Red eyes opened weakly as they looked directly in front of them, it spotted worn out sneakers with many black burn marks that had been scorched by a previous beating and event that had occurred. The red eyes felt like it's being pulled by someone or something, but it doesn't matter to it, as the red eyes felt very exhausted, weak, and injured as it is being pulled. Nothing matter right now…except for the brain itself and heart. The eyes hold no emotion and pressure when it comes to emotions, it cannot see, but it can sense every wave of emotion passing through occurrences. But not the eyes, these red eyes could only see itself being dragged as it made shuffling noises against the cold stone floors or green mosses and cold damp stones in a dark cavern. The eyes can see, but it cannot feel; the brains and the heart could only think of one thing only…Leaf. The eyes close its lid as it gave up on being too opened.

"Get in there you little shit!" A large man said, wearing a black jumpsuit that has a red R in the middle and a black beret covering his eyes. He tossed a young dying teenager with burned black hair, a black ripped T-shirt, torn and charred light blue jeans that had many holes and scars. The young teenager was suddenly pushed into the cold damp floor as he starts gasping and wheezing in pain; eyes closed, but still very much alive. He could hear the door slammed its steel bars shut with a sudden click of a lock, and then footsteps walk away until no more. The young teenager lay still on his side, eyes still closed, and breathing heavily. He's barely moving, but still alive.

"Red..." A male voice echoed through the dark damp cave. Footsteps were coming closer to him as the boy named Red shuts his eyes even further and recoils into a ball with his hands curled into a fist and holding onto his head in defense. Red knows this voice too well, it is the person who he despises the most out of all the Team Rocket members, the one who tried to make Leaf his…then there was a soft touch on Red's shoulder with a slight shook. Red retaliated as he got back up on a sitting position; eyes still closed as he brushes the hand away from him.

"Get the hell away from me Roach!" Red yelled out as he scoots his back against the wall and held out his hands in defense. The young man in the black T-shirt was indeed paranoid, and who could blame him? He's been through so much misery and madness all in one day and it all happened way too fast for him. Even his shattered broken legs weren't making his day any better.

"I'm not Roach…I'm Miles, the real prince!" The voiced called himself Miles as he approached the terrified young teenager as he kneels in front of him and brush the hands away from Red's face. Red, scared and terrified, opened his eyes ever so slightly and saw only the person he hates the most; Roach. Suddenly out of instinct; Red punched the person named Miles out of anger and despite. The person named Miles flinched from contact as his eyes flung behind while his other hand is covering his nose where Red had punched him. Another fist from Red were about to connect to Miles, but the young prince grabbed Red's arm in time and held back. Red tries to launch another punch, but that too was grabbed by Miles. Both hands were then pushed back against the wall, and if Red were to ever have his legs again, he'll be in one rude awakening.

"I'm not Roach! You're going to have to trust me on this Red! I too was locked up in here! You were lucky you weren't killed thanks to your colleague!" Miles yelled out at Red who suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Miles solemn black eyes in surprised. Red's breathing even calmed down.

"Who…? Silver…? Blue…? Yellow…? They're late…" Red stated as he clenched his hands in rage. Miles shook his head as he gave a sigh. The young tattered prince felt sorry for this former member of Team Rocket, he did however wanted to know more about him, but now is not the time to be idling around.

"No Red…Proton…the man named Proton saved your life…when you were being burned alive; Proton stepped up and stopped you from getting killed. He stopped the fire by removing his jumpsuit and subdued the fires. Proton then said that he wanted you alive, saying something about a sacrifice. Giovanni reluctantly agreed and so did Roach, but they're suspicious on Proton's behavior. Red, he's on our side." Miles said to Red as comforting as possible. Red shook his head, eyes closed and in anger. He wanted to kill all of these grunts, all who horrible things to him, and all who have hurt the Green family, and most of all, he wanted to kill Giovanni along with Roach for hurting Leaf. He's powerless, he has no powers like Miles and Leaf, all he has is his wits and pure strength. He cursed himself.

"Proton…" Red whispered to himself. Then the questioned struck him.

"Leaf…is she alright?" Red questioned the prince as his eyes advert back at Miles. The young prince sighed and shook his head as he put a reassuring hand on Red's burned black shoulder.

"Red…they're taking Leaf to the door, they're going to take her blood and use it along with my blood to reveal the fountain's location. We've got to stop them Red!" Miles exclaimed as he shook Red to his senses. Red looked back at Miles and nodded his head slowly in agreement. Miles released Red's hands as he sat down in front of him and sighed.

"God damnit…where are you guys…?" Red weakly questioned as he struggles to sit up straight, but his broken legs were beyond helpful. Miles quickly got back up and helped Red sit up straight; the young teenager thanked him as he gave a quick nod. Miles placed him against the wall and then gave him an assuring pat on the shoulder.

"Hold on Red…I think I can heal you, but my powers aren't as strong as Leaf's, but it'll have to do." Miles assuring said as he held out a palm. Instead of the cool feeling of Leaf's bright powers, Miles had a yellow bright warm feeling surrounding Red's body as he could feel his legs are being reassembled together. There was a slight pressure as each of the bones was moving on their own; Miles grunted a bit as the bones inside of Red were finally conjoint together. Red hissed in pain when the bones finally connected and now he can finally feel his legs again. He tested them out as he lifted his left leg and then his right.

"See if you could stand." Miles ordered Red as he finally withdrew his hands away from Red. The young teenager nodded his head as he slowly ascends from the ground with his hands on the rock to support himself, his legs were wobbling back and forth to get use to the new reformed legs again, but slowly and surely, they were fine. Red smiled as he could finally feel his legs once more as he walked around for a bit and the test resulted turned into a success.

"Wow…I can feel my legs again…thanks Miles." Red said in a joyous manner as he shook Miles hands. The young prince nodded his head as he smiled back at Red. Suddenly there was a loud metallic sound that hit against the rocky floor. Both of the boys turn their heads towards the sound and saw a white paper and a golden key on the floor. They both looked back at each other, curiosity filled their minds as they approach the paper and key. Red kneeled down and picked the key off the floor and examined it. Miles on the other hand took the piece of paper and read it.

"Red, look at this." Miles said as he turns the paper towards Red to see the words on it. The letters were written in black marker and it only consists of four words all capitalized.


Red's eyes widen in horror as he knows what that means. He quickly ran towards the door, key in hand as he starts fumbling with the key. His heart is racing, his fingers twitching, and he is losing focus as he tries to insert the key into the hole.

"God damnit…come on!" Red frustratingly yelled as he finally adjusted the key into the hole and turned it counter clockwise, then with a small click the door opened. Before Red could run out, he was held back by Miles. Red looked back at him and looked at him as if he's crazy to be holding him back.

"What the hell are you doing Miles! We've got to go, Leaf is in danger!" Red yelled back. Miles shook his head as he let go of Red. The young teenager's nostril flared up, his eyes widen in anger, and his hands clenched together.

"First off, do you even know where you're going? Second, you're being too loud; those grunts can get us at any moment. Third calm the hell down. I know exactly where to go." Miles said with a serious look. Red smirked at him as he gestured him to go on ahead of him. The prince reluctantly agreed to do so as he went past Red with him trailing behind. They made a left turn through the damped cavern as the echoes of the water dripping down from the ceiling hit the ground with a loud splash. Miles stopped along with Red, and there was a reason to do so. They saw a dead grunt with his head snapped to the left, sitting down against the wall with his jaws hanging out open.

"Proton…he must have done this. I recognize the way he snapped their necks, smooth, clean and instant." Red said as he examined the dead body. He reached into the pockets and found two clips from the dead grunts back pocket along with a frag grenade. He then reaches the other side and found a pistol hanging on the holster. The young teenager grabs the gun along with the holster and examined it.

"It feels like I'm back to being a Team Rocket grunt again…" Red whispered to himself as he kept staring at the pistol in deep thought. Miles went behind him and gave him an assuring pat on the shoulder. Red turned around and shook his head with a smile on his face.

"But this time is different…I'm going to fix what I had made, and I'll save them. And Miles…" Red sadly said as he pulled the leverage of the gun and placed it against his holster. He looks back at Miles and sighed. The other teenager looked at him with worries and nodded his head.

"If something were to happen to me, please take care of her. I'll do anything in my power to make sure that you two are safe." Red said as he slowly bowed at him. Miles was taken aback at Red's action.

"Red…you are going to make it out of here. Don't you dare think this is the end, she told me…she told me everything about you, how great and courageous you are. You're a kind person who did the wrong things and you were simply confused. She told me that she loves you dearly, and how much she means to you. Everybody deserves a second chance." Miles said assuring Red. The other young teenager didn't speak or said a word, but he just smiled as he carried on forward as Miles follows him, carrying a bad feeling in his heart.

"They're in this hole they had just discovered months ago. That's where the fountain is. They took me there and made me open part of the door, and I'm assuming they've already opened the other door." Miles said as he points his finger towards an open black hole of a cavern. Red nods his head as he enters first, then Miles followed in after him. They walked for a few moments until they saw an open large door that is literally at least fifty feet in height and length filled with brass orbs and many decorations all designed with both man and pokemon. Red stared in awe as he slowly approaches it.

"Makes you feel pretty small huh?" Miles said as he looked towards Red who could only stare in awe. He didn't say anything else; he shook his head and looked towards Miles. The prince of Unova nods back in response. Suddenly there was a loud scream; a female scream; Leaf's scream coming from the direction of the door. Red and Mile's eyes bulged out as they both ran through in; they look no further as they saw a huge crystal blue shallow lake, and in the center of the lake was Leaf. Red's eyes bulged out as he was about to run in, but was held back by Miles; Red looked back at him in surprise and angry.

"Not yet Red, look!" Miles exclaimed as he pointed his fingers at the direction on where he's pointing at. Red traced his finger as he saw from the corner of the lake, there stood Roach, Giovanni, and Frederick as they stared at Leaf as she suffers immense pain surging through her body. Miles pointed towards a rock where they could take cover, they both immediately hid against it as they peered their heads over the rock and see what is going on.

"Stop this Giovanni! Stop this now! I'll give you anything you want, just please let my daughter go!" Frederick begged. He was on his knees, tears were in his eyes, and his hands were cuffed behind his back with a rope. Giovanni looked at him and snickered and Roach laughed back at him. Red sees Leaf, suffering as her hands were clenching against her ears, eyes closed as tears were streaming down her face, and she trembles in fear.

"God damnit…we have to do something Miles!" Red exclaimed as he looked over at Miles. The prince's forehead was beginning to sweat as he is unsure what to do exactly. The whole scene is driving Red crazy as he pulled out the gun he had stolen before as he stood up.

"Fine, I'll do it my way!" Red exclaimed at Miles.

"So close my princess…so close that we're about to be together…we can finally…have…freedom…" Roach stated as his hands were folded against his arms. Giovanni looked at Roach with an awkward look.

"So…when do I get my end of the bargain…?" Giovanni asked as he had a sly smile across his face. Roach looked back at Giovanni and grinned deviously.

"Soon Giovanni…soon. And do you have the vial from Archer?" Roach asked as he raised an eyebrow. Giovanni chuckled as he reach for his back pocket and took out a blue vial that has many formula encodes decrypted on the sticker.

"Yeah…I have it right here…so this can give me the power of the gods if I dropped this into the fountain?" Giovanni questioned Roach who nodded back in response. That was all Giovanni wanted to hear as he uncorked the vial and spill the content into the water…every…last…drop…

"Excellent…" Roach whispered to himself. The only sound they could hear was Leaf's cry in pain.

"Stop it! Just please stop! It hurts! Just stop!" Leaf yelled out in pain as she fell onto her knees, clutching onto her head. Her eyes finally opened as her eyes turn from blue into dark crimson red with black pupils. Her hands grew claws, her canine fangs have now turned into sharp fangs, devilish black wings have now sprouted out of her blue sleeveless shirt, and horns were starting to protrude out of her forehead. She continues to scream even louder as tears kept flowing out of her eyes. The lake has finally turned crimson red, as a dark aura surrounds the whole lake. Red could only stare in awe and worry as he sees his beloved Leaf turned into something resembles a…devil. His Leaf…is suffering…Giovanni could only smile, and Roach stood there with a devious smile on his face.

"Now princess…your purity will be no more…" Roach whispered as he starts to slowly grow black devilish wings out of his back, horns on his forehead, claws have replaced the fingernails, sharp fangs have now replaced his canine teeth, and finally his eyes turned bloodshot red with his pupils black. This even surprised Giovanni himself, Red, Frederick and Miles could only watch in awe.

"No…I won't…let them get away with this!" Red yelled out as he was about to run, but Miles grabbed onto his black torn T-shirt to try and stop him. Red immediately punched Miles out of frustration, the prince let go as he races towards Giovanni and Roach.

"Roach! Giovanni! I'll kill you both!" Red yelled out in anger. Giovanni and Roach looked at the direction where Red is at. Their faces turn into surprise as they see Red running in full speed with a gun in hand as he pointed it at both Roach and Giovanni, ready to fire. Red pulled the trigger as the gun in his hand released the bullets towards Roach. The devil like creature raised a hand as he stopped the bullets by some kind of force field. This however didn't stop Red as he pulled out a green ball object with a pin on the top as he released the top pin and threw it directly at Roach. Roach looked at the green round object as he was about to pick it up, but Red managed to get his attention as he continues to fire at Roach. Again, Roach blocked the bullets, a few seconds later, the green object exploded, creating a vortex of fire and smoke with a loud explosion. The whole place rumbled from the shockwave blast; Red finally stopped as he turned his eyes towards Leaf.

"Leaf, I'll get you out of there!" Red yelled out to her as he ran into the red water.

"Not so fast Red!" Roach's voice boomed out to the left side of Red. Red saw this as he saw Miles undamaged or torn, gliding towards Red, with a devious grin. He was too fast for Red to react as Roach grabbed Red by the neck with one hand as he raised him above his head. Red gasped in pain as he tries to kick and thrash against Roach's grasp. Giovanni was stunned to see Roach's superior strength compare to his. He then eyed at Leaf who was still kneeling down, her eyes were closed, her long brown hair had covered her face, and she has finally stopped screaming.

"It is time…for the sacrifice. You are the perfect person to witness such beauty; Leaf will be just like me in a matter of minutes, she and I will reign over Kanto and all of the other regions combined! You're just a worthless scumbag who lived off on the streets of Pallet Town, stealing wallets and purses! You're nothing, but shit Red! It's time for you to die!" Roach yelled out as he raised a claw hand ready to deliver a blow. Suddenly a loud gunshot at rang in the cavern as Miles fell into the water and released Red. The young teenager gasped as he starts coughing; he then starts looking around for the gunshot, but didn't find the source. He could see Miles trying to release Frederick without Giovanni noticing, Giovanni was shaken up by the gunshot and Leaf was still in the water. Who the hell shot it? Then it finally clicked in his head…Proton…he's somewhere in here. Suddenly Roach shot up from the water as he flew up into the air with an angry look on his face. His head had a hole as small trickle of blood oozed out from his forehead. Another shot rang out, but Roach somehow saw it coming as he dashed towards the direction.

"Damn you Proton!" Roach roared out as he glides towards the direction of the gunshot. This was Red's opportunity as he grabbed the gun in the water where he had dropped and ran towards Leaf. Giovanni snapped back into reality as he saw Red going towards Leaf. He took out the same magnum that killed Archer as he aimed his gun towards Red. Suddenly a long spiny black sharp object came out from Leaf's wings and stuck it through Giovanni's stomach. He gasped in pain as the black object lifted Giovanni high into the air, lifting him off of the ground. Red, Frederick, and Miles stared in awe as they saw what is going on. One of Leaf's wings had impaled Giovanni's torso.

"W-What…the hell…?" Giovanni weakly grunted as blood had trickle through the hole that he had received. Leaf still had her hair covering her eyes as the sharp object threw Giovanni against the hard ground with a loud slam. Giovanni looked up weakly as he saw Leaf's lips had curled into a devious smile; she didn't move an inch or budged at all.

"Fresh…meat…" Leaf coldly said with a gentle soft tone added to it. Suddenly another sharp object protruded from her wings had launched towards Giovanni. The Team Rocket Leader could only scream in terror before the sharp object impaled through him. Red shut his eyes, but he could hear Giovanni's blood curled scream. Suddenly the whole placed shook as Red could hear gunfire and the sounds of birds screeching from outside. Red whispered to himself.


Red turned his head back at Leaf who was still kneeling down. Her left hand was stained in red blood as she brought her hand towards her mouth and gently licks the tip of her fingers.

"Fresh…meat…" Leaf gently whispered, now her voice has a liquid base feel to it. It was chilling as hell. Red is now afraid to go near her as he starts trembling. He mustered all of his courage as he walks towards her, his legs dragged against the red water. Leaf now raised her head as she looked up at Red with a devious smile curl on her face. Red was in shock in awe, he doesn't know what to do anymore, he's scared, but he is willing to save her.

"Leaf…back at the hotel…you told me…to never leave by your side…and that I promise to stay by your side forever…and you know what…I'll still keep that promise Leaf…I'll save you…" Red gently said as he edged closer to her. She recoils a bit as she backed up a bit with a frown on her face. Frederick and Miles could only stare in awe.

"Fresh…meat…" Leaf whispered to herself as she finally stood back up and slowly walks towards Red. Her eyes were still crimson red, staring directly at Red's eyes. Red shook his head as he ran towards her with open arms, Leaf seems stunned by Red's action as he embraced her with all of his might.

"Red! What are you doing!?" Miles yelled out with worries as he gently picked up Frederick off of the floor. Red pretended he didn't hear Miles, or in this case, ignored him. He had his eyes shut, his arms still embracing Leaf, afraid to let her go. He loves her, and he doesn't care if she had changed…he'll still love her.

"Leaf…I love you! Please come back to your senses!" Red yelled out as he continues to embrace her. Leaf didn't respond as her wings were raised up in the air, ready to deliver a blow at Red.

"I won't let you down Leaf! I won't ever let you go! Even if you kill me Leaf…even if you kill me…I'll still love you…I'll forgive you…it's not your fault…" Red gently said as he embraced her harder.

"Fresh…meat…" Leaf whispered back at Red's ear. Her wings struck down at Red's back, drawing bright red blood. Red didn't flinch or let go of his grasp, he still held on to her. He didn't care…he won't let go…

"RED!" Frederick yelled out in terror as he see's Red behind impaled repeatedly by Leaf's sharp wings. But he would not let go.

"Leaf…I told you…I won't let you go. I promised it…" Red weakly said as he felt another impale at Red's back.

"Fresh meat…fresh meat…fresh meat!" Leaf whispered as her eyes were beginning to water from the tears that were spilling. Her wings continue to strike down at Red's back repeatedly. Red was losing his grip as he could feel almost all of his blood draining. But he would still not let go.

"Fresh meat, fresh meat, fresh meat, fresh meat, FRESH MEAT!" Leaf repeatedly yelled out as tears were continuing to fall down her cheeks. Finally Red loosened his grip as he fell against Leaf as he slid against her body and fell into the water.

"Leaf…I'…sorry…I…couldn't…save…you…I'll…always…love…you…" Red weakly said as he closed his eyes and draw his last breath. Leaf's eyes suddenly turned back to blue as she looked down at Red, slumped against her body, unmoving…lifeless…dead.

"Red…no…no…no…NO!" Leaf yelled out as loud as she could as an endless pool of tears of flown out of Leaf's eyes. She immediately kneeled down and picked Red's head out of the water and onto her lap. His eyes were closed, his face is paled. Her heart stopped beating a couple of beats, her eyes continue release tears against Red's face. She looked down at her hands…blood…Red's blood.

"RED!" Leaf yelled out as she held against Red's head against her as she sobs uncontrollably. She had killed…Red…her one true love had died in her arms.