! Do you know what this mean!?" The woman with black hair whined as she starts stomping towards a nearby worker.

"Heh, parades." A sixteen year old boy with a red cap, a red jacket that covers a black T-shirt underneath it, messy black hair, light blue tattered jeans, worn out black and red sneakers, and black fingerless gloves chuckled. He looks at his surroundings and thought to himself.

"Parades means people, and where there's people, there's more money." The boy in red whispered to himself as he lowers his cap over his eyes. He then walks towards a man with a cell phone in hand, a suitcase in the other, and wearing a business suit. He seemed busy and focuses on the person on the other side of the phone as he starts blabbering about taxes and stocks that held no interest to the boy. The boy bumps into him and they both fell down. The guy with a business suit drops his luggage and his cell phone on the ground, glared at the boy. The boy in red clothes stood up and walked towards the older gentleman and apologized to the man as he offered his hand.

"Hey! Watch it asshole!" The guy in the business suit yelled at the boy. The boy nodded his head with a small frown. The boy didn't say anything, but still have his hand outstretch towards the business man, the man on the ground rolled his eyes as he took the boy's hand and he pulled him back up.

"Sorry." The boy in red apologized. The business man rolled his eyes as he starts picking up his luggage and his cell phone.

"Whatever I don't have time for this, move out of my way you stupid bum." The business man walked passed him, but he pushed the boy a bit with his elbow. The boy in red only smiled as he power walked away. The boy in red finally stopped at the nearby local park as he pulled out a black wallet from the back of his pants.

"Sucker." The boy in Red giggled as he opened its contents inside the wallet. It contains fifty bucks, a credit card, debit card, coupons to some massage place, and an ID. The boy in red didn't care much about the other contents, but the cash itself. He pulled out the cash and stuffed it in his pocket. The boy in red went towards the nearest trash can and threw the wallet inside. He then proceeds to the ice cream parlor and ordered an ice cream for himself.

"Thanks kid." The ice cream man said as he gave the boy in red a strawberry ice cream scoop with a cinnamon cone. The boy in red smiled and gladly took the ice cream and pay the man. He then walks away and went towards the upcoming parade. Moments later, there were more people than usual, the parade have finally started as the people stared in awe and joy with the many floats, dancers, music, and other unique color design in which the boy in red have a hard time looking at them. The boy in red tries to squeeze through the crowd, but in actuality; he's trying to pick their pockets with his two fingers reaching down into their pockets. He looks in every direction to make sure that the security guards didn't see him or any other people that have taken a suspicion to him. The boy in red nearly missed the pocket, but he quickly withdrew his hand away; he cursed himself silently as he kept going, cautiously.

"Whooooooaaaaaaahhhhh!" The crowd yelled out as they started pointing their fingers at a unique float. The boy in red looked at it too and was quiet mesmerizing at the float too, it's huge! How's that possible, it's not aero dynamic enough. What people were really going crazy is that it's a Silph Co. float with many designs and colors on it, pokeballs, pokemon, and fireworks spewing everywhere. The boy in red shrugged his shoulder as he continues to his pick pocketing schemes. He managed to nab a wallet from a young man to his right without him noticing, the boy in red smiled as he walked away.

The boy in red clothes was next to a nearby building, it doesn't matter, there isn't a single person around here, and they were all at the parade. The boy in red pulled out a brown wallet that he pick pocket and pulled out its contents. He discarded the useless contents away and aimed for the prized money in the wallet. It was at least a hundred bucks in here, if not more. He took the money and put them in his back pocket. He then threw the wallet away in the nearby dumpster.

"Hey missy, give us what we need and we won't harm you!" A voice echoed at a nearby alleyway near the boy in red. He became curious as he peek his head towards the alleyway and noticed two black hooded figures got someone cornered at the end. The boy was curious as he kept watching the scene.

"D-Don't come any closer! I-I can call my father and he'll come here with an army if he wants to!" A female voice that is cornered at the end stuttered with her pokegear out in her right hand. The two figures looked at one another and grinned.

"I don't think you'll live much longer to see your dad to the rescue cutie, now give it to us!" The left hooded figure said as he lunged towards the girl. She yelped as he pounced on her and dropped her pokegear on the floor. The boy in red stared at the scene with his eyes opened widely.

"But first…let's have some fun shall we?" The hooded figure that is on top of the girl said with a small grin. The girl started screaming for help, but was silenced once the hooded figure placed his hand on her lips.

"Hey, stop that!" A voice at the other end of the alleyway called out. The two figures looked behind and saw the boy in red at the other side. His eyes are hidden from view, but he seemed angry at the both of them. The one on top of the girl got off of her and walked towards the boy in red, the other one followed him.

"This is none of your business asshole; get out of here before you get hurt!" The one on the right said as he cracks his knuckles. The boy in red didn't move or say anything, he just stood there.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me!? Get out of here!" The one on the right said as he walked towards the boy. He placed a hand on his shoulder, but the boy in red retaliated by grabbing it and twisting it. The guy yelled out in pain as the boy in red kicked him on his back. The other one ran towards the boy in red and try to swing at him, but he kept missing his blows as the boy in red duck, dodged and sidesteps out of the way with ease. The boy in red saw an opening and landed a quick punch on his chest and finished it with a roundhouse kick. The guy fell down on the ground groaning in pain.

"S-Shit! Let's get out of here! You're dead you hear me kid! Dead!" The boy in red shrugged his shoulders as the two hooded figures ran away. The boy in red sighed as he turned around and saw the girl on the ground with her eyes wide open. The boy in red was stunned; she was really cute, beautiful! She has a white hat with a red line on the brim that has a pokeball insignia as it rests on her chestnut long brown hair; she wears a light blue tang top and a red miniskirt. Her eyes is what caught the boy in red's attention, it was blue and mesmerizing. The boy in red shook his head as he walked towards her and extended a hand.

"T-Thank you." She stuttered as she grabbed the offered hand and picked up her pokegear on the floor. He nods his head in response and was about to turn around and leave.

"W-Wait a minute, you're just going to leave me here?" The girl asked as she followed him. The boy in red turned around and nods his head. She raised an eyebrow as she examines him. He's pretty handsome, despite looking like a person who hasn't shower in a couple of days. However she wants to see his eyes. The boy in red raised an eyebrow as he looked at her.

"How come you're covering your eyes?" She asked innocently. The boy in red shook his head in response.

"You're not much of a talker are you?" She questioned. The boy in red only nods his head as he was about to walk away again until felt a hand being tugged against his. He turned back at her as she clutches onto right hand, looking a bit annoyed.

"Come on…the least you can do is introduced yourself. Say something!" She whined. The boy in red thought for a moment.

"Red." The boy in red said. She looked at him with a confused expression.

"Come again?" She asked as she let go of his hand.

"Red, that's my name." Red said as he fixed his hat. The girl crossed her arms together and looked at him.

"Red huh? That's a strange name, well, that makes the two of us then. My name is Leaf." Leaf said as she extends a hand to shake. Red looked at her hand and shook it.

"Thank you Red." Leaf said happily which made Red blushed a bit.

"Hey Red, you want to show me around the area?" Leaf asked. Red raised an eyebrow.

"There's a parade at the end of the street over there, that's where everybody is at." Red said as he pointed with his thumb. She shook her head.

"No…not there, like somewhere else, like the park for instance." Leaf suggested. Red pointed the other side of the street.

"Over there." Red simply said.

"Wait…do you…want to you know…go with me? I have nobody else to go with and I'm new here in Pallet Town." Leaf asked as she blushed a bit. Red was taken aback. A girl asking him to go with her? That seems out of the ordinary for a person like Red, but he digresses as he nods his head.

"Great! Let's go!" Leaf happily said as she grabs a hold of his hand and ran off. Red nearly tumbled over, but regained his balance. Nonetheless, he smiled.

Several minutes went by and they both arrived at the almost deserted park with just the two of them and a couple of other people. Leaf looked around the area as she scanned the area with a smile on her face.

"Wow…so this is what a park looks like…" Leaf whispered to herself as she looked around the area. Red raised an eyebrow. Has she never been to a park her whole life? He had to ask.

"You've never been to a park before Leaf?" Red said as he walked next to her. Leaf shook her head.

"I've been to private parks, but not a public one like this. Is it always this empty?" Leaf asked. Red chuckled as he looks around the area.

"No, it's because of that parade that everyone is there and not here." Red said as he looked at her. He blushed as she smiled at him. He tries to avert his eyes somewhere else with a small blush on his face.

"Hey Red! What's that guy doing over there!?" Leaf asked as she points a finger at the ice cream man with a kart, who's just sitting down reading a newspaper. Red chuckled.

"He's reading of course." Re said sarcastically. Leaf puffed her cheeks and glared at him.

"I know that, but why's he just sitting there and doing nothing?" Leaf said in a angry tone. Red chuckled again.

"It's because there's no one there to buy some ice cream from him." Red responded back. Leaf gave a confused look at him.

"Ice cream? What's that?" Leaf asked innocently. Red was almost awestruck as he couldn't believe what he just heard. How can anyone not know what ice cream is, but he decided to explain it. Talk about a shelter life.

"It's a frozen desert, it's really good. You want one?" Red offered. Leaf nods her head as they both headed towards the ice cream man.

The ice cream man pulled down his newspaper as he heard footsteps coming towards him. He pulled it down as he sees both Red and Leaf walking towards him.

"Ah, it's you again kid, what is it?" The ice cream man asked. Red smiled back.

"Two ice creams please strawberry." Red ordered. The ice cream man nodded his head as he scoops out a light pink frozen cream onto two brown cones. Leaf was curious and interested on what she's seeing.

"That'll be three dollars please. Red nods his head as he was about to take out his stolen money, but Leaf step up with an expensive looking purse from her yellow bag she's carrying. She pulled out three dollars and gave it to the ice cream man who gladly accepted the money. Red's eyes were in shock as he saw wads of bills in her purse. Who the hell is she? Either way, he's planning to take it.

"T-Thanks for paying." Red said as he took the ice creams from the man's hand. He gave the other ice cream to Leaf who happily accepted.

"No problem, I figured I'll pay it off to show my gratitude." Leaf said as she took the ice cream from Red's hand.

"So…how do I eat this?" Leaf asked as she examines the ice cream. Red chuckled. Oh boy.

"You lick it of course, like this." Red starts licking the pink ice cream upward. Leaf followed his instruction as she took her first taste of the delicious frozen dessert. Her eyes widen as she stares at it.

"Delicious!" Leaf exclaimed as she starts licking it again. Red smiled, he thought it's kind of cute.

They spend the rest of the day exploring the park as they swing on the swing sets laughing and enjoying each other's company. Red showed her the things she never saw before in her life as he pointed out what this were and what that was. It's like training a kid how to walk, but pointing out things. Red liked her company; he never had someone in his life that is considering a friend. The friends that he thought were his friend always backstabbed him, by leaving him to die. He shook his head as he looked down at Leaf. They were at a park bench sitting down and enjoy the scenery that is displayed. The sun was going down, it's almost dark. Leaf looked at Red and gave him a puzzled look.

"What?" Leaf questioned. Red shook his head.

"Nothing." Red responded as he smiled at her. Leaf blushed as she turned her head the other way.

"T-Thank you Red..." Leaf said as she still looked the other way. Red looked at her puzzled.

"For what?" Red asked.

"For showing me everything, it's been fun. I haven't had this much fun since…well I don't remember." Leaf said with a smile. Red nods his head.

Red then suddenly remembered his previous goal; he was supposed to take the money from her purse! However for some reason, he didn't want to, it just didn't feel right. That's a rare feeling for Red, a guy who pickpockets other people's pocket, but not this girl before him. Why? The worst part is, she doesn't know that he's a thief. Red starts fidgeting a bit and Leaf looks at him with concern.

"Red…are you alright?" Leaf asked. Red nods his head.

"You know Red…you never showed me your eyes yet. Would you let me see them?" Leaf asked. Red looked at her. How much can he trust this girl? Should he trust her? The real main reason he covers his eyes is because it's an unnatural color, red. When people see him without his cap, they all call him monster or a psycho freak, it hurts when they call him that, but for some reason, he can trust her. Red nods his head. Slowly he removes his cap and let out his black hair fall down with his eyes closed. Slowly he opened them as he looked at Leaf's blue eyes. Red eyes meet blue eyes. Leaf was taken aback as she looked at his eyes. Red frowned; she's afraid of him, a freak show. Red was about to put his cap back on, but suddenly Leaf said something that surprised him.

"Wow! That's so awesome Red! Your eyes are red, that's so cool! It also matches with your name! Is that why your parents named you Red?" Leaf said excitingly. Red was taken aback; he smiled as he shook his head.

"No, I don't have any parents, in fact, I never knew my parents." Red said as he looked out in the sunset. Leaf frowned and looked down.

"I'm sorry." Leaf sadly said as she twiddled her thumbs together. Red chuckled.

"No worries, I never knew them anyways, I'm actually a runaway orphan from the adoption center. I was probably ten years old when that happened. I wanted to be free and that's what I did, I ran away." Red said as he cracked his knuckles. Leaf stared at him in amazement.

"Wow Red…you're very interesting. So how did you earn money?" Leaf asked innocently. Red wishes that she didn't say those words. He had to think of something quick.

"Well…I…" Red was interrupted when a couple of men with black suit came out from the corner and ran towards them.

"Miss Green! There you are!" One of the men called out. Leaf sighed as she closes her eyes.

"I guess…they've found me." Leaf whispered to herself. Red looked at her confused. What's going on?

"Miss Green, we've finally found you! Your father was worried sick when he found out that you're not at the parade!" One of the agent exclaimed. Leaf turned around and looked at the agents.

"I'm sorry Bruno, but I wanted to take a walk and then I was assaulted-"Leaf was interrupted when Bruno pulled out a pistol from his hidden holster and aimed it at Red. Red was taken aback as he raised his hands in the air.

"Hold it right there! You're the one who took Miss Green isn't that right!?" Bruno called out. Red was confused as the other agents pulled out their guns at him too. Leaf was getting worried.

"No, wait a minute you guys, Red's not the one who took me!" Leaf tries to explain, but the agents didn't listen to her.

"Step away from him Miss Green! He's one of those people!" Bruno called out as he still points the gun at Red. Red was scared as he looked at Leaf wondering what's going on and who she was.

"What the hell do you mean THOSE people?" Leaf angrily asked. She was getting annoyed.

"These people are the scum of the earth! They're homeless people, beggars, and unsophisticated people!" Bruno yelled out. Leaf rolled her eyes.

"Woah...hey I'm not a beggar." Red exclaimed with his hands still raised in the air.

"Shut up! If you touch Miss Green, you're dead!" Bruno yelled out. Red grins.

"You mean like this?" Red then walked up to Leaf and pulled her into a hug. She was surprised and was blushing furiously. Bruno and his agents were dumbstruck and it looked like Bruno was in a spas attack.

"Th-That does it!" Bruno withdrew his gun and was about to lunge at Red, until a call was ordered.

"Stop right there Bruno." A voice came from behind the agents. Everyone stopped what they're doing and looked at that direction. There was a man with glasses in a white business suit with brown hair like Leaf. He pushed his glasses up while putting his hands in his pockets. He has two agents as his bodyguard next to him.

"S-Sir Green!" Bruno stuttered.

"Green!? As in Frederick Green, the owner and founder of Silph Co.!?" Red exclaimed. He then looks down at Leaf who was still hugging her, he immediately let go of her as he blushes furiously. Leaf looked at him and blushed too, but a small smile was placed on her face.

"What is going on here? Why is my daughter out of your reach Bruno?" Frederick asked as he crosses his arms. Bruno didn't know what to say, he was sweating and confused. Red almost feels sorry for him. Well, almost.

"Y-You see sir. She ran off while we were on our coffee break." Bruno nervously said as more sweat was pouring down on his forehead. Frederick Green looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Bruno, I asked you to look after my daughter. Besides, I won't want my future in law son to not lose my only daughter." Frederic k said. Red's mouth dropped down, Leaf was blushing furiously, and Bruno was getting even more nervous.

"W-What!? Marriage?" Red yelled out loudly. Everyone looked at him as he starts feeling uncomfortable.

"And who might you be my boy?" Frederick asked Red. Red felt so out of place, confused, and for the first time in a long time, nervous.

"R-Red sir…" Red replied while rubbing the back of his head. Fredrick raised an eyebrow. Leaf was scared for Red now as she looked at worriedly.

"What were you doing with my daughter?" Fredrick asked as he walked towards Red. Red is so scared; he doesn't know what to do. He never went to jail before, maybe today is the day.

"D-Daddy, Red's the one who defended me from those goons. I'm sorry I ran away." Leaf apologetically said as she folds her hands together. Frederick looked at Leaf and nods his head.

"Oh alright then Leaf, but you're grounded until further notice." Frederick said as he pointed a finger at her. Leaf looked down and nods her head.

"Yes daddy." Leaf sadly said. Red looked down at her. He felt guilty for her to get the blame for him.

"W-Wait Mr. Green." Red called out. Frederick looked at him.

"Don't blame your daughter, it was me. Please forgive her; she didn't know this would happen. Honestly!" Red tries to assure her father. Frederick looked at Red and sighed.

"Alright I won't, however, I do not want to see you again boy, and I will not allow permission for my daughter to leave the mansion without a bodyguard." Frederick said as he eyed at Bruno who stiffed a bit.

"Come Leaf, it's time to head back home." Frederick called out to Leaf. Leaf slowly nods her head, but then looked back at Red.

"I'm sorry for everything Red, but it was really fun being with you." Leaf said with a smile. Bruno almost fainted when he heard that. Red rubbed the back of his head and smiled.

"I had fun too Leaf. Marriage huh, I didn't see that one coming." Red chuckled a bit. Leaf just nods her head. Red walked up to her and gave her a pat on the head.

"Thanks for everything. I've never met a girl like you before." Red chuckled. Leaf blushed as she looked down.

"Well…I guess this is goodbye…" Leaf sadly said. Red frowned too from the fact that is at hand.

"I guess so. Take care of yourself Leaf." Red said as he extends a hand. Leaf took it and they both shook their hands. Leaf smiles as she turned around and walked away with her father and his agents. She turned her head and looked behind her to see Red waving back at her. She too waved back.

"Hehe. Wow, Leaf is the daughter of the owner of Silph Co. It's like meeting the president's daughter." Red said to himself as he looked up at the dawn sky.